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does anyone know if myelodysplastic syndrome is hereditary?

a rare blood disorder

Sorry, no. BUT go to www.webmd.com and search it!  (+ info)

Do you know of any hard to diagnose diseases/syndromes with these symptoms?

Vomiting everything that is ingested within 10-20 minutes of eating it. Mostly partially-digested food.
Upper abdominal pain.

http://www.healthline.com/symptomsearch?subtractterm=Early satiety&addterm=Abdominal%20Pain&addterm=Burping&addterm=Early%20Satiety&addterm=Vomiting

this website lists all of the symptoms you gave me. if you think somehting is wrong call your doctor as soon as possible. good luck get better, god bless

also when you click this link, not all of it is highlighted so you will have to copy and paste it  (+ info)

what are the limitations of an affected person with down syndromes?

o dymond can u help me thanx

It depends on the degree of the actual anomaly. Some can live on their own and hold jobs, raise children etc. Other's need 24 hour care related to the IQ of a small child. Meaning they are unable to make educated decision concerning everyday life. Heart anomalies are one of the biggest problems. Also,cancer is another. The usual life span of someone with this syndrome is 25-40 years. Depending on the individual.  (+ info)

Dx early Myelodysplastic Syndrome, should I worry, get 2nd opin.,do not know what to expect if anything. help?


this website will tell you alot of what you need to know.  (+ info)

Has any moms out there had the test for down syndromes done, and it came out positives for down syndromes?

If you did have this test done and it did come out positives....was your child born with down sydromes
i've just had the blood test down and soon a sonogram

Hi Sofie,
I'm not a mom, and have never been pregnant..however I wrote my thesis in Neurology, and on birth defects..
If you had the blood test, and it came back positive, they usually repeat the test..then take sample from the water in the woumb(called amnio centesis)..if it all comes back positive then yes, your baby have some kind of chromosomal desease..(in many cases it can be neural tube defect, like spina bifida, or it could be down syndrome..) They detect this very early..and it is up to you if you want to keep the baby or not...You need to decide if you can deal with it, or not..I have many people that I know who kept their baby even when they tested positive..and they have amazing kids...but its your call.
Good Luck,
Andrea  (+ info)

What colour awareness ribbon for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (or generally immunodeficiency syndromes)?

what do u mean by colour ?  (+ info)

Is Myelodysplastic syndrome genetic?

Yes and no. Yes, there are changes in the genes which are involved. No, it's not typically considered hereditary. More likely consided related to exposure to hazardous chemicals.  (+ info)

what's myelodysplastic syndrome?

is it associated with leukemia?

The myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS, formerly known as "preleukemia") are a diverse collection of hematological conditions united by ineffective production (or dysplasia) of myeloid blood cells and risk of transformation to acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).[1] MDS has been found in humans, cats and dogs. Anemia requiring chronic blood transfusion is frequently present.

Myelodysplastic syndromes are bone marrow stem cell disorders resulting in disorderly and ineffective hematopoiesis (blood production) manifested by irreversible quantitative and qualitative defects in hematopoietic (blood-forming) cells. In a majority of cases, the course of disease is chronic with gradually worsening cytopenias due to progressive bone marrow failure. Approximately one-third of patients with MDS progress to AML within months to a few years.  (+ info)

my dad has just found out he has myelodysplastic syndrome?

He had AML 3 years ago and was successfully treated although he was gravely ill throughout treatment suffering every complication possible. He ended up on intensive care twice.
He has recently been under the weather and very breathless.
They said he had a low blood level but high iron and after more tests, including a bone marrow biopsy, have now said he has myelodysplastic sydrome. He is 63 this year. They have put him on the bone marrow transplant list, but I've read this is rarely done in the over 60's
Web research has confused me.
I think he is considered high risk because it is treatment related and because of his age.
What is the outlook for him?
Some websites have said 6 months survival from diagnosis, while others said it is a slow growing form of cancer that can take years to become fatal. And another said there is no cure.
I'm really confused now. An expert medical opinion would be appreciated

MDS is traditionally a slow disease, can drag on for years. there is no cure other than a bone marrow transplant.

there are things to consider: age and physical health of the patient, possible of a close match (bone marrow, usually will screen family members before moving to the national registry), and type of treatment for patient.

i am not too familiar with the treatment options, ie drugs etc, but as your dad has gone thru AML treatment (chemo etc), it will probably be the same but with a different cocktail of drugs and timetable.

for bone marrow transplant, the patient will be subjected to chemo and radiation to knock out his own bone marrow. this will be a trying time as some patients may become rather ill and unable to complete the course. patient bone marrow must be completed cleared before donor bone marrow can be introduced, and there is a chance that the donor marrow may not engraft (take up residence). there is also another factor of infection during these times as patient has no immunity and it is the infection that may kill the patient.

the best person to answer your question will be the doc. discuss the options available and what sort of time frame he has. your father's wishes are the most important now.

all the best and i truely hope for the best outcome for your dad and family  (+ info)

What sort of syndromes can be mistaken for Aspberger's?

My bf is high functioning Aspberger's, successful in a highly technical field. Bill Gates is rumored to have it.

They can be mistaken for being rude, insensitive and lacking in social skills.

It is on the Autism Spectrum of disorders.  (+ info)

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