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How do I stop mouth breathing and start nose breathing?

I always breath through my mouth because when I was little I had huge tonsils that blocked my nasal passage making me have to breath through my mouth. So I still breath through my mouth and I want to start breathing through my nose but whenever I do this I get uncomfortable and have to end up going back to mouth.

  (+ info)

What is more attractive: a wide or narrow mouth on a girl?

I always thought the majority considered a narrow but full mouth (ie rosebud) on a female, but it appears as though more of the universally 'attractive' females have wider mouths.

By narrow mouth I don't mean thin lips, i mean the actual width of the mouth.

What do you all think is considered a more attractive mouth shape?

Hmm, my mouth is medium width, I wouldn't mind it being a little wider

Not a big fan of the rosebud thing  (+ info)

How do I keep my mouth healthy while using smokless tabbaco?

I dip often, mostly skoal. is there any tooth paste, mouth wash, or any other products to keep my mouth healty? Are thier any techniques for dipping to keep healthier? which brand is better for your mouth?

no. thats how you get mouth cancer 10x faster than smoking a regular cigarette.  (+ info)

My mouth is itchy from fresh pineapple, can i freeze it or cook it somehow to remove the itchyness from it?

I just ate my first fresh pineapple it was sooo tasty! but.. now my mouth is all itchy and its sooo annoying I belive i have allergy to it, but i can eat canned pineapple. I was wondering how do i prepere a pineapple properly for eating? Can I freeze it to remove the itchiness? or do i need to cook it somehow?

Did you cut the hard piece in the middle, that seems to be what upsets most people,If you can eat canned it should'nt be a problem. Try cutting that hard piece off and see what happens.You can cook pineapple but it's tastier fresh.  (+ info)

What can I put in my mouth to replace food yet keep my mouth busy?

I want to lose weight but have that hand to mouth thing problem. I don't smoke thank goodness, but I do like to eat. What can I do to keep my mouth busy? Gum makes my stomach hurt.

chew tobacco  (+ info)

How long is your mouth numb after a dentistry injection ?

Tomorrow i am going to the dentist and i will be given a numbing injection for my mouth. I was just wondering, how long is your mouth numb after you have the injection? Just because i don't know whether i should go to school or not afterwards. Also, if they do a filling and the numbing injection has stopped working, can you still feel the pain from the post drilling?

The anestetic effect should work for 2-4 hours. You should be fine to go back to school but you may find yourself dribbling!!  (+ info)

What is the best mouth wash for your overall dental and oral health?

Which mouth wash is best for your dental health? I ask specifically which is best for your overall health, because I know there are products which target bad breath. Some of them do that very well, but are they the best for your overall dental health?

So, which mouth wash is best overall?

I like listerine. My husband prefers crest. Our dentist recommends crest as well.  (+ info)

How do I get rid of the excess white stringy mucus my mouth is making?

For the past few weeks my mouth seems to be making an excess mucus. It is stringy and white. I have no idea what is causing it or how to get rid of it. Nothing has changed to indicate a cause. I have been rinsing my mouth with mouth wash and although this cleans my mouth out, it doesn't stop my mouth from producing it.

might be your lungs
have you been exposed to asbestos?  (+ info)

How do I develop more saliva in my mouth?

A few you ago, I started developing dry mouth or something. I not making enough saliva in my mouth to break down all of my food. What's wrong? How do make enough saliva in my mouth the break down my food. Do I need to take some enzyme or something?

Chew some gum. Saliva will start occurring.  (+ info)

How can I increase my mouth because I have a severely small miniature size mouth?

Thank you. People are constantly pointing out that I have an abnormally miniature size mouth. I am 29 years old.

lol do you really want a guy to answer this lol  (+ info)

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