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What are the specific exercises targeted toward reducing or eliminating myopia?

I'm not aware of exercises, but I was myopic and wore glasses until my 50's. At about that age most everybody becomes amblyopic and did too, to the same degree that I was myopic. They cancelled out and my eyesight is perfect. I had a hard time convincing the DMV that I didn't need glasses anymore while driving....  (+ info)

How much are colored contacts for a person with myopia?

I have myopia and I want to get hazel prescription contacts, does any body have any idea how much that would cost?
How much are regular contacts then?

Do you wear hard lens, if so they don't make color contacts. If you wear soft lens then they are about 30 dollars a box.  (+ info)

Is there any way to reduce the power(myopia) in the eyes without surgery?

I really can't undergo surgery. But I want to know if there is any way of reducing this eye defect(myopia) without surgery.

It's posible but unfortunatly most people are too lazy and don't believe in self healing. I have a read a book with studies where people ranging in different ages had their eye sight fixed by just exercizing their eyes. You know the table with the letters? Look at the line where it already gets blurry. Keep on looking at it, blinking, tryng to see the letters. When you see the letter are getting bette, stop. Do this for about 5 mins. 3 times a day? Don't stress urself. Keep on wroking on that one line until you see it crearly from the start of the 'workout'. Then, go onto the next line. It isn't silly. It WORKS because the eyes contain muscles that contract and lenses that keep on adjusting.

(Example: Running builds up muscles and breathing so after running many times you won't have breathing problems-)

You always have to persuate yourself that YOU CAN fix your eye sight. I know some people who were able to do it. Try it. Take some time. MOst people are lazy and won't do it. Others lack belief in self healing. This is the only way I know without an operation. =D good luck!  (+ info)

What kind of profession is most suitable for people with high degrees of myopia?

What kind of profession is most suitable for people who suffer from high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) or what kind of work they should perform in order not to hurt their eyes?

Well this optometrist gets to -14.25 in the worst meridian of my worst eye.
It's given me some insight (sorry) and empathy with at least my high myope patients.

It's a question better tackled from the other end.
High myopes are marginally more prone to retinal detachment, so occupations exposed to vibration or shocks are to be avoided: pneumatic drills, driving heavy machinery...
High diver, professional football player (USA)

Some occupations require good vision without glasses or contact lenses... principally branches of the military and the fire service, but heavy goods vehicle driving is also legally barred from high myopes on grounds of a minimum vision without glasses requirement in most countries.

Otherwise go for it!
Ski instructor, if you are happy in contacts
(glasses steam up!)  (+ info)

How can I prevent myopia ( being nearsighted ) while doing close up work?

My eyes are -1
I read alot is there a way to prevent myopia while reading?
Should I wear my glasses while reading/using the computer or not?

Thanks x

Don't wear your glasses for extended close work like reading or the computer, they are for distance.

Then when at the computer , take very frequent breaks to just look around the room, or outside....and keep your monitor at least 28 inches away.  (+ info)

What treatment or surgery can I do to correct a myopia-refraction error greater than - 8.00 diopters ?

My medical waiver was denied from the air force after they sent me to an eye counsel. I have a myopia-refraction error greater than - 8.00 diopters ( spherical equivalent ).

What treatment or surgery can I get to overturn that so I can enlist in Combat Control or Security Forces ?

lasik or PRK. i'm pretty sure most branches of the military accept lasik now.  (+ info)

Is there anyway to lower your eye degrees for myopia?

I'm 14 and I've been wearing glasses since the 5th grade but now I wear soft contact lenses everytime I go out. Right now my degrees is -3.25 and -3.5 but I was wondering if there was any way I could lower my degrees or stop it from highering so much because my myopia gets worse by about -1+ or more every year.


I have Myopia as well, but not as much as you do. I have 1.5 by 1.75
Well, I searched indefinitely on the net, trying to find a permanent cure for it, but the stuff on there is all a load of crap.

The only Real cure is performing refractive surgery, which aims at reconstructing the pertinent curvature of the cornea. Besides, that, you'll have to wear glasses till you reach the appropriate age, and THEN you can undergo the opperation.

But seriously, glasses aren't THAT bad. As a matter of fact, they're not bad at all. So don't sweat it kiddo!!  (+ info)

Is there a cure for myopia and hyperopia?

From my understanding, myopia and hyperopia (as well as certain forms of astigmatism) are caused by an irregular shape of the eyeball. If this is so, have scientists found a way to reshape the eyeball and cure these conditions? Are there other implications that conditions like myopia and hyperopia cause that make this difficult? What relevant research is being done today?

I developed myopia and a very young age and had it get increasingly worse, up until the point where I can not see anything more then a few inches away clearly without glasses. I've always been curious about this. I don't mind wearing contacts or glasses all the time, but it would be nice if there was a way to actually cure this!

A person developing a refractive error (myopia/hyperopia/astigmatism) is mainly due to their genetics.
However, it is still not fully understood what causes people genetically susceptible to refractive errors to develop them while others do not. That is where the environmental factors apparently come into play. This issue is very complex and as of now there is no concrete evidence to actually prove any theory 100 percent. The only thing that has been proven is that genes are involved in developing refractive error and many other factors are involved! Scientists believe that people who develop refractive error because they are genetically susceptibility also combined with tissue alterations influenced by environmental factors. Since the development of refractive errors is still not fully understood, at this time there still is no "cure". You cannot cure something that is not fully understood.
Laser eye treatments can be preformed to correct vision and obviously contact lenses and glasses can be worn to correct vision, but at this time there is no actual cure or way to prevent refractive errors.
Most of the research that I have seen done involves myopia and focuses mainly on what causes a person to develop it.
Here is some information I have dug up from some myopia studies if you are interested:
"A study of 506 pairs of twins (both identical and non-identical) confirmed an earlier study by the same group that genes are by far the most important factor with a heritability of 89% - environmental factors only accounted for 11%. "
Research is still not conclusive on this matter so as it stands nearsightedness is predominately genetic, since even small deviations from normal structure cause significant refractive errors, it may be difficult to single out any specific genetic or environmental factor as their cause.
"Only 6%-15% of children with myopia come from families in which neither parent is myopic. In families with one myopic parent, 23%-40% of the children develop myopia. If both parents are myopic, the rate rises to 33%-60% for their children. One American study found that children with two myopic parents are 6.42 times as likely to develop myopia themselves as children with only one or no myopic parents. The precise interplay of genetic and environmental factors in these family patterns, however, is not yet known."

Anyways check out the links for more info :) Hope this helps a bit :)  (+ info)

Which is the most effective way to cure myopia naturally?

I had visited few websites which said that it some natural technique can cure myopia with 96% success rate but they insist on buying book.while some genuine websites said that there is no scientific evidence for it.So is it really worth to try them out or is it fake.

When you read that there is no "scientific evidence" for something, it means that a random controlled trial with a given number of subjects has not been done, probably because no one is interested in that subject or they figure there's no money in it, so not worth the bother. Or studies have been done, it's just not in their financial interest to reveal them. Lots of room for manipulation and misrepresentation.
This is far from being the final word on something or that even large numbers of people have not benefitted from a particular form of therapy or treatment. In the case of the pharmaceutical companies, they would like nothing better than to prevent people from using anything but their products, despite horrendous side effects.
We do not all fit in the same mold. Something that works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa.
Many myopic/near-sighted people who meditate report that their vision improves. I have also read about techniques such as visualizing the letter "C" with your eyes closed, which is pretty much what happens in meditation when you close your eyes and pretend you are looking at your nose. Why would this work? Because you're stretching your eye muscles. My vision improved with meditation (went from a -4 to a -1.75). People who do a lot of reading put an undue stress on their eyes (esp. at a young age) and the eye muscles have to compensate. One researcher published a paper years ago advocating that all children should wear reading glasses to reduce the strain and that this could prevent myopia from developing. His point was that the optical industry was aware of this but made too much money selling glasses to disseminate this info. to parents and the public at large.
Any technique you employ has to be done consistently and over a period of time (nothing will be instantaneous).
Laser vision correction works by reshaping the cornea (which is sort of like cheating at the front end, instead of adressing the muscle issue).
It stands to reason that if you rely on vision correcting eyewear every day that your vision will gradually deteriorate because the eye muscles become lazy in not having to adjust themselves naturally to what you're looking at.  (+ info)

Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?

Can laser eye surgery correct myopia aka near sightedness?
Does laser eye surgery last forever?
What if you have big holes in your retina from myopia?
Can laser eye surgery improve my myopia?
Can myopic people have this laser surgery?
Is there a risk for going blind from laser eye surgery?
If you do go blind for laser eye surgery is it true that it can be corrected?

Since others have already answered your question I just want to point out that there are some eye exercises as alternative that can help myopia. I have a friend who used to suffer from myopia and he managed to improve his eyesight completely with eye exercises.  (+ info)

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