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what can you tell me about follicular mucinosis?

Please tell me medications that prove effective.
Is this a chronic illness or an acute illness?
How did I get it?
I am a 68 year old female

Alopecia mucinosa (follicular mucinosis) occurs in the 3rd to 4th decades. There are various presentations. In the patients with progression to lymphoma, a monoclonal T cell population has been identified in all cases and in over 50% of cases associated with the primary disease. Long term follow-up of 27 months did not reveal progression to lymphoma but obviously long term surveillance is needed.

The pathologist finds a perifollicular, follicular, and perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate. The hair follicle and sebaceous glands show mucin which may coalesce to form small cysts. In cases associated with lymphoma, the inflammatory infiltrate is deeper and more intense. In addition, there is atypicality of the lymphocytes as well as Pautrier microabscesses.  (+ info)

is thyroidectomy the ONLY way to determine if a papillary lesion / follicular neoplasm is benign or malignant?

My wife recently underwent FNAB for the thyroid gland and the findings were:
Suggest thyroidectomy for a definitive diagnosis.
Microscopic Description:
Smears disclose a fairly cellular aspirate composed of cohesive clusters of follicular cells, in attempt to form acini and short papillary fronds. The cells show vesicular nuclei, with focal areas of pleomorphism. The background is hemorrhagic containing thin colloid materials and few mixed leukocytes.

I really would like to know if the it is benign or malignant but is there any other way besides invasive surgery? Thanks a lot in advance for all the answers and help.

If FNAB demonstrate follicular neoplasm , we must perform thyroid lobectomy for determining if it's malignant or not , and regarding to this , we will design the further definite and main operation .

There is no way other than this yet .

In some situations , we can perform total thyroidectomy as a plan to determine the permanent pathology at first ( there is several indications : old patients , mass more than 4 cm , ... ) .

But about Papillary neoplasm it's somewhat different : we can plan for a definite operation , also with a FNAB .  (+ info)

Why would a thyroid tumor have both papillary and follicular cells?

My friend was just dx'd w/ thyroid cancer. She had surgery to remove the 1.2 centimeter tumor in the middle of her thyroid. 3 of the 6 lymph nodes that were taken were found to also have cancer. Why would her tumor be both papillary AND follicular? What does that mean for her?

Thyroid cancer is not rare. It's the easiest to cure. I am surprised they did not take all the thyroid. All this means is the thyroid cancer went into the nodes. I had thyroid cancer the same kind with lymph nodes also cancer seeded with thyroid. I was given after surgery, radio-active iodine in large doses to get rid of all thyroid cancer several times. And yes you are radio-active to others. You stay away from children, women who are prego. It's not as bad as you think I am still here and trust my doctor to do his best for me. I sure will be praying for your friend. Now smile people do care.  (+ info)

In follicular lymphoma do they egver remove lymph nodes?

I have stage 4 follicular lymphoma and I was wondering do they ever remove nodes or is this not a good Idea. Also is stem cell replacement a option. I \have heard it has been done in other non hodgens lymphoma.

As a general rule, the only reason lymph nodes are removed in lymphoma patients is for biopsy. Lymphoma is considered a blood cancer, which means it is presumed to be circulating throughout the body, so removing lymph nodes won't really treat lymphoma.

To learn more about your treatment options ... first, I would recommend checking out the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ... it offers free patient help on things like treatment options, where to find doctors, trials, etc. They have people available 10 AM to 5 PM eastern time. Go here: http://www.lls.org/hm_lls

and click on live patient help up at the top of the page. LLS is also a good place to do research.

For general information these are good links to get you started:




This is also an excellent PDF from the American Cancer Society on Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (it is a big file will take a few seconds to download even on a fast connection):


That document outlines treatment options for different kinds of N-HL including follicular lymphoma. Use the index ... the follicular lymphoma info starts around page 35. Stem cell transplant is at least listed there as a possible option.

You may also want to try and connect with other patients; I am almost certain you will find patients with follicular lymphoma on this forum in the Non-Hodgkin's area: http://forums.lymphoma.com/

Best of luck to you.  (+ info)

Has anyone had experience in taking Ivermectin or in dealing with follicular mites?

We can't find a dermatologist in New York City who knows how to identify follicular mites - or how to
treat them. Disappointing that the dermatologists we have experienced only seem to understand
cosmetic problems...We're also looking for a physician experienced in dealing with these internal
bugs. Anyone have a great doctor?

Demodex folliculorum has been mentioned as an aggravating factor to rosaceans for many decades and yet, I have not seen any formal double blind study done on this front. (This supports the wisdom of independent research funding by rosaceans). As you have presented, articles have been published, reporting individuals (a number of whom are immunocompromised) who responded to rx of demodex. The rx’s were not cures but nevertheless, afforded some form of control to otherwise refractory situations. I do not think your hypothesis is without merit. As a matter of fact, at the end of this message, I have copied an article reporting a case rx’d successfully with oral Ivermectin & topical Permethrin. Months ago, I sent a copy of this article to a group member with very resistant case of folliculitis.
However, I’m not sure that it is wise to have someone self- treat without the supervision of an attending physician. Luckily, here in the U.S., 5% Permethrin (Elimite Cream) is only available by prescription. I have given this topical medication to many patients for scabies but not for rosacea. Other than a few cases of contact or irritant dermatitis, I have not seen any serious side effects. However, my patients have only used it no more than 2-3 times at most. I don’t know what the side effects of long-term use are; considering the hypersensitivity, easier penetrability (hence, increased absorption) and vascular lability of inflamed rosacean skin. I personally believe demodex mites are incidental parasites that prey on compromised skin causing secondary symptoms, not unlike bacteria & fungi. They are not the primary cause of rosacea. Therefore, I suspect that not all rosaceans have demodex as a relevant factor.  (+ info)

If I have a prolonged follicular phase, but am only 27 years of age, will my eggs be post mature?

For the last couple of menstrual cycles I haven't ovulated until around day 30 of my cycle. I've been reading about prolonged follicular phases, and it says that my eggs may become geriatric or post mature. I called my doctor out of concern, but she says that it is still ok because I am only 27. I'm nervous to continue to try to conceive because I'm afraid there will be birth defects.

  (+ info)

I want to know if follicular study can tell from which tube is the ovule being released?

My right tube is blocked and now i want to go for my second baby and am keeping a tight watch for my ovulation time. My doctor has asked to come for a follicular study, can she know by this test from which tube the ovulation will happen, if it is from right tube then i won't be able to conceive in this month. Also i want to know when should i have intercourse to conceive a male baby as i have a four year old daughter and wish to have a complete family ?

With a vaginal ultrasound, it can be determined how many follicles you have developing and in which ovary they are in.

As for the trying to determine the sex of your baby, you are supposed to be able to improve the odds of getting a particular sex by timing sex relative to ovulation.

However, the method only slightly improves the odds for one sex more than the other and is NOT recommended for a couple that is having issues with TTC, because it requires that you abstain from sex during part of the time you are most fertile.

Stated another way, the two best times to have sex to get pregnant are three days before expected ovulation and one day before expected ovulation. To attempt to pick the sex of the child, you only have sex on one of these two best days. But when you are having fertility issues, you need to have sex on BOTH these days to improve the odds that are already stacked against you.  (+ info)

Which of these is the best way to treat a follicular cyst?

Which is the best treatments for a follicular cyst on a nostril piercing:

Asprin paste, tea tree oil or warm sea salt soaks?

I always go for heat treatment for cysts, either soak the area witht he cyst or use a hot compress. Try applying the tea tree oil afterwards. I'm not familiar with using an aspirin paste so no opinion there.  (+ info)

how do i get rid of my follicular cyst?

got a belly button piercing, and a follicular cyst developed. i was told to soak it in hot water twice a day..is this really gonna work?

Go To The Doctor! It may be infected or just a normal cyst, which they can remove safely. Any infection in that area can quickly spread throughout the abdomen. Please,don't take chances...see the doctor.  (+ info)

How can you shorten your follicular phase? I don't ovulate until days 21-24?

I recently started on prometrium bc my luteal phase is under 10 days. 1st month on it and I started period only 7dpo. Any suggestions on how to shorten my follicular phase and ovulate earlier? I've been TTC for 8 months and consistently ovulate on days 21-24 and have a luteal phase less than 10 days. They checked my progesterone level and it was normal one week post ovulation. Dr. thought he'd try prometrium anyway to try and lengthen my LP, but it doesn't seem to be working. Could my estrogen be off? Has anyone else had a similar situation? Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

I have attached some links with information that i hope will help you

Good Luck  (+ info)

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