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Nasal Obstruction?

For most of my life, i remember my nose always being obstructed from one side or the other. When i get sick, it always starts with my nose, and now recently, both my nasal passages are having a hard time getting some air through. Why is this torture getting worse?! whats going on with my nose, what will a ENT specialist likely tell me, and what are my options?!

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Do rhinoplastys fix headaches and nasal obstruction?

I have pressure all the time at the bump on the bridge of my nose. I also have some nasal obstruction in my left nostril. I believe that smoothing out that bump will fix the headaches but how about the obstruction. A doctor said my nose was a little crooked so my left nostril is obstructed can they fix this also with a rhinoplasty?

Yes i think it will fix all nasel issues...  (+ info)

nasal obstruction in the moring these days when I am in bed, why?

I am not using cocaine.
My nose is obstructed and I feel it is difficult to

There could be a number of reasons, among them nasal allergies with congestion (swollen intranasal tissues) or nasal polyps (growths of the nasal mucosa). I'm guessing you're not using cocaine?

If it's allergic congestion you'll obtain relief from antihistamine/decongestants - the antihistamine part cuts back on the histamines formed and the decongestant part shrinks the mucosa. You'll feel "dry" in the nose, and possibly the eyes. These meds can elevate your blood pressure too. You could see an allergist and be tested for allergens. If it's nasal polyps, you need to see an ENT doctor.  (+ info)

Can nasal obstruction be the cause of my anxiety?

I have a deviated septum as well an enlarged turbinate. I get post nasal drip, and can only breathe out of one nostril at a time. I also happened to have anxiety that has been with me my whole life. I'm suppose to have a septoplasty/turbinatoplasty next month to fix my breathing. So I was wondering if much better breathing (as result of the surgery) will relieve my anxiety (or stop it all together). Thx

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how to cure nasal obstruction?

my good friend catches a cold and the symptom is nasal obstruction and nasal mucus. how to treat it using food prescription or other physical treatments instead of taking medicine?
thank you for your help.

There are a number of over-the-counter products for flushing out the nose and sinuses. They come in a squeeze bottle and are essentially a mild sterile salt solution. As you lean over the sink and squeeze the bottle, the stream of liquid sprays into the nose and flushes excess mucous into the sink.

This is a harmless, non-medical way to help relieve the symptoms of sinus congestion and also to speed up the recovery from a viral sinus infection. The sensation is a bit odd, but otherwise it should not be painful.

Studies have proven that this simple method can help to settle a viral infection faster, and it can be useful as well for people with chronic allergic sinus congestion.

In North America, examples of these products would be Hydrasense and SinusRinse.  (+ info)

what are the nursing diagnosis related to nasal obstruction?

ineffective airway clearance related to nasal obstruction  (+ info)

Nasal Obstruction or Sleep Apnea?

So i went to the Dr. today and he's been seeing me for my Tachycardia. He was asking me questions about my sleeping habits and i told him that sometimes i would wake up out of breath but once i sat up it would clear up. he asked me when was the last time it happened and i told him last night. I also told him that i would avoid taking naps during the day b/c it makes my heart speed up when i woke up.

He ordered a CT scan of my nasal cavities to see if i had any obstructions. would the CT scan show any type of obstruction or something like that? Does anyone have any idea of what might be goin on?????

Doest it sound like an obstruction or sleep apnea??

I get the results in about 2 weeks.

If you're obese more chances for sleep apnea.
But by what you say, he must be trying to size up throat for surgery.
Surgery is done, but if obesity is ignored you'll be well for 4 to 6 months and back to square one.
You need a polysomnography...where they record your sleep in hospital setting.  (+ info)

From what percentage of obstruction a heart surgery is recomended?

My father has a 40% obstruction on his right coronary and 50% on his left coronary, and a 80% obstruction on his left marginal. With these levels what is the best approach? Heart surgery, angioplasty or other? Detail: although in good health he is 73 yo.

It is not clear from your answer where the 50% on the left coronory was located....
The reason this is important is that disease in the Left Main or 3 vessel disease (L coronory, R coronory, Circumflex) are the 2 clear cut indications for CABG or coronory artery bypass grafting. Mostly of the other blockages are handled and handled well with Angioplasty with or without stents..
Your cardiologist will look at several different things to decide on the treatment approach including collateral blood flow..pump function of the heart etc..
And by the way some of the answers above are ridiculously flawed...if the lesions are such that your cardiologist suggests CABG then that is what he should have.  (+ info)

What is the difference between nasal drops and nasal sprays? Which is the better choice for long term usage?

Hi, i used nasal drops for 10 days.it was relief when i use it but after stopping its usage i faced more nossile blockage than before.
That means using nasal drops increase our dependance on it.

What about nasal sprays? Would they be better option than nasal drops in the view of dependance? Becoz i just want to use when i feel typical blockage and not to use otherwise.

Nasal sprays tend to reduce your natural mucosal linning of your nostrils. Nasal drops are more effective. Both nasal drops and sprays are not ment for long time use, both can have dependance side effects. Once you start nasal drops or sprays you must use as directed and you must wean yourself off the med. If you stop abruptly then you are prone to worse symptoms than before, if you gently take your self off then it effectively reduces the chance of your symptoms coming back. Another tip is to use Saline nasal drops or spray that is available at any store. They have no side effects, you can use it as much as you like. Saline drops do 2 things, they moisten nasal passages when they get real dry for people who are prone to nosebleeds. And they moisten the blockage or mucus in your nostrils and sinuses to make them easily expelled when you blow your nose. Saline drops are safer. We use them all the time in facilities with newborns and babies with stuffy noses. Let me know if any of this helps  (+ info)

What causes nasal cavity cancerr and what should i do do minimize the chance of having it?

What causes nasal cavity cancerr and what should i do do minimize the chance of having it?
What causes nasal cavity cancerr and what should i do do minimize the chance of having it?

How do i know if i have it?

Smoking can be a huge factor, since you're inhaling. Other causes could be unhealthy working living environments where you may breathe in carcinogens.

Snorting drugs like cocaine could cause it too, since you're wearing down the protective tissues in your nasal cavity.

If you think you have it, see your doctor, they can do a CAT scan or MRI  (+ info)

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