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Will a surgery scar fade away on the inside of my lip?

I just had a minor laser surgery on the inside of my lip to remove a mucocele. The stitches are still in it and it's even still swollen.
But my question is, once the stitches are out and the swelling is down in a couple weeks. Will there be a visible scar from where the surgeon made the incisions?
I heard that the mouth heals differently and so there won't be a visible scar.
Anyone experience this before?

there won't be a visible scar because saliva heals things much quicker and better.   (+ info)

mucocele??????????????????? is it okay?????????????

i have a mucocele and it will dissapear in 1 day or 2. i know this because it happens once in a while. why does it happen??? this is what i want to know. and is it common????? i am in my 20's.

I would recommend you to see your doctor if it persists or worsens, remember other things can also look like mucocoele, good luck  (+ info)


is/are mucocele contagious? I have looked it up and cant find the answer anywhere.. and can these stem from an STD?(are they an std)
i did check that site. not sure if i over looked it, but it doesnt say if they are contagious or not/ possibly stemmed from an std

i found a wesite hope this helps http://www.skinsight.com/adult/oralMucocele-selfCare.htm  (+ info)

Mucocele on inside of lower lip- HELP?

Can I just keep draining this myself? I DO NOT want surgery. I have heard and red nothing but horror stories of more lesions, numbness, pain, disfiguration, etc.. Help, how can I get rid of this thing (it is on the inside of my lower lip)?

You really should see an Oral Surgeon...not all of them are scary. I have been an Oral Surgery Assistant for 14 years and removing a mucocele is a simple procedure. I hear all the horror stories too. My patients always wonder what the big deal was afterwards. I have personally had one removed and sent for a biopsy, no problem.  (+ info)

Mucocele Questions (Please answer if you have any knowledge of this)?

I have what I believe to be mucocele in my mouth. It's larger than most my doctor has seen (he says) and I am going to an oral surgeon to have it removed next week. It's a bit smaller than a dime and doesn't bother me in any way. Could anyone please answer a few questions for me?

1. Should it ever appear to have blood trapped inside (around a specific edge for me) which goes away and comes back every few days?

2. If this was cancer would it be hard/soft painful/non-painful?

3. Any pictures? Thanks

  (+ info)

Mucocele? Question for dentists?

This is really gross but I just went to the dentist for this swollen blister inside my lip and he said that I have a "mucocele" and that it may disappear on its own. The trouble is, he says that if it's still there after a couple months, that it's necessary to go to an oral surgeon and they may have to lance it (gross, I know).
The physical pain doesn't bother me. I'm worried about the cost.
Is it expensive? Will most oral surgeons allow you to make payments? I don't think that I have appropriate health insurance to cover it. How long can I wait before it's dangerous?

If you can help me thank you.

A mucocele is nothing to obsess over. It's just a tiny mucous gland that's become stopped up. Most all of the time these will eventually either unstop or will rupture. If the blockage comes out then it's pretty much permanent. If it just ruptures, then, when it heals, it will probably fill with fluid again and pop up. In any case, these almost always disappear with no intervention. So don't worry, it's not "dangerous" and even if, by some rare reason, it does have to be excised it's not expensive.  (+ info)

Mucocele helpppp!!?

ohh plz help ive had what my doctor calls a "mucocele" on my lip for about 3 monthz!! i DO NOT wanna take a needle in the gum because i am a sissy when it comes 2 needles lol.... my dentist told me 2 monthz ago that it would pop by itself but it has been AT LEAST a month since then.. i am really freaked out cuz my friendz keep tellin me that itz gettin bigger =(... anyone have any tipz or reassurance that itll pop by itself?? haha i am soo afraid of that freakin needle >. oh btw it doesnt hurt at all but it does ALOT of damage 2 my self esteem!! i cant even talk 2 girlz without thinkin of this monstrosity on my lower lip!!!!! grrrrrrr....>:!

I hate to tell you, but if it hasn't resolved on its own by now, you will need to have it removed. It isn't a major surgery and your fear is causing you more pain than the whole procedure would be.

I have had several orthodontic patients develop mucoceles inside their lip from the braces rubbing and then they keep playing with it in the braces and it keeps growing.

There are laser techniques for removing it. You should check out your options with your dentist.  (+ info)

I think I have a Mucocele?

I used to have a big problem, biting my lower lip. I bit it so hard that a small lump appeared that seems to be filled with saliva. This is why i instantly thought I had a Mucocele. But since I've been researching them a little more, what ive found is that most peoples Mucoceles rupture and re-fill. Mine has never done this!!! only when i would bite it and it would swell is when it would change sizes, other than that it has stayed moderatly the same size for over a year. Its completely painless, and just annoying when people are always looking at it when i open my mouth. So please just help me out. I talked to my Dentist and he knew nothing of a mucocele just as i expected.

I have a mucocele that I am having removed soon. It does not rupture and re-fill either but feels like a small, hard bump. I wonder if the salivary duct might be blocked and that is why it does not rupture and re-fill? Your dentist should know about these things - mine was the one who referred me to an oral surgeon for removal. Mucoceles are harmless but can be persistent and annoying especially since you often bite them.  (+ info)

Question for dentists about a mucocele?

I have a bump on the inside of my lower lip and I couldn't figure out what it was. After the long research, I eventually concluded that it was a mucocele. Some websites said it can go away on its own within a few months and others say if not, it may require a surgical procedure.

So my question is, is there a certain amount of time where a mucocele can no longer disappear on its own?

For example, after 5 months, it can no longer disappear (or something like that).

I really need help with this. I know it's not serious but I am really scared. I don't even know how I got it....it just appeared.

Go to the doctor/ dentist and ask them. it might just be an ulsur.

http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AlcpQLIW5vMiPkIz2y2BNSUazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090412135435AAPbEDP  (+ info)

I have a Mucocele on my lip (i think) anyone ever had one?

I had my lip pierced a few months ago , the piercer wasnt even a piercer but i didnt know until 3 weeks later when she was sacked from studio..it was too late for me my lip ring had to be changed at 4 weeks due to being pierced with wrong metal i have had to now 3 months later take out my piercing and take antibiotics.... im left with a mucocele.. a small blister like lump that comes up and down every few days... it never really disapears but can go right down at times... its quite painful as its right on the top of my bottom lip which makes speaking and closing my mouth painful.

i was wondering could anyone thats had these please let me know the way to go from here?.. im told to go to dentist/oral surgion which i will but how do i ease the pain in the meantime , can i pop this or isnt it safe to do that?..

heres a pic of it.



Ouchhh. you can probably put ice on it, hold the ice there for 2 minutes. it should numb it. then wait 10 minutes, and put ice on it for 3 minutes, wait ten, 4 minutes.........  (+ info)

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