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Congenital Heart, Atrial Septal Defect. Has anyone had sufficient results from the Amplatzer Occluder?

Atrial Septal Defect is a Congenital Heart Defect. A hole between the two upper chambers. I'm a 47 year old male in good physical condition that was just recently diagnosed. The Amplatzer Occluder is a stent like devise that is inserted into the groin area and delivered to the heart chambers where it opens up like an "umbrella on one side and the the other itself to fill in the hole and close.

ironically i just got this done 2 days ago and i am at home feeling fine. I am eighteen years old and have bounced back well so far.. if you want to keep in touch i can let you know how long it takes for me to start working out again. the hole in my heart was moderately large.. about an inch big, and it is all closed up now. my groin is quite sore but that will go away in about a week. I am so glad they didn't go ahead with open heart.  (+ info)

What is one possible cause of congenital disorders?

What is one possible cause of congenital disorders?
A. Sexual contact
B. Lifestyle choices of the mother
C. Medical errors during delivery
D. All of the above

A congenital disorder is a medical condition that is present at birth. A congenital disorder can be recognized before birth (prenatally), at birth, or many years later. The causes of congenital disorders can vary.

Congenital disorders can vary in severity from minor physical anomalies to more severe abnormalities.

About 25% of birth defects result from genetic abnormalities. About 5% involve abnormalities of large portions or entire chromosomes. Some congenital disorders arise from inheritance of abnormal genes from the parents but some can arise from a new mutation in one of the germ cells that contributed to the fetus.  (+ info)

is bipolar disorder a functional or a structural impairment?

I need to know what is the BEST answer to this question. Are mood disorders a functional impairment or more of a structural impairment?

well it's both actually

your nerons (in your brain) transmit nero-transmitters which contain norepheneprine, seritonin, melatonin and other brain chemicals. Through bi-polar disorder it can be that it is sped up and slowed down depending on the persons cycle....

that structural imparment can actually become a functional imparment when you have dillusions etc...

I honestly think it's both  (+ info)

Would wisdom teeth be considered a "congenital or developmental malformation" for insurance purposes?

Specifiically, I'd like to know if wisdom teeth extraction (for an adult) would be excluded from insurance coverage if the insurance plan has a stipulation that states the following:

"Congenital or development malformations existing on the covered person's effective date are not covered."


That sentence is actually refering to a fetus, congential/development malformations are those present at birth, whether inherited or caused by the environment.

Wisdom teeth are certainly present at birth but they aren't considered to be malformations. You would be better placed to contact your insurance provider as it would be different depending on your level of cover, and who covers you.

I'm assuming you're from America but most Australian policies cover this under major dental for a portion of the amount (i.e. I got $300 back for a $1,500 procedure).  (+ info)

My daughter is seeing a GI for Reflux but they also found a congenital stenosis of the external auditory cana?

My daughter is seeing a GI for Reflux but they also found a congenital stenosis of the external auditory canal
she also has chemical rhinitis,bilateral mucoid effusion, and dysphagia. Has anyone gone through this if so what did they do. Thank you!!!!

i don't think i remember reading for all of these as a syndrome, fortunately eac stenosis if not severe is not a bad thing and so is gerd. as for effusions, they can consider tympanoplasty depending on the clinical scenario, good luck  (+ info)

Have you had a baby with Congenital Torticollis?

We took our 4 month old to the doctor today for his 4 mth appt. The doctor diagnosed him with Congenital Torticollis and he will start physical therapy next week. Has anyone had experience with this and if so, how was recovery and what can I do to help him. Tell me about your experience with this and is it common? Thanks!

Yes, my son had a slight case. I had to do physical therapy at home since it was so mild. We did neck exercises a couple times at home for about one month. If it's slight then it should go away with no problems. My son was 2 months at the time & now he's 8 months & totally fine!

Don't worry as I was told that this is common. All you have to do is stretch out the neck muscles on one side - that's what the physical therapy is for. Your baby might get fussy as the physical therapy might make his neck muscles sore from the stretching. Good luck & hang in there. Torticollis is not a serious problem.  (+ info)

how does a baby with congenital heart disease effect the family its born in too ?

how does a baby with congenital heart disease effect the family its born in too ?
how are familys effected by a baby with congenital heart disease?

I was born with congenital heart disease. It has affected my family a lot. My sister doesn't like me much because she thinks I use my heart problems to manipulate my parents. She just doesn't understand it at all. My parents went through hell when I was born and thought I wouldn't survive. Now that I'm in my twenties, we're all afraid of what my quality of life will be like in five years. If my health does turn crappy, they might have to support me because I'll be too tired to do anything at all. If they have to support me, one might have to leave their job. My parents and I have had to talk to my team of doctors about everything I want to do, to make sure I can do it without serious consequences down the road. An example of bad consequences would be last week I moved, I was hauling boxes and furniture around to help everyone who was helping me and everything was cool. Then the next day, I was too tired to sleep (yes, that is possible). The fatigue is so strong that I couldn't do anything at all except roll over in bed. Couldn't even eat. That fatigue lasted for three days. If I work too hard like that often enough, I risk developing heart failure in the near future. I risk arrhythmias and sudden death too. You can imagine how having heart failure or sudden death would affect my family.

So basically, my heart problems affect my family by causing them a lot of stress and making them have to occasionally put their lives aside to help me out.

I should add, that is me. The heart disease I was born with is rare and serious. Some forms of heart disease, for example small atrial septal defects, are not even detected and fix themselves before the child grows into an adult. That form of CHD wouldn't affect the family at all. It really depends on what kind it is.  (+ info)

What congenital disease causes organs not to be attached to the body?

This baby was born (alive) with its internal organs not attached/anchored inside its body. These organs had in utero migrated up into the chest cavity, leaving the baby with underdeveloped lungs and heart and requiring extensive surgeries immediately after delivery to attach the organs in their proper places. Subsequently the organs detached themselves again and more surgeries were required. This child has finally died at six months of age after the organs again detached. Can someone please let me know the name of this disease, which causes such a tragic outcome? Thank you for your time!

Diaphragmatic hernia A failure of the diaphragm to form completely, leaving a hole. Abdominal organs can protrude through the hole into the chest cavity and interfere with development of the heart and lungs. Usually life-threatening and requires emergent surgery.

http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/uvahealth/peds_hrnewborn/dph.cfm  (+ info)

What is the best way to cure congenital depression?

I feel anxiety, I feel strengthless, I want to sleep all day, I am not hungry, anything matters to me, suicide thoughts, I do not want to speak, to be locked up in my bedroon several days.

It sounds like you have had depression your whole life.
I have been depressed since I was very young also.
The problem is the longer people have their depression, the harder it is to get over the depression.
It has become such a big part of us.
All we can do is to go for our therapy and take our meds. every day. Through therapy, hopefully we can hold onto some idea of what we want our lives to consist of.
We need enough positive experiences and feelings to last us long enough so we will have something to hold onto.
Best Wishes  (+ info)

The commonest age of presentation of congenital heart disease by heart failure?

What is the commonest age at which a congenital heart disease can present by heart failure?
1-less than 6 months
2-12 to 18 months
3-2 to 5 years
4-6 to 15 years
5-More than 15 years

please give me a scientific link.

i made extensive search but didn't reach to the exact answer.

Thanks for ur help.

I guess that really all depends on what type of congenital heart disease they have. Many do go undiagnosed for years after birth. If the doctor does not detect a heart murmur at birth the odds of the infant being given a echo is pretty rare. Unless of course they are born blue or there is other things suggesting heart disease. When my son had his open heart surgery he was 11 days old. From what I saw in our 4 months in the ICU was at least 2 open heart surgeries on newborns a week. Evidentially about 1-100 babies are born with congenital heart disease. About 5 percent of those babies will require some sort of heart surgery. Heart failure may or may not happen. Many infants as you can see by the above statistics do not require any type of surgery.   (+ info)

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