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so my brother had had a Mucocele for a whille and when he stopped messing with it it eventually went away. annd now i have one! wil it go away?? bc its really annoying. like i have a girlfriend and im afriad if i make out with her she might feel it and be digusted. sooo anyways to get rid of it??

It will go away, just try not to play with it. Sometimes they take a while to go away, and if you play with it a lot, it can take months. A few people have to get them removed. Just tell your girlfriend, its nothing that is gross, just dont let her find it out on her own.  (+ info)


wut damage can be done by poking a mucocele with an unsterilized needle. ne thing permanent?

Well, if the unsterilized needle was actually injected into the mucocele, then there could be a plethora of permanent things that could go wrong. Depending on what was on the needle, then there could be different things. For instance, if there was HIV on the needle, and it got into your bloodstream, then most likely you'd get HIV. If you're just referring to trying to "pop" the mucocele by poking it with an unsterilized needle, then it is very possible to infect it. My suggestion when trying to get rid of it is to go to a dentist, in which I believe they tie a surgical knot to remove it.  (+ info)

How to reduce swelling of a mucocele?

I have had a mucocele for 4 weeks now. Was diagnosed by my doctor. They didn't even know what it was at first, they had to call someone in to look at it! My appointment to have it removed is not for another month and it is in the most awkward place ever. Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling, any meds? My doctor could give me no information. Any info would be appreciated!

If your dr didnt even know what it was, i would look for another dr to remove it. If he has never seen one then he has never removed one. As far as reducing swelling, theres not alot you can do. It is mucous filled and there's not really anything u can do to help that. If it is painful you could use Orajel! It works really well!  (+ info)

Is the cost of having a mucocele removed comparable to that of filling a cavity?

I have no insurance, but I've had this (what I'm quite sure is a) mucocele for about 6 months and it's driving me crazy, plus is very sensitive and painful. I can handle a couple hundred dollars through payments, but more than that I'm not sure about...

I am having a difficult time eating and brushing my teeth, so it's really a necessity. (Readying my budget)


You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - healthquotes.awardspace.info  (+ info)

How is a mucocele suppose to look as it heals?

My 5 year old son just had oral surgery yesterday to remove a mucocele and his lower lip has about 4 stitches in it. The stitches look like they have this white string coming out of them but the stitches themselves are black. So I'm not sure what the white string looking stuff is. Around the wound is also very red and bruised. Is this all normal???

the white stuff is plaque over the stitches, you must keep the area clean to prevent infection, wipe with an earbud  (+ info)

How do you stop mucocele growths?

I have not used alcohol nor tobacco for over 6 years and continue to experience mucocele growths every other month or so. I removed one myself, and pop them when they come, but the ALWAYS grow back, though the one I cut out came back softer and not as wide.
Any thoughts appreciated

It cannot be stopped, it needs to be removed surgically by a dentists or surgeon, the reason it comes back is due to satellite cells that need to be removed with the lesion itself  (+ info)

what is the recovery time for mucocele removal?

my 5 year old has just been given a referal to an oral surgeon for removal of a mucocele on his bottom lip. i was wondering if anyone has had a child (or themselves) that had this procedure done. what is the recovery time? hours, days? just trying to prepare myself for how much time i'll need to take off of work for this. thanks in advance!

I don't think I would take more than 1 day off. Total recovery time, depending on the size, is probably 3-7 days (but that is for near-complete healing).  (+ info)

Can a mucocele form on the upper lip?

I believe I might have one from a fall three years ago. But it has never been as prominent as others I have seen. Still it is a swelling that goes up and down. If this is a mucocele, would it be harder to have it surgically removed than a fully formed one?

It sounds like a mucocoele for a minor salivary gland. They can happen anywhere there are these glands (which is all over the mouth). They can be removed by a surgeon, but it's best to do it when it's nice and swollen. If it's collapsed, the surgeon won't be able to see the damaged duct to well. The good part? It's not a major salivary gland.  (+ info)

Recovery time for mucocele removal from upper lip?

Mine is 2 cm and the first thing the doctor suggested was sedation. When it is that big a lesion, can I have the surgery done and the stitches removed a week later or is there a longer recovery time?

The wounds in that area heals pretty quick because of the high vascularity.

Just follow all the instructions and apply a lot of ice on the area.  (+ info)

How do i get rid of a mucocele?

i have it at the bottom of my lip my dentist said to wait and see if it goes down.
Has anything worked for you? how do i reduce swelling? thanks

  (+ info)

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