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Is there any support websites or anyone on here who has a baby that has been diagnosed with muscle spasticity?

My little girl is 4 months old and she has been diagnosed with seizures, GERD and muscle spasticity. They are saying it could be mild cp. She is hitting all of her milestones so they are predicting for it to be better by the time she is 1. I work with her at home plus she has OT and PT 4 times a month at children's. I am very blessed that her case is mild. I would just like to talk to other moms who have gone through this.

mabe autism and peanut allergys  (+ info)

Will TENS reduce the muscle spasticity in my legs?

I have read everything on the subject. I would like to read about people who have had "hands on" experience. Thanks.

Tens machine was originally designed to treat MS and other conditions where the person had muscle spasticity. It then moved into the pain relief area. However make sure the machine you buy or use is for muscle spasticity and not pain relief. One of the first TENS I used was a medical one and it had 'set ups' for just about everything, including pain relief. Good Luck  (+ info)

What can make muscle spasticity stop?

i had scoliosis surgery a year ago and i had a blood clot in my spinal cord which led me to have spasticity. i lost all my movement in my left leg from my hip to my toes. the 2nd day after my surgery i gained movement and it just kept progressing after that. i went into rehad at the hospital which helped me walk again. then they sent me to an outpatient rehad which they helped me to run but not as good as i should. b4 the surgery i ran track (100, 200, and 400 meter). im not in that rehab any more. but my problem is when i run my knee stays bent and i trip (my foot get tried and my toes drag) i just want to know what can i do to improve myself in running. track traning starts in 3 mouths and this is my last year and this is what i love to do.

Use the following medicines in homeopathy.

1. Arnica 30 three times a day as long as required for correcting the blood clot in spinal chord. If the problem is very old use 200C potency one dose only. Repeat it weekly upto three doses. Repeat further only if necessary. One dose is upto 5 drops in half a glass of water of from 3 to 5 globules.

2. Use Lathyrus 30. for all the symptoms like dragging of feet, spastic movements, knee problems etc It may be taken three times a day as above as long as required.

3. Theridion -30 use according to symptoms for strengthening the spine. May be used only if found giving good response and results. A minimum of three doses a day for one day will show whether the medicine is helpful.

Sometimes muscles can also cause problems in knees due to their dystrophic conditions. In such cases Phosphorus 30 will also be required for a longer period.

Use the following link to check your symptoms.

Your symptoms are Lathyrus symptoms.

Use medicines in consultation with a homeo doctor who can evaluate other symptoms and prescribe appropriate medicines if required further and dosages.  (+ info)

where can i find tables indicating the number of Filipinos having skeletal muscle-related diseases?

diseases like spasticity and those that can be relieved by skeletal muscle relaxants.
must be statistical data

idk you should ask a doctor  (+ info)

What muscle growth supplements really work?

I like to try working out and build some muscles and a 6 pack,there are many muscle growth suplements,but I dont know which one really work? does anyone know about ``Sterodrol``?? it sais in their website that you will gain up to 30 pounds of muscle mass in 30 days. I know steroids are illegal,I am looking for something similar to them but legal with less side effects. Could you please help me find what I am looking for?
Thank you so much.

Seriously not a good idea to use Steredrol, not unless you REALLY know what your doing. I would advise you try Xtreme NO. I had really good results with it when my personal trainer put me on a four week trial of it. My size and strength both shot up! check the link below for the before and after pics.  (+ info)

What is the difference between lean muscle from high reps, and big muscle from low reps?

What is the difference between lean muscle from high reps, and bulk muscle from low reps?
Is there any molecular difference is it just more fat free?
Is it healthier?
I know lean muscle has more endurance.
Would its strength last longer if you just quit lifting?
What can you tell me.
Say between someone that does 8 to 10 reps and someone that does 17 to 20 reps.
And would it make it a better base for muscle if you did you17 to 20 then droped to 8 to 10 and then back up to twenty again?

  (+ info)

How much Muscle in pounds can you build with bodyweight exercises?

I want a rough estimate to how many pounds of muscle can I build with just bodyweight exercises if you are weak to start off with them. I am overweight and I'm planning on building some muscle and losing fat from bodyweight exercises.Will I be able to get abs and a defined, muscular body just by doing bodyweight exercises?When I say defined, muscular body, I'm thinking maybe 25% of the muscle Arnold Schwarzenegger had when he was bodybuilding.

Do you plan on doing any cardiovascular work along with the exercises? you can lose the body-fat and uncover the muscle you already have. You can also tone up the muscles you already have by conditioning exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, crunches etc.
The average male can naturally only put on 12-15 lbs of lean muscle in a years time. Without strength training with resistance, I'd say you could tone up your existing muscle and probably put on a few (5-7) pounds of additional muscle in a year. Doing the cardio to burn the fat is the most important thing you can do to shed the fat. In fact you would have to do it in order to accomplish your goal. Eating healthy is key as well. I like to recommend the 40-30-30 plan. 40% carbs, 30 % Protein, and 30% fat. Except for dinner, I then suggest only a lean meat and green veggies (low carbs). Don't need them at night, you want your body to burn fat then. My clients saw great results with this. Good Luck Hope this helps.

and ASK ME ANYTHING...... where did you get your info, cuz you're way off base pal!  (+ info)

How long does it take the body to develop one pound of muscle?

I recently bought one of those scales that measure body fat % along with body weight & muscle weigt via a light electric current sent though the body. I am pretty certain it is accurate b/c it is in line with the calpers test two trainers did on me. What my question is, is how long does it take the body to gain muscle? I realize that you cant turn fat into muscle, but that you have to burn fat and the muscle will reveal it's self, However I want to gain muscle over all. I am curious as to how long it will take to gain one pound of muscle in the body. B/c I really cant afford to lose to much muscle (only 94lbs of muscle) And my trainer said that you will loose some muscle initially while losing fat. So I want to bulk up a little so I dont lose to much muscle. Any input is much appreciated.

A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but muscle mass is more compact and only takes up 1/3 the space! If you go on a healthy weight loss program, which includes regular exercise, you will almost certainly gain muscle and lose fat. The scale may stay the same or may even go up, but you lose inches, since muscle takes up less space.

The only way to gain weight is to create a calorie excess. So, in theory, to gain ½ pound to a pound a week, that means creating an excess of 250-500 calories per day. Whether or not those extra calories go towards building muscle or body fat depends on whether or not you exercise. Of course, as with weight loss, genetic differences make it easier for some people to gain weight and harder for others. If your metabolism speeds way up every time you eat more, you may have to consume many more calories before you’ll achieve results  (+ info)

What other muscle group would you recommend training with the abs on a given day?

I tend to isolate two muscle groups per training session. What other muscle should I train when I work my abs?

Also, is it better to work your abs at the start, middle or end of an intense workout?

first off you should be aware that your abs arent just that six pack- your abs are part of a larger group of abdominal muscles( ext abdominal obliques, internal abdominal obliques, rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, and I'd even include quadratus lumborum, and erector spinae), which all play a role in core stabilization and help resist movement and aid in defecation and coughing as well lol..anyway all of your abdominal muscles shoud be trained somewhat with every workout- not necessarily in isolation, but you can focus on obliques in one workout and abdominal muscles in another, and your back stablizers (QL and ES) on another day i suppose  (+ info)

How can i gain muscle on the Tread mill?

Ive been running on the tread mill latley to try to gain muscle and i put the speed very high and the incline high to. Im really skinny and i dont want to loose any weight and someone told me that if i keep running on the treadmill that ill loose weight instead of gaining muscle. Is that true? If it is, what type of exercise machine could i use to build muscle on my legs and thighs?

running is a cardio exercise so yes you'll lose weight. to gain muscle you need to move to weight lifting.
if you don't have your own weights and don't want to go to a gym then exercises like push ups, squats, chin ups,, etc...will work  (+ info)

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