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Munchausen syndrome ?

Is there any recorded case of a couple both having Munchausen syndrome ? and is there any link between Munchausen syndrome and infanticide ?
So is there are recorded case of 'by proxy' applying to parent murdering their OWN child to get attention ?

with regard to your second part of the question, its by proxy you're thinking of. Beverly Allit had by proxy and thats how and why she killed babies.
did you see my question about David Platt, I reckon he's on his way to that diagnosis  (+ info)

Munchausen Syndrome?

I like to be sick. Just recently I've deprived myself of sleep (still kinda doing it, but I've been getting some sleep) on purpose just to pretend I'm insomnic. I purposely poison myself sometimes to look ill. I hurt myself to be sick, and I kinda like the attention. But I like my alone time as well.
I'm probably positive for munchausen syndrome, but it's kinda hard to swallow.
Getting help is easier said than done for me.


It does sound as if you would meet the criteria for Munchausen Syndrome. I understand that asking/seeking help is not easy and that is the case for most people I think, but you have already taken the first steps in doing so as you have posted your statement and are waiting for responses, that is great. So now you must continue to ask for help because there is treatment and you do not have to harm yourself to get the attention that you seek. You already have that attention but you just dont realize that because of the illness.

Please try as hard as you can to stop self harming because at some point what you take to get sick or do to get sick may just be the thing that causes you real harm and irreversible damage.

Please give yourself the strength and courage to call your doctor for an appointment to discuss this very serious issue with him/her and be open to accept the help and treatment that they can provide to you. Once on the road to recovery from Maunchausen's life will be better for you, you will feel better and most important is that you will not feel the need/want to harm yourself for attention because you will know and believe that you have had the attention all along and you just couldn't see that.

Please call your doctor, make the appointment, be honest at the appointment, and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. But remember, none of the above can happen unless you pick up the phone to call your doctor for an appointment, so call please, for your safety.

Be safe and be well  (+ info)

munchausen syndrome?

hey guys...

i'm doing a project about munchausen's syndrome,and i want to write about the brain functions in a pateint with MS.

i'm searching thru the internet almost all day and cant find a good site that answers my question.

so please if you have a good site or an answer for me then help me..


You can run a search on "Factitious Disorders brain function motivation." Factitious Disorder is the official name for Munchausen's used by the American Psychiatric Association.

People with established diagnoses of Factitious Disorders/Munchausen's are quite rare. I have worked in mental health since 1987 and I can only remember hearing of maybe three or four people who had it in all that time.  (+ info)

How can you tell if someone has Munchausen Syndrome?

I have a friend who is constantly complaining about irrational things, she always thinks that she's sick and the only thing she will talk about (besides the complaining) are her doctors. Is it possible that she has Munchausen Syndrome?
I forgot to add that she deliberately causes harm to herself and tries to makes people think it's from some sort of physical ailment. She's always diagnosing herself with random diseases or conditions.

Munchausens isn't necessarily making someone else ill - if you make someone else ill, it's actually munchausens by proxy. I did a bit of research a while back because I'm convinced this girl displays symptoms of it - she's always in and out of hospital for something, but oddly enough seems fine the rest of the time. Plus she's a renowned liar anyway.
Your friend needs help, but are you positive that she doesn't have any of things she says she does? I wouldn't say abandon her - she's obviously troubled and needs your support. It could be Munchausens, but it could be something less complex like depression or an anxiety disorder. Obviously only a doctor would be able to assess her properly.  (+ info)

What is the danger in misdiagnosing Munchausen’s Syndrome?

I am writing a psychology paper for class and I can't find the danger for misdiagonsing Munchausen's Syndrome.

Please and Thank you very much.

Sounds like an overeating disorder. I suppose it's sort of a "boy who cried wolf thing". It's very complex and I just looked up the disease so I suppose I could elaborate but then who am I, but it isn't suggestive that the difficulty here is in determining the validity of the claim of the patient. If doctors start to suspect a psychological agenda, they turn their attention away from the health complaint and maybe something worse happens as a result.  (+ info)

What are some famous cases of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?

I'm doing a school project on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and I've been looking for famous cases of the disorder. Do you know any links or good sources to find information about one?

Eminem's Mom   (+ info)

Does a person with munchausen syndrome know they have munchausen syndrome?

i think a friend of mine might have munchausen syndrome, next month she is undergoing a surgery for a life threatning illness which she made worse by eating seeds. she always wanted to be a nurse but never go to, and she always buddies up with doctors and nurses, she always talks great being in the hospital is, and she is faking symptoms and as soon as she goes in the hospital the symptoms seem to magically go away

and i was wondering do people who have munchausen syndrome know they have munchausen syndrome?

According to wikipedia, a person does know what they are doing when they have this illness.

If she really does have this, then she will need mental health treatment to overcome it.  (+ info)

Do you think sufferers of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome should be put in jail?

Do you think sufferers of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome should be put in jail? Or should they be treated for the illness at a hospital?

Do you think they can discern right from wrong when hurting their child, or do you think its something they can't control?

If they hurt someone, then absolutely they need to pay for their crime and if it's jail time, then that's where they should go.

If there's a chance they will be released from jail, then they should also be getting psychiatric help before and permanently after they leave.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Munchausen's syndrome and factitious disorder?

Is Munchausen's just the most severe form of factitious or is there an actual difference?

technically nothing... they are used interchangeably and actually the DSM-IV that psychhologists and psychiatrists use doesnt have munchausen listed, but usually when one mentions munchausen they are talking about someone feigning physical symptoms and factitious is broader to include psych symptoms as well.  (+ info)

what are after effects of munchausen syndrome FOR the victim?

what are symptoms of munchausen syndrom that a child victim (as he or she matures) can identify with?

There is so little research done on munchausen syndrome and far less on victims.

Here's a quote out of the British Medical Journal, the Lancet, 1951 that might help explain:

"Here is described a common syndrome which most doctors have seen, but about which little has been written....the persons affected have always travelled widely; and their stories,...are both dramatic and untruthful."

Originally the term Munchausen was used for all factitious disorders, now the diagnosis is reserved for the most severe form, where the simulation of disease is the central activity of the affected person's life.  (+ info)

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