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I have a pea sized mucocele in my lower lip. Best known surgical treatments?

I recently found out that ii have a mucocele in my lower lip and probably will have to get it removed. Which one of the following treatments.
-Surgical Removal
-Creation of Pouch (Marsupialization)
-Freezing (Cryosurgery)
-Laser Ablation
-Micro Marsupialization

I would probably go with surgical removal.

They will all remove it, and it will always have a chance of recurrence, but I think surgery has the greatest chance of prolonging recurrence.  (+ info)

mucocele on the inside bottom lip?

Does anybody know what the deal is with a mucocele? I've been hearing about surgical removal and how they come back... It's really freaking me out. Has anyone has the marsupial stich thing done and did it work? I just wish I could make it go away without surgically digging into my lip.. It sounds just awful. Any info, personal success story would be awesome.

It's not a big deal to remove them, but the most common cause is lip-biting. Do you have a habit of rubbing, biting, sucking on your lip? That's why they come back.

I've had several orthodontic patients get them from rubbing their braces on the lip and once they were removed (and the braces), the problem didn't come back.  (+ info)

Deformation on lip from mucocele ?

I just had a mucocele removed from my inner lip and I have 3 stitches. One of them seems to be pulling my lip together to form a sort of puffy bubble on top of my lip. Is this normal? Will it heal normal after the stitches come out? Can the lip flatten back out after they have been stitched together like that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The lip almost always heals without scarring. It is going to look terrible at first, but generally people look normal a week after surgery. It looks "puffy" because of the sutures, it will even out! Don't stress over it! Even if for some reason you weren't happy after it healed, the doctor should be able to do a scar revision!  (+ info)

what to do about a mucocele?

I developed a small hard bump on the inside of my mouth, which I'm pretty sure is a mucocele. My brother just recently got one removed, but his was huge. Mine is very small. If I don't get it removed, will it grow larger? I have a tattoo on the inside of my lip, and it's right on top of it. Even though it's small, it is so so so annoying. I just want to know if it will/can grow bigger?

Recurrent mucocele has to be removed surgically.  (+ info)

is it a cyst, zit, cold sore or Mucocele?

I have a small, hard round ball under the skin on my upper lip, i do have a white pus head in the surface. i have squeezed it several times with the white pus followed by clear pus coming out. but the ball still remains, also more white pus forms in a couple hours. can anyone suggest what i might have, a cyst, zit, cold sore or mucocele?


It sounds like it could be a pustule. There is definitely an infection if you are seeing pus, which is a sign of infection. You should stop touching it because you will transfer bacteria on your hands/nails to the lesion and can get a secondary infection, or the squeezing can cause the follicle wall to burst draining the infection to other areas. It might be an acne lesion. However, it could also be something else. I would recommend to have it looked at by a dermatologist. If you dont have insurance, go to Walgreens pharmacy. I think they are treating acne OTC now. If you have repeated trouble with acne (pustules, blackheads, etc) see an esthetician once a month for a cleansing facial!  (+ info)

im planning on getting my mucocele surgically remove,will it look normal again after the healing process?

its small i want to remove it before it becomes bigger

It will look perfectly normal. The oral mucosa heals extremely fast and very smooth, especially is the lesion is small...good luck  (+ info)

What is mucocele under the tounge?

what is mucocele under the tounge

Salivary glands are present through out the mouth. Sometimes one can rupture and cause inflammation of the gland, which at that point if causing any problem will be removed surgically.  (+ info)

please someone tell me a home remedy for a mucocele?


http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=home-rememedy+mucocele  (+ info)

I just found a Mucocele in my lower lip :( what do I do?

I don' really want to go to a doctor and get it removed bc it's such a hassle, but I'm freaking out what do I do? How long will it stay??

Most of the time a mucocele is left alone. If it gets too large and you start biting on it , it should be removed. Otherwise it is your decision as what to do. An oral surgeon will easily remove it and your medical insurance should cover this. good luck  (+ info)

Will my Mucocele go away by itself?

Okay, so I had this bump on lip for like 3 months or longer and it kept like bugging me and bugging me until one day when i went to the ortho i asked what it was. He told me it was a mucocele and i could get it removed if i really wanted to. So i went home and look on the internet to see what it would be like to get it removed and that totally changed my mind about it. But now i decided to just let it alone. But my question is, will it go away by itself??

They can go away on their own, but there's no telling how long it may take. I had one that was gone in a few months and another that lasted nearly 2 years. Try not to play with it. I have read a few articles that say apply heat (maybe drink some tea) and rinse your mouth with peroxide once or twice a day. The heat is supposed to open up the ducts that are blocked and relieve the build up of mucus and saliva. I'm not sure what good peroxide would do since it's not an infection. My advice, as someone who has had these before, would be to have it removed if it doesn't go away after about six months...and quit biting your lip!  (+ info)

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