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I am trying to find any groups that suport people who have been diagnosed with Central Pontine Myelinolysis?

Two years ago my brother was admitted to the hospital for an electrolyte imbalance caused by many weeks of vomitting and dehydration. His sodium level on his admittance to the hospital was 96 and within a 36 hour time frame was increased to over 120. As a result of his treatment he now suffers from Central Pontine Mylenosis (CPM). He has struggled to learn to walk and talk again. He experiences issues with tremors that prevent him from writing, typing driving and feeding himself. He recently was also diagnosed with central sleep apnea as a direct result of CPM.

I am trying to find a support group for survivors of CPM, or anyone who has experienced this condition personally or know of someone who has CPM.

I have searched the web for support groups until my eyes are crossed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Has he gone to a sleep lab? I can only help you chip away the sleep thing. I use one of those CPAP thing nightly, now I am 61 years old and was diagnosed at 60. I feel like I am in my 40's! True sleep is wonderful, my whole adult life I never had a good night's sleep! I also had a knee twitch that kept my brain from going into REM stage of sleep. Thats where the eyes dart around, its like perfect sleep time, anyway I lived without it for 40+ years.

I hated going to the lab and did not enjoy the whole idea of it. The idea of having something poked up my noise was not comforting! I HATED IT! BUT MY WIFE MADE ME GO !!!!

The lab was tolerable, but the results are unbelieveable!




APS  (+ info)



  (+ info)

can central pontine myelinosis be caused in an emergency setting?

in an emergency setting, where a patient has lost too much blood, can HYPONATREMIA be overlooked during the rapid infusion of blood/fluids (to prevent hypovolemic shock) and thus cause CENTRAL PONITNE MYELINOSIS? i guess my question is if elecrtrolytes are measured first before placing the patient on IV fluids? because in the case of a hyponatremic patient, infusing him too rapidly would lead to central pontine myelinosis.

If it's a true emergancy situation like you described, I doubt anyone's going to take time to check a sodium level before they start an IV infusion. I don't know of any IV fluids that would be infused rapidly in an emergency situation that wouldn't contain sodium. Therefore, in infusing the fluids, the hyponatremia would be corrected. I may not have a complete understanding of electrolytes, but that's what my experience and education would tell me.  (+ info)

I had a pontine stroke with surrounding myelinolysis...what is causing demyelinization?

Lack of H2O  (+ info)

Where can you buy whole watermelon in central Ohio at this time of year?

I love watermelon, and I have been eating a lot of it lately. The problem is that where I live, in central Ohio, you can only buy a few slices at a time or by the cup cut up. And they are expensive that way. Where can I find some uncut, whole watermelons around my area?
Obviously if I had in my local grocery store I wouldn't need to ask this question.
Krogers only has cut-up or sliced, and Buehler's is the same.

Near Columbus? Try Krogers or Big Bear (if it still exists). Also Giant Eagle...

Wow, you have a Buehlers? No Hawkins, I bet. We have Marc's up North. They have whole watermelons. Good luck...  (+ info)

How do i get home on the central line after work without needng to pee?

If I stay for more than a couple of drinks at the pub after work I have real trouble making the hour long journey on the endless central line to Epping and then the twenty minute walk home without really needing to pee - even if i go to the loo straight before i leave the pub.

Sometimes I feel like i seriously only just make it and its not a very comfortable ride!

Does anyone else have this problem? what are the solutions?

dont drink anything thats what i do  (+ info)

What's the difference between having central heterochromia, and hazel eyes?

Aren't hazel eyes technically just green eyes with central heterochromia?

I think hazel is a confusing term which to some people means green and brown colors in one eye, a certain shade of green, or a certain shade of brown. Central heterochromia is a definite term that always means having two different colors in one eye, so that's the term I always use to describe my eyes (they have brown around the pupil and [slightly greenish] blue in the rest of them).  (+ info)

What are the ways to treat decay in central incisors?

Please tell me what is the best way to treat decay in central incisors. By the way, does aspartame help in tooth decay? Since it's sweeter than natural sugar. What are the bad things that aspartame can cause to the teeth? I've been taking a lot of chewing gums lately, because I want the xylitol that I believe helps to prevent bacteria from adhering the teeth.

Decay is best treated by removing it and then restoring the teeth with either fillings or crowns depending on the amount of tooth that has been removed.

Sugar free chewing gum is good in that it increases the amount of saliva in your mouth that neutralises the acid that cuases tooth decay. It is not he xylitol that helps, but the chewing action that stimultes the saliva. The saliva is the important factor

However if you eat a lot in a day it can cause diarrhoea so be careful.

My suggestion is to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth (whatever you prefer) after every meal and that will reduce the amount of acid in your mouth. (Acid from food sources and bacteria cause decay)  (+ info)

What is focal central disc protrusion with calcification at the L5-S1 producing impression on thecal sac?

I had a CT for something else, and the radiologist found a problem with my back. The report said there was a focal central disc protrusion with calcification at the L5-S1 level producing a subtle impression on the anterior aspect of the thecal sac.

I'm waiting on the doctor to call. What does this mean? Should I be concerned because I'm only 26? Any experiences?

You have a small herniated disc in your back - this is actually a fairly normal finding and a lot of people have them, they only cause symptoms in a percentage of the population. The impression on the thecal sac indicates it is abutting one of the multiple layers surrounding and holding the last of the nerves exiting your spinal cord (called the cauda equina) (although your spinal cord ends at about L1-L2, inches higher than your herniated disc). Calcifications are really non-specific and generally nothing to worry about. All in all, if you aren't experiencing any symptoms from this, they are all incidental and relatively benign findings. Follow up with your doctor on your concerns, he should be able to reassure you. Good luck!  (+ info)

Why is Eastern Europe and Central Asia home to the most rapidly expanding HIV epidemic?

Russia is a developed nation, yet it is still suffering this rapid epidemic... Why? And why are there not the preventative methods and treatments available to Eastern Europe and Central Asia that are available in the West?

Eastern Europe do not want to deal with this problem and that is why it is so wide spread. They do not recognize the seriousness of the problem.  (+ info)

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