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myoma .......?

has anyone had this before just wanted to see what the symptoms are? and what kind of test do they run? are they painful? i know alot of questions sorry i don't know if i have it but wanted to get tested for it thanks for all your info only serious answers please

I have two uterine myomas. I had constant dull pain around my lower abdomen. It wasn't a bad pain. I really didn't think much of it.

I went in for my early exam and the ob/gyn said she felt something. I had an ultrasound done and they confirmed I have two.

They aren't painful for me. If they don't go away on their own by the time I am ready to have kids. I might have to have surgery.  (+ info)

Is it ok to take oral contraceptive pills even if I have myoma?

I don't have my regular period since I stopped taking pills,as I undergo trans vaginal ultrasound it was found out that I have a 2.1 cm of myoma..

ask your gyno girl!!! thats a hard one.  (+ info)

Does a person with myoma can still get pregnant? Will the person's capacity to bear a child will be affected?

My friend has a normal uterus size but was diagnosed with a large (1.2 cm) myoma (intramural to subserousal). What is the best treatment she could get for this case so pregnancy will not be a problem?

  (+ info)

How can I get rid of my myoma?

I just learned that I have myoma and I wanted to get rid of it but it may cause me not bearing a child, what shoud I do?

you cant  (+ info)

is it dangerous for a woman to get pregnant if she has myoma?

ive known someone who has it and she wants to have a baby.is there ob-gyne who can help us in anyway. youre answer will be much highly appreciated.

Probably not. Might be considered a "High Risk" Pregnancy. Ask a OB/GYN this question.  (+ info)

Is it fine taking a pill when you have a myoma & you're bleeding?

finished my period last 5th of this month but after few days i had bleeding until now. I'm taking a pill & i'm confused if i still need to continue taking it. By the way, they found out from my last pregnancy that i had these myoma but still very small that time, almost 5 yrs ago. This is the first time that i experienced these kind of bleeding in between my period while taking a pill. I haven't consulted a doctor yet.

It may be ok, but I would recommend checking with the doctor first.

In the mean time here's the link to a site that might help you find more information til you can get to the doctor. The link is at:

http://forums.obgyn.net/womens-health  (+ info)

My mom has Myoma, and lately her legs and hips always hurts. does it have something to do with it?

i need details.
does her leg and hip aches has something to do with the myoma?

  (+ info)

What is a safe week to deliver when you have a growing myoma?

That is up to your doctor.  (+ info)

Does uterine fibroids or myoma decreases once you get pregnant?

Anecdotally I've heard some people say that their fibroids decreased in size or went away during pregnancy...

My own experience is in keeping with general the medical prognosis that you see and hear in various places: that they increase in size during pregnancy because of increased estrogen (which grows fibroids) that is produced during pregnancy.  (+ info)

what is the difference between "uterine fibroid" and "uterine myoma" ?

what is the difference between "uterine fibroid" and "uterine myoma" ?

Are the two the same?

please share your source of information.


They're the same.
A myomectomy is the removal of uterine fibroids.
It's basically a slow growing tumor.  (+ info)

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