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I have a semi hard lump under my tongue. It might be a mucocele but it cannot be seen really, only felt?

It is not bluish in color, in fact there seems to be no discoloration. Any ideas what it is?

if it lasts for more than a few days, go to the doc because it could be a lot of things!
it could be a cyst, a fat deposit, a tumor, eyc.  (+ info)

I did a CT of the paranasal sinuses recently. the resuts states "Severe Maxillary sinusitis with a mucocele ?

int he left Antrum" My ENT is suggesting surgery. Do you think this is necessary.

Right - so a trained professional is telling you to get a surgery. You feel a bit apprehensive and want to know from a bunch of people on the internet - that you don't know - whether he's right??
Well someone who could really tell wether or not surgery is neccessary would NEVER tell you ANYTHING without examining you or your results.
So the only people who'd answer are wackos who believe that if you and you're mother pray a little the disease is just going to disappear - I can tell you so much - that ain't gonna work.  (+ info)

Has anyone had a mucocele removed before?

Im having mine removed next week, and im soo scared!! How long is the procedure? Does it hurt?

It takes about and 1 to 2 hours  (+ info)

mucocele removed yesturday - puffy lip and a quarter sized red bloody area?

is this normal? it looks like dark red under my skin my lip is really swollen too. there's 3 stitches. what is it supposed to look like as it heals? could i have a blood clot? anything i should be worried about? it's only been one day. tx.

After only one day, this is very normal. Give it a week at least to heal up.  (+ info)

Mucocele after surgery how long till lip no longer swollen aprox?

had operation yesterday at 12:00 in morning. hw long till the swollen lip no longer swollen.. cause its huge :( swollen
nope 3 weeks till the next check up :( cause its within the hospital !

  (+ info)

mucocele on lower lip -How long to go away?

it's the size of a pencil eraser. feels like a little ball.
don't want to have it removed, but would like to know how to get rid of it on my own.

You cannot get rid of it on your own,as they usually have to be excised and removed. Sometimes they may break and drain and go down for an extended period of time.  (+ info)

mucocele inside lip how to get rid of it?

already went to the doctor and got medicine what else can i do
i bit my lip and that is what the doctor said i do not have oral cancer GOSH!!!!!!!!! i tried out for a play and if i did make it i am not going to reharse with that big disracting thing on my lip.

Mucocele is a pseudo cyst it is due to the accumilation of oral fluids
The size vary from 1 mm to several centimeters and they are slightly transparent with a blue tinge. On palpation, mucoceles may appear fluctuant but can also be firm. Their duration lasts from days to years, and may have recurrent swelling with occasional rupturing of its contents.

Some mucocele spontaneously resolve on their own after a short time. Others are chronic and require surgical removal. Recurrence may occur, and thus the adjacent salivary gland is excised as a preventive measure.  (+ info)

I have a mucocele in my lower lip and i was wondering if I could pop it because i have a luncheon tomorrow.?

I really dont want to have it on there so i was curious if i popped it then how long would it be gone for. I really need to impress some people and I feel so self concious with this huge bump sticking out. HELP!!

Ummm... you probably won't want to hear this, but I'd worry that popping it would make things worse. Sometimes, the squeezing process will cause just as much replacement swelling as the original bump. Plus then you have the redness and possibly exterior bleeding. Sorry. :\  (+ info)

Ugh, small hole in mouth after mucocele removal?

Hey, I had a mucocele removed from the inside of my lower lip last wednesday and had 6 stitches put in. Some of the stitches fell out, but in general the healing went fine and the cut is really starting to heal now. The only problem is that there is one little area where one of the stitches was that is not flat and is like a small hole. I know it has only been 5 days, but is this normal and will this just heal up and fill in? There is no pain or bleeding or anything, but it's a giant pain and I can't stop focusing on it.

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Have you ever had a Mucocele in your mouth before?


Get them all the time and they're really annoying
yeah I know but I was just wondering if anyone here has every had one because I've asked all my friends and none of them ever have.

no, i've never had one. but i have had patients who have. it seems that the people who get them continue to get them and people who don't get them never will :P  (+ info)

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