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Mongolian spot??

anyone else have a child with a mongolian spot?? and have they disapeared with time?
yes i have it reported with my Dr. if ever in case i come across a situation where they think it's abuse. She has is right on top of her bum and a little bit on her shoulder as well!!!!

I had one as a baby and my kids had them.
It looked like a bruise in the middle of the lower back, but it doesn't go away or fade like a bruise.
My kids mongolian spots disappeared when they were about 18 months old.  (+ info)

How can I fade a mongolian spot birthmark?

Someone told me to try honey then steam the area?

it shouldve faded over time but i doubt there is anything you can do maybe go to a dermatolgoist to see what can be done  (+ info)

Does your baby have a Mongolian spot on the lower part of his/her back?

I didn't know what that was till yesterday when I took my baby for a physical check up yesterday and I was SO curious on that bruise that was right on my son back. He had it since the day he was born.
The dr told me hispanics, blacks, asians have them.

My baby boy, born March 6, 2009, has one. His is smaller than the rest of my friend's babies. He's got a light blue spot in his buttcrack and when it meets the top of his butt, it is a tiny circle. My baby is half Japanese and half White.

My friend's baby is now 2 years old and she has her ENTIRE butt blue. It is the darkest thing that I have ever seen. I call her smurf. She is half Black and half White.

Some go away, some don't.  (+ info)

difference between birthmark and mongolian spot?

what is the different between a birthmark and a mongolian spot?

Mongolian Spot is bluish, and is usually located on the skin lying over the sacrum (lower spine).
It is most prevalent among persons whose ancestry ties them to Asia.  (+ info)

Do I have a Mongolian spot?

I have looked up a mongolilan spot on the internet, and have looked at pictures. But I am not sure If what I have is a Mongolian spot. These spots are described to be a deep bluish/green spot. Mine are very deep colored, and look like spots with veins. Mine are located on my lower back and the middle of my left leg, and seem to be growing. Mongolian spots are flat, however my birthmark is bumpy at times, and other times are pretty flat. I have tried to see patterns in the change in texture, with temperature, and emotion, but there is no pattern. If you have any opinons, or advice, I would be grateful thank you.

It certainly sounds as though you might have them. However, I have never heard of them being bumpy. Also, they usually disappear by about age 5, and almost certainly by adolesence. If you're concerned, I urge you to see a dermatologist; it never hurts to be safe!  (+ info)

What causes a Mongolian Blue Spot?

My wife is a nurse and she says I have one at the base of my spine...."apparently"...I can't see it!!

Thats the spot she aims for when spanking you.  (+ info)

me and my b/f are white y as my son got a Mongolian blue spot?

my son was born soon after the doc said its a mongolian blue spot have you got asian in your family. me and my b/f are both white does anyone know anything on this?

Mongolian blue spot skips generations ...... somewhere in ur family tree somebody got nailed by an asian .......  (+ info)

Does your baby have Mongolian Spot?

And what ethnicity is your child?

(Mongolian spots are flat blue or gray birthmarks on a newborn's body. Although most commonly located on a baby's lower back and buttocks, they can also occur on other areas of their body.

Although they can look like bruises, they are normal and not a sign of child abuse or any other condition. They often fade as a child gets older.

They are much more common in dark skinned races, especially African, Asian, East Indian, and Hispanics, but can also occur in up to about 9 percent of Caucasian children.)

mine did when she was born she is african american and she had them on her back and neck they are more common on the darker skinned race. but hers went away  (+ info)

is it normal to have a mongolian spot under my eye it is deep blue ?

nah dude thats not normal man. You should get that checkd out. Its only suppose to be on your butt.  (+ info)

how come my baby has 'mongolian blue spot' ? i am turk and my ex bf was white american! i thought?

i thought only asian babies can have blue spots?mongolian blue spot is birth mark .my baby has it on his lower back

It can happen in many races, especially if the baby is mixed. My son is half African American and Hispanic. He was born with a blue butt. He's three, It's still there and it's the funniest thing I have ever seen. The color is fading though. So don't worry, it will disappear on it's own.  (+ info)

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