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Can transverse myelitis be cured with cord blood?

I'm currently pregnant and my 17 year old brother has transverse myelitis, I was wondering if I can use the cord blood, to help him with his transverse myelitis. I know it has to do with stem cell research, please help

I am honestly not sure. Cord blood is most commonly used in lieu of bone marrow in bone marrow transplants, but there are many things it is being used for, especially in clinical trials. I suggest you have him ask his doctor if there are any trials going on with cord blood, and the likelihood that he could get into the trials.

Also remember that for him to use it, he would have to be a match, and your child is his neice. Cord blood doesnt have to be matched near as close as other things, but it does still have to be matched.  (+ info)

What is the difference between transverse myelitis and Multiple Sclerosis?

  (+ info)

what is the different between Transverse myelitis and Multiple Sclerosis?

the symptoms and the cause seem the same

This article will help explain.  (+ info)

Is lupus with Transverse Myelitis deadly? please help im scared?

for my friend, she's 19 and was diagnosed with lupus with Transverse Myelitis when she was 12. she's on meds and receiving treatments for it, but said she read after being diagnosed the average life span is only 10 to 11 years. is this true? how deadly is it? Cuz that would mean she's only got a few more years to live. please help :(

This is a very tricky illness to have. I hope your friend is receiving the proper care from the proper specialists.
I have had the illness since about the same age, they had informed me that I would not live past 35 and if I was luckey to pass that age I would be in a wheel chair.
I was devastated, I planned my funeral, bought a cemetery plot, made sure all my affairs were in order, then I was diagnosed with cancer, on my 30th birthday, the first of many to come.
I have had many flares in my time, many difficulties, but I have been fortunate to be able to over come the illness, it has many obstacles which can pop up at any given time.
I would help your friend as much as possible, alot of help and support from all of those around her. If she sits around and waits to die them mentally and physically she will.
I do not know how far along your friend is nor do I know what type of meds she is on or anything else but if she has the will to live and deal with each flare one step at a time this might help her.
If you need anything just let me know. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.  (+ info)

is there a new cure for spinal injury or transverse myelitis?

There is better facilitating and rehabilitation coping aids and services ,if u speak about cure keep your eye on stem cell research  (+ info)

what is the prognosis for transverse myelitis?

Hi well the recovery period is normally between 2-12wks,but some times some off the symptoms may continue up to 2 years,but if there is no improvement at all in 3-6mths is very unlikely you will recover.Good Luck  (+ info)

what is the latest treatment for transverse myelitis?

As with many disorders of the spinal cord, no effective cure currently exists for people with transverse myelitis. Treatments are designed to manage and alleviate symptoms and largely depend upon the severity of neurological involvement. Therapy generally begins when the patient first experiences symptoms. Physicians often prescribe corticosteroid therapy during the first few weeks of illness to decrease inflammation. Although no clinical trials have investigated whether corticosteroids alter the course of transverse myelitis, these drugs often are prescribed to reduce immune system activity because of the suspected autoimmune mechanisms involved in the disorder. Corticosteroid medications that might be prescribed may include methylprednisone or dexamethasone. General analgesia will likely be prescribed for any pain the patient may have. And bedrest is often recommended during the initial days and weeks after onset of the disorder.
Following initial therapy, the most critical part of the treatment for this disorder consists of keeping the patient’s body functioning while hoping for either complete or partial spontaneous recovery of the nervous system. This may sometimes require placing the patient on a respirator. Patients with acute symptoms, such as paralysis, are most often treated in a hospital or in a rehabilitation facility where a specialized medical team can prevent or treat problems that afflict paralyzed patients. Often, even before recovery begins, caregivers may be instructed to move patients’ limbs manually to help keep the muscles flexible and strong, and to reduce the likelihood of pressure sores developing in immobilized areas. Later, if patients begin to recover limb control, physical therapy begins to help improve muscle strength, coordination, and range of motion.  (+ info)

transverse myelitis? anyone heard of it or have it?

this is a rare illness, i've had it for going on 3 months driving me crazy... here are the symptoms
Transverse myelitis (TM) is a neurologic syndrome caused by inflammation of the spinal cord. TM is uncommon but not rare. Conservative estimates of incidence per year vary from 1 to 5 per million population (Jeffery, et.al., 1993). The term myelitis is a nonspecific term for inflammation of the spinal cord; transverse refers to involvement across one level of the spinal cord. It occurs in both adults and children. You may also hear the term myelopathy, which is a more general term for any disorder of the spinal cord.

Clinical Symptoms

TM symptoms develop rapidly over several hours to several weeks. Approximately 45% of patients worsen maximally within 24 hours (Ibid.). The spinal cord carries motor nerve fibers to the limbs and trunk and sensory fibers from the body back to the brain.
BTW>>>>mine was causes by a car accident

I am a healthcare provider and I have only one patient with this condition. She is primarily seen for this condition by a neurologist. I do primary care for several other conditions she has and do regular, preventativde testing. I am not the best authority on this condition. Just thought I'd let you know you are not alone.  (+ info)

anyone have transverse myelitis it is a disease of your spine?

not many ppl have it it is hard to find some one with this! i have it only a hand full of ppl i have talked to online has this,i was DX feb 13th from a car accident i was hit in the bumber just a little whiplash woke up 5 days later paralized from my belly button down,caouldnt hardly walk needles,pins,bee stings,cramping,like 5 out of 1 million ppl get it there is no cure and really no help cause not many ppl have it and no funds to find a cure just trying to find some answers

I can help you find some answers, write to me, good luck  (+ info)

yes i have transverse myelitis do they make a pain medicine that works,neurontin,morph,perco,dilauded dont?

nerves can spread from spine to other parts of body that cause agonizing pain that cannot be controled by a pain medicine,there must be something out there to help

Hi There,

What type of pain are you experiencing? Have you tried any alternative therapies?

Take a look at the page below -- it outlines the medications and other alternative therapies that are commonly used for TM patients.


Good Luck!  (+ info)

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