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Mitral Valve Prolapse and Good blood pressure?

based on my symptoms in my previous question, people say i may have mitral valve prolapse, but i only have my symptoms of slightly rapid heartbeat and slightly rapid breathing occasionally, and im always told i have "excellent" blood pressure.

does that still seem like i have mitral valve prolapse???
my parents say the symtpoms would be more frequent.

If you are in good health generally, you can be completely asymptomatic.
That doesn't mean it's not there.

The only way to be sure is to see your cardiologist and get tested.

It may not bother you now, but later, could get worse and much more significant.  (+ info)

What are the chances of mitral valve regurgitation progressing?

I am asking this for a friend of mine...her comp. does not work.

Okay, so she was diagnosed with MR and it's mild now. But she's still young. She's 13, going to be 14 in May. She also has hypertension and arrhthymias. Is it likely to progress? She also said that the doctor report said to watch out for MVP.

Hi Abigail,

MVP is mitral valve prolapse which is not something critical.

I cannot see any reason why it would progress but your friend will have regular check ups and they will keep an eye on it.

It would help if she cut down on salt in her diet. Also it may be necessary for her to have antibiotic cover when she goes to the dentist or if she ever has to have a general anaesthetic. Unless she has already been told about this, she should ask her doctor about it.

I wish her well.

Love mel.X  (+ info)

I think I may have Mitral Valve Prolapse?

I have checked the symptoms for the health disease and I think I may have it. I have sharp chest pain that can last a few seconds to hours, I feel pretty weak at times, I have suffered shortness of breath and I sometimes I feel light-headed when I get up from a chair or my bed. What are the possibilities of me having Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Well, maybe pretty good, if you have no other diagnosed problem. But your best bet is to go to a doctor, request an echocardiogram, and get the full picture of what's what.
There are lots of ways to get relief - but it depends on how pronounced this problem is. You may also have "regurgitation" which means that some blood gets pushed back up into the heart during a contraction, instead of going out to your aorta. The extent of "regurge" is a useful piece of the puzzle.
The echo is completely painless, and an interesting test to watch! If you have MVP, you may need to take antibiotics before you get dental work done (some docs want you to, some don't think it's necessary), and you may find that drinking a lot more fluids and actually eating MORE salt (or snacking on black licorice) helps with some of the weakness and the orthostatic hypotension (the light-headedness when you get up).
But - see a doctor and find out what you have. MVP is not in itself a serious condition, but it may need some careful managing for you to feel better and stronger. You might need to take medications or supplements, as well. With luck, a good diagnosis, and thioughtful treatment, you should be able to do just about everything you want to do.  (+ info)


My father just had a mitral valve repair 2 days ago.Everything went well,all numbers are good but his left arm. Left arm feels very heavy, doctors did all the CT, MRI,X RAYS tests and told me its not a stroke maybe positioning in O.R table.
Just wanted to know what may cause his left arm not to respond and move like the right arm.
Any ideas what we can do will help. Thank you for reading my question.

You must take meal in moderation, try not to over eat . If problem still persists contact your doctor. OK.  (+ info)

I am 58 and need a mitral valve replacement My artierys are clear so no bypass just replace valve?

what is the best Animal valve or artifical ?

since you are 58 years

an animal ( bio prosthetic ) valve will be better for you because

- you will not have to take anticoagulation - T. warfarin which is needed if you have an artifical ( mechanical ) valve

- the bioprosthetic valves however have a life of 10-20 years depending on the valve used which may need to be replaced at a later date  (+ info)

Can mitral valve prolapse lead to serious conditions?

I have MVP, and feel arrythmias on occasion. Dr put me on metaprolol to control high bp and said it could help with arrythmias. Has anyone been in similar situation?

My sister has it, she's only 26. You could hear a ticking sound when her heart beats. She's a very nervous person and experiences palpitations if she's nervous or upset. She takes a pill a day to regulate her heart beat to avoid palpitations.

A lot of people have it and don't even know it, it's very common in women. No you will not die from it, MVP does not cause arrhythmia's. If a person with MVP dies, there is ALWAYS an underlying factor that caused the arrhythmia's.

What you are feeling is heart palpitations.  (+ info)

Do most people with mitral valve prolapse have depression and anxiety disorders? How many are bi polar?

I have MVP and was wondering what my chances are for having depression and anxiety. I show many symptoms and sometimes don't talk i'm so sad. I worry way to much and find it very hard to talk to people i don't know very well. I'm scared to take medicine.
I'm pretty sure i'm not bi polar but what about the other things?

MVP has been linked to anxiety disorders and panic attacks not Bi-polar. I have attached some website that may help you understand the disorder and symptoms.  (+ info)

Best heart surgeons for mitral valve repair?

Im trying to find an experienced heart surgeon for a Mitral Valve repair. I live in Philadelphia.Just wanted to know where the best hospitals and doctors are located in USA. Thank you

You are literally sitting on a gold mine! Philadelphia is the home of the Adult Congenital Heart Association and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). ACHA's website has a clinic directory listing every Adult Congenital Heart Defect program in the US. (You have to register, but it is free!) CHOP has one of the better heart programs around. The very best heart program in America (voted by US News & World Report) is Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland; a close second is the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

If you look for a surgeon locally, you are probably going to wind up at CHOP. Don't let the words "Children's Hospital" turn you off -- most heart problems are discovered shortly after birth and dealt with in Children's hospitals. Philly is really a star in this field.

You'll also probably find that your surgeon specializes in Pediatric (Children's) Cardiac Surgery. Do not let that scare you, either. Like I said most heart problems are dealt with when the patient is a child, and you want a surgeon who does Congenital surgery. A doctor who specializes in bypass surgery is NOT the guy for you! Repeat that 500 times! You want someone who is used to digging around inside of the heart, and that is what a Congenital surgeon does.  (+ info)

If someone has Mitral valve regurgitation is it still possible for them to become physically fit?

I am referring to being very fit like a football player,or soccer player?

Very much so, particularly if you are referring to fitness for normal everyday activities. Should you envisage really strenuous activity, you would need to discuss the advisability with your Cardiologist who has a better understanding of your individual physical condition.  (+ info)

I know someone that had a mitral valve replaced because of leakage. She is now taking Coumadin and was told?

she could not have some dark green vegetables or Vitamin K by the doctor . She likes to eat healthy foods so this makes planning meals a little more difficult. Has anybody else had this experience or know anything about this drug..?
She wants to know the reason that she was taken off of baby aspirin and put on Coumadin.
She wants to know the reason that she was taken off of baby aspirin and put on Coumadin.

Patients with mechanical mitral valves (vs. bioprosthetic) need life-long anticoagulation because they may have a high rate of red blood cell destruction due to valve-blood interactions. Aspirin alone is not enough. Patients with bioprosthetic valves (tissue valves) generally do not need warfarin (Coumadin).

Warfarin works by preventing the body from turning vitamin K into various clotting factors. Its effectiveness is measured by an INR. Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables. As a result, eating a diet high in vitamin K may make the warfarin less effective, requiring a higher dose.

However, contrary to most doctor's beliefs, patients should NOT completely avoid eating vitamin K sources when on warfarin. It is true that patients with low vitamin K intake need lower Coumadin doses to achieve a therapeutic INR. However, they are more likely to have an unstable INR, spend less time in a therapeutic INR range, and at higher risk for complications due to a very high INR (bleeding) or very low INR (clotting, red blood cell destruction). Patients should continue to eat regular, small amounts and avoid large meals of these vegetables. A 1/2 cup of spinach is enough to alter your INR. In fact, there is even evidence that regular supplementation with vitamin K can improve INR stability.

You or your acquaintance should discuss her concerns with her physician.  (+ info)

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