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I wonder if trauma and shock can lead to development of Multiple Sclerosis? And how long time it might take.?

I had an accident on job; a complicated bone fracture in my leg after an accident. And I wonder if the trauma and shock I had later led to me developing Multiple Sclerosis.

There is no scientific evidence that shows that trauma and shock leads to MS. However researchers do believe that trauma does impede the function of the immune system leaving one more vulnerable to sickness and disease. Researchers know that in order to develop MS you must be genetically predisposed to developing it and then come into contact with an as yet unidentified environmental factor. In fact researchers and neurologists now think that there are a total of three environmental factors involved in the onset of MS.  (+ info)

What causes multiple personality disorder?

I don't have it nor do anyone I know has it.

I am just curious what sort of trauma or whatever causes a multiple personality disorder?

Trauma is usually the result of abuse as a child (as DID develops during childhood). Some children may be genetically predisposed to DID and abuse may be the trigger.

There is documentation of the mental and sexual abuse I had gone through as a child, but I don't remember anything before the age of eight because of my DID - which was the only thing that helped me get through all the abuse.

I have never heard of DID being the result of stress or a child's wild imagination, like Gypsy says - DID is rare, but those who have it and have not suffered through a great deal of abuse during childhood are even more rare.  (+ info)

Can Multiple Sclerosis start with only a C2 damage if not treated early?

C2- damage of the 2nd cervical spine. Can this damage occur in ages 8-12 by experiencing a head trauma that is disregarded because it seemed not that intense. What kinds of head trauma (that normally people would disregard) could cause C2 damage at ages 8-12?
Sorry... my mistake C2 means 2nd vertebrae of the cervical spine.
thank you to everyone

wow! I'd hate tweety Bird to be my nurse. Even I worked out what you meant. you were obviously referring to the 2nd vertebrae (not c. spine).
- In 1999 the American Academy of Neurology's position was that trauma and/or head injury and /or cervical spine is unlikely to create or permanently aggravate multiple sclerosis. This conclusion is NOT universally accepted among neurologists and reasearch continues to suggest a possible link.
-Like infection, which will trigger MS symptoms only in a portion of a patients , cervical cord hyperextension - hyperflexion injury is likely to unmask or worsen the natural course of MS in a sub group of affected patients with an underlying diathesis.
-Dr. Charles Poser of Harvard Medical School has long been a proponent of the link between head trauma and MS.

So in theory, damage to the C2 area could trigger MS. It's not a case of treating it early, you are either going to develop MS or not. It's not possible to prevent the onset of MS.  (+ info)

Can psychosis be directly related to head trauma?

Is it possible for a one to experience auditory or visual hallucinations after they have had a head injury? What if they experience multiple injuries within a short period of time? Is it possible auditory misperception could be related to head injury?
Thank you for the answers however I am looking for more of an in depth answer as to whether or not the two can be directly related. More specifically can the general medical condition referred to in DSM-IV, 293.82, be brain trauma.

i have been diagnosed with psychosis and i have had a head injury in my past however i was never asked by mental health services maybe it was on file or something?

i dont know what the experts think but they can be wrong sometimes too  (+ info)

How do people develope multiple personalities?

Are they born with it? Is it through trauma? I just watched that wierd movie called Sybil, and Im just kinda wondering how they get it.
thank you vcandrewsrocks, for answering my question, i was beginning to get annoyed when people just answer stupid questions for points

No. They develop them immediately after getting caught in some serious crime. It is a bogus pretense to evade legal responsibility.  (+ info)

what do you consider to be the worst type of trauma?

witnessing a traumatic event, ex: wars, natural disasters, etc.
being in a natural disaster
child abuse (sexual or physical) multiple times
sexual abuse (not as a child) mulitple times
numerous surgical procedures over a long period of time (medical trauma)
being in one car accident

which do you think are the most traumatic, and which are the least?

and please dont say, "oh everyone experiences traumas differently, and if it's trauma, then there is going to be emotional pain no matter what happened". i understand this.

but just answer the question please. most and least traumatic. thanks

  (+ info)

Should i work with children when i have multiple back problems?

I graduate from university in a few weeks. 3 yrs studying for a degree in working with children.
Since the beginning of this year i have been having major problems with my back, and am receiving physiotherapy for it.
They constantly seem to find something wrong.

I have flat, flat, flat feet,a massivley misaligned pelvis. (they keep asking me if i have suffered some form of major trauma, i havn't), basically my left side is totally wonky (about 8 cm shorter), i am always in pain, mild scoliosis, and an overly flexible, loose body. i am a very healthy active person.
(All these problems have arisen due to sciatica)

Would it be totally silly of me to go into a full time job with children?
Will i ever be able to work with children?

I just need to some second opinions, please, i'm 21 i have my whole life to live?
I have made to big changes to my life as a result of this back pain.
I currently work part time in retail and i struggle with that.
I struggle just bending down, and even a sort burst of vacuuming is painful.
N.B. i can visibly see how wonky my pelvis actually is, and how much shorter my left leg is as a result.

Thanks for the answers so far.

Hi, & congrats on graduating. I don't know what kind of work you want to do with kids. It really depends on that. There are tons of jobs working with kids of all ages. And sizes. And that's the problem. I have been a pediatric nurse for 20 yrs, with 10 of them having a bad back. (ALL nurses have bad backs!!) Lifting kids is not as bad as working with adults in some ways, but is hard in others. Imagine holding a toddler of 25-30 lbs for a half hour while the parents are out of the room. Think of how it feels holding a 5 or 6 yr down while blood is being drawn & you are bending over the child and can't move. Try calming down a 13 yr old who wants to hit you. There a lots of ways you can strain your back. But, I would say, all you can do it try it if PT says ok. One word of advice, if your bad back has not been "labelled" or on any employment record and you haven't been labelled with your insurance co. as a risk for whatever reason, don't put yourself in that classification and add it on any resume unless it's absolutely necessary. If you do have to put it on a resume, try to get PT to give you a "no weight" limit. In other words, don't put down that you can only pick up 5-10 lbs, because you will never get any job. If you continue strengthening your back, and believe me, it is really important to strengthen your back and abd muscles. You have to work with PT and your dr and see what their prognosis is. But, if you have pain at your young age, and you know in your heart that you can't do it, don't. You are only setting yourself up for alot of physical and mental pain. There are jobs working with kids that don't require lifting--teaching, audiologist, language skills, occupational therapy, etc. Good luck.  (+ info)

excessive trauma to skull can it cause worsened depression emotional problems?

my daughter has been in an abusive relationship for 5 years, she is 21 he is 42. Skull fracture, concussion, and multiple hits. her depression is worse, she said she does know how much longer she can go on feeling her mind race anymore. Help. Very concerned Mom

Of course,an injury like that will make everything worse. She is also suffering from battered women's syndrome and needs to leave that man immediately. There are women's centers who specialize in trying to help women find the wisdom and courage to leave. See if you can get her in for intervention and counseling. It sounds like this may be a good time as she is finally admitting to you how bad it is .Maybe she is ready to make the change that may save her life.


My heart goes out to you and your brave daughter. Ask her to pack her bags and pick her up. If he may come after her there are many shelters and people who will help keep her safe. It is time.....  (+ info)

What are levels of trauma and how does a hospital determine to be a certain trauma level?

Like Level one trauma, Level two, Level 3 and Level four..I don't there's a level five?

I watch Discovery health channel and they have shows on there, one happens to be Level One Trauma and they also have Trauma in the ER. Its so fast paced and yet scary but is interesting all at the same time to watch and learn how one assess a patient and handles the method of care. Thanks for answering.

The levels of trauma are in place to prioritise the order in which the patients are to be seen. Meaning that as a nurse you need to have the skills to decide who is the MOST important patient that needs to be seen by a doctor next. In my country being a trauma 1 means you need to be seen fairly quickly, trauma 5 means last priority. There is no "first in first served" policy in an ER, and this is often the thing that gets patients riled. For instance; If you've been waiting 5 hours for your broken rib to be seen to it's going to be an even longer wait if 2 heart attacks, 1 asthma attack, and 1 head injury come in in the meantime.
Another way of looking at the situation is this - ask yourself "who is likely to die first if they don't receive treatment?" Not the broken rib that's for sure....  (+ info)

Causes of multiple personality disorder?

I'm aware that about 85% of cases of MPD are related to extreme childhood trauma, but in most cases of adult onset MPD it is claimed that the disorder arose after therapy. Does anybody have experience of this? If so, is it a proper detached multiple that you only know about because of others telling you, or is it just a fracture so that you have some awareness of what's happening?

I don't think I've ever really heard of "adult onset", but maybe they become aware of the problem in adulthood? An example of co-consciousness that you may find helpful is "First Person Plural" by Cameron West. Once aware of what was going on, he shared awareness with his alters. For examples of core personalities who didn't share awareness, you have "Sybil" and "When Rabbit Howls". I highly recommend "Rabbit", as it was written with the assistance of Trudi Chase's alters.

I, personally, do not have DID (it's no longer classified as MPD according to the APA). But I've worked with individuals diagnosed with it. I don't really doubt its existence. And I don't think I've met many who do, to be honest.  (+ info)

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