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What are low lying cerebellar tonsils and what does this mean?

My daughter was diagnosed with a severe concussion due to head trauma. Upon reading the CT scan they noticed she had low lying cerebellar tonsils. Is this something that could be life threatening or could surgery correct this?

It is a normal variant of human development.  (+ info)

Why do I have nightmares and myoclonic twitches together?

I always twitch like a a crackhead when I have nightmare. Why is that?
You're all wrong. It's because there's a giant boot chasing me through a field of broccoli.

Because of fear. If you had no feelings attached to the nightmare, then you would not twitch.  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me what a myoclonic seizure is?

I have googled it and looked on webmd and found nothing. Any information would be appreciated. My 2 year old nephew is having these and the Drs are not being much help to his mother. Thank in advance.

There is no loss of consciousness during this type of seizure. It is often associated with single or repetitive jerking motions of the muscles (myoclonus). Myoclonic seizures are primarily observed in young children and infants. They are more rare in adults.

Google "myoclonic seizure in children'.

I hope this helps.


'People with Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy have myoclonic seizures (quick little jerks of the arms, shoulder, or occasionally the legs), usually in the early morning, soon after awakening. The myoclonic jerks sometimes are followed by a tonic-clonic seizure. Absence seizures also may occur.

Some people with JME experience seizures that are triggered by flickering light, such as strobe lights at dances, TV, video games, or light shining through trees or reflecting off ocean waves or snow. These are called photosensitive seizures. Occasionally, myoclonic seizures are also provoked by factors such as decision-making or calculations.'  (+ info)

Does anyone have any information about reoccurring cerebellar ataxia in a child ?

My daughter was diagnosted with this when she was 3 now she is 9 and has it again. The ataxia has followed a viral infection both times. Her gait is unsteady with no other real symptoms.MRI has come back fine both times. The unsteady gait lasted almost a month last time. We don't know what else to do for her.

ok. it will be long
In cases where it was produced as result of any viral infection (like chicken pox) it will resolve on its own\
In cases where the ataxia is caused by other conditions, like scleriosis or cerebral palsy, it might not be treatable.
but to improve the coordination in both cases there is physical therapy (if experiencing problem with walking) speech therapy (for speech problem) etc.  (+ info)

Is thr any one from India who had been visited china for stem cell therapy to treat "Cerebellar Ataxia"?

Is thr any other remedies ( may in ayurveda, homeopathy) for this available in India?

wow! gud luck wid finding an answer! i'm frm India, but never visited China and don't plan 2!  (+ info)

I have cerebellar Degeneration What does that mean & Is it bad?

I'v had it for about 10 years now, im in a wheelchair, It made me worse by time to time. Im just wondering if the condition is bad? When i say 'BAD" I mean cause of death?

I am so sorry to say that, anything degenerative in your brain is bad. It really can cause death since it affects your brain. Don't lose hope, just pray and God can do miracles. You should also ask you doctor about the most possible way to somewhat delay the process if not stop. Good luck. ♥☺♥  (+ info)

Cerebellar ataxia as a result of severe head injury?

I know that genetic/hereditary forms of ataxia are usually progressive...What about ataxia caused by a head injury? Does it get worse or stay the same? Any general information on this type of cerebellar ataxia is very much appreciated. Thanks!!

Once the damage is done its done and should not progress unless more damage occurs such as a rebleed or new infarct in that area. Physical therapy may improve the symptoms.  (+ info)

what is the best cure for post hypoxic myoclonic jerks?pls read the details given and help us urgently.?

This is SHIVI AGARWAL from NEW DELHI, INDIA. my father G.D. AGARWAL who is 52 yrs old is suffering from post hypoxic myoclonic jerks. he was a workcoholic til 2004. but he suffered from a respiratory arrest in october 2004 as he has chronic asthma and COPD. he was in coma for about a month nand he developed these jerks as and when he came out of coma. his medication has its own limitations because of his respiratory problems as well. he is the only earning member of our family and we are in great worry. is there anything that can help us in his treatment. we are ready for anything irrespective of the expense. kindly reply at the earliest.

I doubt there is much anyone can do - avoid being ripped off by anyone trying to sell you a cure.  (+ info)

Does smoking marijuana help control Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy?

Hi i was wondering if smoking marijuana will help control my epilepsy.

It really helped me, but I also know people who it made worse. You won't know what it does for you unless you try it, which I won't condone or condemn you doing.  (+ info)

could I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy or Restless leg syndrome?

So I went to the neurologist today about my muscle spasms i had for a year, he says that i probably have restless leg syndrome because the spasms are worse more at night and i move a lot or i could have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy..... but to have the epilepsy, don't i have to have seizures? I never had a seizure once, and if i don't really feel like i have the syndrome because my spasms are bad the whole day, it just seems a little worse at night, most nights are fine.......somebody help please, i'm 16 years old if that helps you

The thing with JME is that if you have it, the muscle spasms you're having ARE seizures. With RLS (restless leg syndrome) you would feel like you have ants crawling up your legs or like you HAVE to move them. With JME, it's like your muscles just have a "hiccup". There's no warning, you don't feel the muscle priming most of the time, it just happens. That's just a quick, split-second misfiring in your brain that makes it happen. And a seizure IS a misfiring in the brain, no matter how short. There are actually many types of seizures.  (+ info)

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