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multiple myeloma?

i know what myeloma is and i know what rouleau is but HOW and why does multiple myeloma reslut in rouleau? what is the process? what causes the stacking process?

Since you know what MM and rouleaux is...

The rouleaux is a result of the elevated serum fibrinogen and globulin levels. This also correlates with the typical increased Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate seen in MM.

How it happens, I think (not 100% sure) it has to do with the proteins being adsorbed onto the RBC membrane thereby reducing the Zeta potential between two RBCs so that they suddenly adhere to each other, kind of like a sandwich effect, except in this case it's like a multiple layered sandwich.  (+ info)

Multiple Myeloma?

My long term boyfriend's father was diagnosed over a year ago with Multiple Myeloma.
I was under the impression that this was a terminal illness. Now he is saying that his father will not succumb to the cancer, but probably something else in the coming years. Is this typical of Myeloma patients ?
Secondly, his father will not get up to walk around at all, even to another room. Obviously, he is in a great deal of pain but I cannot imagine this is healthy considering his weight (He's about 5'6" and around 240 lbs). I would think he should walk around a little bit. Is it recommended that Myeloma patients get some activity throughout their day?
His diet is awful. My boyfriend and his mother let him eat the most horrible things. They claim the doctors said he needs to eat as much as possible. I don't believe this. Is it recommended that myeloma patients eat a substantial amount? I know he's fighting the cancer and thus needs the calories but I can't imagine that can do him any good.

Multiple Myeloma patients can have long periods of remission or just as suddenly become ill and die . . there is no cure for it . . but there is no cure for any other cancer either . . just treatment. So, yes, it is typical for some types of cancer to be random and slow enough that a patient can live with it for years and than die from something else.

There really is nothing that you can do about the rest of the issues that bother you . . this is your boyfriends family, not yours so you probably should say nothing to them.

You could start reading more about the disease so that you understand the situation a little bit better. Cancer is a devastating disease for a family to go through . . they need all the emotional support that they can get, even if you do not agree with their approach.

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Medline Plus: Multiple Myeloma

NCI: What you need to know about Multiple Myeloma

ACS: What is Multiple Myeloma
http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_1X_What_is_multiple_myeloma_30.asp  (+ info)

Multiple myeloma?

can the patient live for more then five years? and if your family members have been diagnosed has that member ever been able to walk again?? and what are their experiences

Yes. I see patients all the time who have lived with MM for years. Some go through chemo and autologous transplant throughout the years. Some patients can take oral chemos for maintainence as well. As for the walking, spinal fractures and disc ruptures are common among MM pts. Some go through Laminectomy's and Disc repair and now Kyphoplasty. Pts can still walk and some with assistance of a cane. I do know people with the disease and in remission over 13 years.  (+ info)

What are the guideline levels for light chains in multiple myeloma patients?

My mom has multiple myeloma. Her doctor has told her that her light chains have gone up from 149 to 238. We know this is not good news. Most staging guidelines say high or low light chains. Does anyone know what is considered high or what is considered low?

Free Kappa3.30-19.40 (mg/L)
Free Lambda5.71-26.30 (mg/L)

Kappa/Lambda ratio0.26-1.65

These are the normal ranges.  (+ info)

Why is the total plasma protein increased in patients suffering from multiple myeloma?

Also, how is the liver affected by multiple myeloma?

Myelomas are made of neoplastic plasma cells. These plasma cells make immunoglubulins (a type of proteins). Those immunoglobulins contribute to the total plasma protein, thus increasing it.  (+ info)

A family member has multiple myeloma and I was wondering what herbs or spices could help?

My Mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma just before Christmas. There are 3 stages and she's at stage 2. Which mans Chemo pills everyday. She's weak and I'd really like to know if thee is anything out there(natural) that might help.

This is the free alternative to chemotherapy for cancer patients.Do it and you will know from the future test results.You can also do it alongside any medical treatment.
Cancer hates oxygen and cannot live in a high-oxygen environment.If you want to supplement the medical treatment you receive(or not receive) with some alternative therapy then this is for you. You need to help your body to build up your immune system.The breathing exercises - pranayam is a holistic approach creating extra oxygen supply in the body and will slowly help with the health problem.Do the pranayam to see the benefits.Build up your timing slowly and after four weeks at the suggested maximum duration you will start to notice benefits gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy,stop and resume later.
What is known: pranayam helps the body heal itself. How it works in the body is not known – but people may build their own theory. You have to do it yourself for your benefit.
The small print: Keep doing pranayam after you are better for minimum 30 minutes a day for rest of life to maintain health.

People who have been treated successfully, should do pranayam as well, as there is a chance of recurrence.

The pranayam techniques:
Bhastrika - Take a long deep breath into the lungs(chest not tummy) via the nose and then completely breathe out through the nose.Duration upto 5 minutes.

Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day.(Max 60 min/day) Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

Anulom Vilom - Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril
then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril
then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril
then - close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
Repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

Bhramri Pranayam -Close eyes. Close ears with thumb, index finger on forehead, and rest three fingers on base of nose touching eyes. Breathe in through nose. And now breathe out through nose while humming like a bee.
Duration : 5 to 10 times

Only by doing you will benefit and will feel good that you can do something to help the body.Copy and print this to improve your technique and stay focused.This is simplified pranayam for everyone and you do not have to go to classes to learn. This is for life, unlike short term classes where you do it in the class then stop when classes are over.  (+ info)

Has anyone with Multiple Myeloma been pregnant while with this disease?

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma March 2008. I am 28 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. Has any woman with Multiple Myeloma been pregnant? I want to know if there are any risks for my unborn child or risks for it's future Development. What symptoms you experienced other than that of any other normal pregnancies. Thanks a bunch!

My best advice is to sit down with your oncologist and your gynocologist and have a very frank conversation about the risks to not only the fetus, but also to YOU.  (+ info)

Has anyone found reseach that diesel fuel causes multiple myeloma?

I need some paperwork proving that working with diesel fuel causes a cancer called multiple myeloma.

Here is a website to look for research: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed  (+ info)

I am a single mother of three and have multiple myeloma cancer. What are my chances of remission after chemo?

I had complete kidney failure when diagnosed 4 months ago, which are back to normal levels now. I have had 4 chemo treatments in the hospital for 6 days straight each time and each treatments were every 3 weeks. This is quite aggressive chemo treatment. What is the effect on the heart? Is this when the treatment changes to Thalidamide? At 45 years old, what are my chances of living another 20 years? Is this just wishful thinking? Would bone marrow transplant increase my chances of longevity? As a result of the weakend bones from the multiple myeloma, I also have a fractured hip with causes not only pain, but make it difficult to move around like I used to. I am a white caucasion, have always been anemic, and have had several blood transfusions since this diagnosis. The more I read about multiple myeloma, the more discouraged I become, and then it makes it difficult to sleep or get good rest! Can anyone help me lift my spirits back up, or offer some positive hope?


you have a lot of options; first get your symptoms under control: bones, anemia and kidney. Make sure you are seeing a MM specialist at a major MM center or Cancer hospital; MM is REALLY different than any other cancer and right now there are a lot of changes. Also MM docs are mostly involved in the studies and trials which can give you access to the newest treatments (more options).

With the kidny problems, probably can't do a bio-phosphate to strengthen your bones also how about Iron regimene.

Thal is ok; but it works better as Thal/Dex but Thal has a lot os side effects; Revelimide is a derivative that could be better and then there is Velcade - which is a silver bullet.

With MM, you don't do bone marrow transplants - you do stem cell transplant.

You CAN live 20 years, I personnaly know people that are 15+ years: your young age helps.

I know EXACTLY what you are giong through, I was diag at 43 (3 years ago) and have had my share of sleepless nights; you might whant to see a consellor - it helped me a lot.

There is a lot of help on line and a lot of support groups.

the IMF does a lot of out reach and they even have a hot line for quick questions and they run an on line support group too:

look them up at


The MMRF does a lot more on treatment, trial and new drugs: they are at -


Good luck, you are not alone,

34 months and still here  (+ info)

In Multiple myeloma,for how long therapy with biphosphonates should be continued?

A pt of Stage 2 myeloma is on chemotherapy with Thallix and Dexa.(Fifth cycle)and has received 3 injections of Zolindronic acid ,is on remission(4% plasma cells).feeling some bone pains now a days.Are they due to discontinuing Biphosphonates?

There is no formula for how long before they become un effective.

It is vary patient dependant - most people get toxic before the drug fails (side effects from thal / dex are well known).

Since he is doing "well" may want to go to a low dose and see what happens.

the bigger issue is the dex - the steroid is really hard on the body - steroid induced diabeties is not uncommon and it ruins joints and kidneys.

check mmrf and imf websites for drug "norm" charts.

good luck

35 months and still here  (+ info)

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