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Where is a list of all the syndromes and disorders of humans and animals defined and its symptoms?

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what does this mean? - clinical diagnosis: chronic neutropenia r/o myelodysplastic syndrome?

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My grandma has myelodysplastic syndrome. How is this related to Leukemia (if it is)? She's tried various

treatments. Had transfusions, which went to every 3 weeks. Now is starting Chemo. She is 72. Any ino would be great!

It is a syndrome where the bone marrow failed to make normal pre-blood cells (hematopoetic cells) resulting in blood cells deficiency (pan-cytopenia)
It does have a relation to leukemia since it can transform to acute myeloid leukemia -> where the damaged bone marrow cells replaced by the leukemia cells
The transfusion is needed because of the blood cells deficiency.  (+ info)

my nervous colon syndromes what else should I expect?

hi , i suffer from a nervous colon I deal with great abdominal pains in the colon area and above, I also sometimes suffer from lowe back pain and sometimes nausea but i do not vomit and the doctor says that these are very normal for a person who suffers from a nervous colon. My question is I'm 17 only , should I expect any other problems as I grow up or are these pretty much the main problems I'll be facing for the rest of my life? thanks.

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Can pregnancy symptoms be similar to premenstrual syndromes?

Yeah of course. Sore breasts and cramping. Both of these are signs of both early pregnancy and a due period. Only way to be sure is to take a test.  (+ info)

Does any one know here; What are the syndromes of Blood Cancer? If know please inform us?

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what's the difference between syndromes and diseases?

Syndromes generally have no known cause, while diseases are well-known and resolve in one way or another.  (+ info)

My period is delayed but I have all the post-period syndromes..?

Well.. I am sexually active and I tested for pregnancy one day before my expected period day and it was negative, I have cramps, and emotional ups and down, and I feel that there is more water in my body... However my period is 2 days delayed? It has been never happened before, what is the reason??

I understand where you are coming from....
but..... ???????

your body is preparing for a baby..

you have a health issue..
never happened before....???? There is always a first time for everything...!!!!!

Take precautions..
the withdraw method is 99% chance able.. don't take chances w/ you young life.. unless u are ready to have a family...
Take care
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What syndromes or conditions have low birth weight, short stature, small hands and feet?

no retardation, possible late sexual maturity. My sister has functioned normally, has a great job, two children, and is pregnant. She is 29 and had a stroke. Doctor may think it could be a genetic disorder. He asked if we had downs syndrome in our family. She weighed 2 pounds at birth and her hands and feet are small, large eyes and tongue. She has been complaining of headaches and migranes for years.

Prematurity alone will give those symptoms. My son, born 3 months premature, weighed 2 pounds at birth and is 22 now. He is 5'4" tall and weighs 100 pounds. Everything about him is small. he does not have the tongue issue though and is totally normal except for adhd, learning disabilities, motor control issues and aspergers. None of which anyone can see looking at him.

There are many disorders with the broad symptoms you list:
Prader-Willi Syndrome (not all have mental retardation)
Here is a list of oodles more:

Let it it up to the doctors to diagnose though, no one here can diagnose without being a doctor and actually examining your sister. Leave it to the professionals, they will get to the bottom of it.  (+ info)

what disorders and syndromes can stop a women from having children or even having periods?

my mother had to have her ovaries taken out, since docs found a spot that might have been a tumor...so she doesn't have period anymore nor can she have kids, but i dont know of any syndromes sorry
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