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What is a good remedy for nasal allergies?

The only thing I have found that works for me is Benedryl, but that knocks me out. Pseudofed just makes me loopy, with a runny nose. Clariton and Allerest have zero effect, like taking a placebo. I can't handle nasal sprays, but even if I could, I can't breath in to take them anyway.

Hey, I have suffered from the exact same problem. I used any over the counter medicine I could get my hands on-including nasal sprays-nothing worked. I found a recipe for a homeopathic nasal spray on a website and tried it-it worked almost instantly. To make it, use about 8 oz. of warm distilled water, a pinch of kosher salt, and a pinch of baking soda. Buy one of those little nasal bulbs that you use on a baby and suck the solution up and then hold one nostril and squeeze it into the other one and hold it for a few secs. It will start to break that stuff up and you'll be able to actually breathe through your nose again!!  (+ info)

Is there a safe nasal decongestant to use for our 7 month old?

We are hesitant to use OTC nasal decongestants that are labeled yrs and up on our 7month old. The DR says, "just suck it out", but that is easier said than done. Our son has been very restless and is having trouble sleping and eating due to nasal decongestion. Any good advice is appreciated!

Hey! I'm a pharmacist and the only product I can safely recommend is nasal saline. It is available as Baby Ayr or Ocean Spray (use it as a dropper instead of a spray for an infant).

I have used this on my baby boy and it works wonders! The saline draws the congestion out of the sinuses and then use the "suck-er" to grab out the snot...the text-book way of doing this is laying him down on his back and sitting at his head with your legs on top of his shoulders with his head between your legs. I know that they wrestle, but after I finally got something sucked out of my son, he thought it felt so good and held still just long enough for me to finish and was able to have some decent rest.

I would try propping up the head of his mattress - place a rolled up towel under the mattress to kind of put him on an incline, this will help with the drainage and help him breathe easier. Also using a vaporizer at night and some baby Vick's will help...I have even found a baby Vapor Bath that I now sell, that seems to open up those little noses well (sold by Johnson and Johnson).

Good luck and feel better, little guy!  (+ info)

What is the best allergy medicine for nasal congestion and all other allergies?

I have the worst nasal congestion, and my throat gets very itchy, my eyes get red, swollen and very itchy as well. My nose gets itchy too. Anyone has any suggestions as to which medicine will be the best for all those or each one? I've tried claritin, etc., etc.

Thank you

Cetrizine hydrochloride is good for nasal allergies. Highly sedative side effect.
Home Remedy: Saute 2gm of turmeric powder in one gm of clarified butter for 2 mins, till reddish in color.
Add 1 tbsp of pure raw honey and take it while hot.
Do this 3 times a day.
Have green tea with raw honey. Drink a lot of spring water.
400 mg Vit.E
and 800 mg of Vit.C will help.
Chewable Magnesium tablets will help.  (+ info)

What will dry up nasal and throat congestion?

I am experiencing a lot of nasal and throat congestion. The good side of it is that that the mucus is coming up but the bad side is that I have been congested for the past few days. Is there any medicine or home remedy that will help dry up the remaining mucus in my throat and nasal area?

Amoxicillon will do the the trick its an antibotic and it helps me  (+ info)

I have had a nasal voice for a very long time. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

It isn't an obnoxiously nasal voice, but it is enough that I can notice on recordings of myself. I've tried nasal sprays and such but I can't seem to whip it. As an actor, I have not figured out how to make it stop so I can excel further than where I am at.

Any home remedies or medical remedies you guys know of?


A speech therapist would probably help, the ones they use when someone has a stroke and their speech is affected, medical.
Did you ever try a nasal irrigation, I don't know if it would help.  (+ info)

How do you clear nasal congestion without using any nasal sprays?

please help me! ive had a stuffy, running nose for days and nasal sprays just give me headaches.

2 benedryl and some vicks vaporub on ur chest...take before bed and only 1 beny if ur small...or theyll knock you the fuck out  (+ info)

How can you get rid of post nasal drip that is causing bad breath? Natural remedies preferred!?

I got a cold from a water park this August and ever since, I've had post nasal drip giving me very bad breath. Are there any things I can do to clear this up naturally? Will snorting saline solution do anything? Gargling with peroxide?
I have a tongue scraper and use it. It's post nasal drip...my nose hasn't fully cleared since I took the wave pool wave into my sinuses.

I can relate. I have had a cold that has gotten in the sinuses and is just hanging on.
I use the oceans spray when my nose gets dry. I dont think it will work for post nasel drip. I sent you a link to a page that has some recipes for natural sinus remedies.
I hope it works for you, it worked for me.
GG  (+ info)

How do I free myself from using nasal spray?

I use nasal spray every night before going to bed because of my severe allergies. If I don't use it, I wake up in the middle of the night congested and unable to breath. Now I'm starting to worry that perhaps the nasal spray is making my condition worse. Does anyone have success ending their dependency on nasal spray?

I suffer from sinusitius really bad!
Firstly, the best thing to do if you haven't already is go and see an immunologist and find out exactly what you are allergic to. I for eg. am allergic to dust mites. So going outside will clear me up a bit after a while, avoiding dust as much as possible.
I have tried every sort of medication, the nasal sprays don't work for me anymore!
In some ways i have learnt to deal with it. On really bad days, I take a telfast with pseudoephidrine. Not good to take too often, it keeps you awake and makes you really chatty, but it clears me up instantly and is the best feeling!
The immunologist also told me that breathing in vapours is actually not good for you (I was shocked as i always thought a eucalyptus steam inhaler would be better!)

I have used the salt water spray thing, you flush your sinuses out with, they were kinda ok, not that great for me.....

There is also a 3 year treatment of injections you can get which has proved success in some but is quite costly. U also have to do stuff like remove carpets and things that attract dust.

Unfortunately I have had to learn to breathe thru my mouth.
I don't want to get my sinuses scraped or polyps removed. Polyps will grow back and there are some complications with the scraping (although others might recommend it)

My advice would be to see the immunologist. What doesn't work for some, will work for others, they should be able to manage it for you, hopefully.

Good luck  (+ info)

How can i keep my nasal passages clear while sleeping?

I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine, but i am still not sleeping well and i'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that at least one of my nasal passages is blocked during sleep. I been prescribed Nasonex to help but it doesn't seem to be doing much. Can anyone suggest anything else that might help keep my nasal passages clear?

You might want to try sinus rinses. You can buy kits with bottles and prepared saline packages either at pharmacies or Walmart etc.
The two major brands seem to be Ayr and NeilMed that use bottles, but you might also find Neti pots for the same purpose.




I've been using this for about a year now, after having been subscribed nasal sprays, and find this to work much better for me without the side effects nasal sprays and other medication can have. The rest of my family (allergy sufferers) were hesitant to use this, but after they gave it a try they all rinse as needed now.  (+ info)

How does vicks vapor rub work to open nasal passages?

I did an internet search and could find nothing that states how this product is supposed to work. Does anyone have any idea of the vector it uses to open nasal passages ways and reduce rhinitis in the sinuses?
What is the biological mechanism or scientific process by which this is accomplished>?

it has a really strong vapor that breaks up the mucus particals so that your nose will run and you can blow it. or it will drain down your throat and you will have to hack it up lol. but it really works. i use the nasal inhailer by vicks and omg i so cant spell tonight lol. you can get them at walgreens for like 5 bucks.  (+ info)

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