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What kind of nasal spray and pills could i use if i have allergy?

Now i am sure i have allergy. I had been sick same time last year. I am sick 3 week already. Zyrtec doesn't help me and Benadril too. I use just Afrin nasal spray but friend told me that it is not good to use Afrin for long time. What can i try?

i have beconase opticrom and i am not sure of the tablets something really good from the doctor  (+ info)

what type of surgery should i do for my deviated nasal septum?

i have deviated nasal septum, haziness in right frontal sinus. Opacity in left nasal cavity.Nasal septum deviated to right side. DNS to right side C right frontal sinusitis C opacity left nasal cavity? hypertrophied turbinate. what type of surgey should i do and which part of my nose effects.

you dont hv to get surgery done just coz u hv DNS!..95% people hv mild DNS. surgery is advised only if u hv gross deviation which causes nasal obstruction , nasal discharge and other symptoms not relived by medictions or recurring often more than 3-4times in a year. if u r advised to undergo surgery then u hv 2 options : SMR (sub mucus resection) & Septoplasty. which one is good fr u tht can be told by ur doc after examining ur condition & ur age, health, etc.
Take care  (+ info)

How to get insurance to coverage nasal septal deviation and rhinoplasty?

I have a nasal septal deviation with nasal septal spur, I would like insurance to cover this surgery along with rhinoplasty. Will some insurance companies cover the rhinoplasty?

Some insurance companies do cover rhinoplastys! However, you will need to provide information that it is for a medical reason, such as air flow is restricted. If the rhinoplasty is not covered by insurance than it can run you anywhere from $4000 - $12,000. So I hope for your sake it is covered by your insurance company.

Hope this helped!!  (+ info)

What kind of nasal decongestant can you use while pregnant?

I'm having a terribly hard time breathing b/c being pregnant has made it hard to breathe like use too. Now my nose is all blocked up and i'm a nose breather! Are there any doctor ok nasal decongestant I could use.

Hello I had the same thing.. I just used Dristan the nasal spray and it worked.. and the dr ok'd that for me, Try and get just regular saline spray if you are to worried about using other ones. they work too!
Good Luck and Congrats!!  (+ info)

How much colloidal silver should I put in a nasal rinse solution to use in a neti pot or squeeze bottle?

I already have a lot of information about the pros and cons of this therapy. Is there a knowledgeable person out there who can tell me how much Meso silver to put in a saline nasal irrigation? I would think maybe a drop or two...

Several silver companies sell colloidal silver to be sprayed directly into the nose or on a burn. There is no need to dilute it. If I were going to use it in my nose, I'd use the netti pot first, get rid of excess water, then use the silver "neat," one or two drops in each nostril. Putting it in the irrigation solution will help sterilize the water, but otherwise is pretty ineffective, I think.

I've used 500 ppm silver "neat" in my eyes to heal a stye and in my cat's eyes when he had bad allergies. Also have sniffed it into my sinuses for infection.  (+ info)

What is the fastest way to get rid on nasal congestion?

I get nasal congestion a lot and it stays for a while how do I get rid of it faster?

my mom and i have the same thing.... sometimes it is genetic so go to a doctor and you can get a prescription for pseudophedrin which would be your best option. if you move a few hundred miles from where you used to live the new are aof the country with it's weather patterns and usual factors like humidity can change how often your sinnuses close up also. or you can just drink some mild hot sauce (a few teaspoons work).  (+ info)

If you have dry nasal passages passage is it best to use warm mist humidifier or cool mist himidifier?

I have incredibly dry nasal passages 24 hours a day. It is so horrible. Which model should i use and what is the best one out there for the best price? I am tight on cash.

If you're tight on cash, all you have to do is get a bottle of saline moisturizing mist. It should be at the pharmacy by the other nose sprays. It's drug-free, and a lot cheaper than a humidifier!

But if you do want a humidifier, I like the Vicks cool mist humidifier. It was around $25, I think.  (+ info)

How can I keep nasal spray from getting in my throat?

I have a prescription nasal spray for when my nose clogs up and the passages get inflamed (which happens abnormally often). But, I hate taking the spray because every time I do, the spray drips into the back of my mouth and it tastes horrible and burns a little! HOW CAN I KEEP IT FROM DOING THIS!

Tilt your head forward when using the spray and when you're done don't tilt your head back for several minutes. That's what I do and it seems to help.  (+ info)

When using my Nasonex nasal mist for allergies how deeply should I inhale?

I'm starting to use Nasonex and wondering if I should inhale to the point it is contained in my sinuses or till it post nasal drips. Also when is the best time of day? I'm still waiting for allergy testing so I don't know what i'm allergic to. When is the best time to rinse my sinuses 2x a day,before or after I mist ? Thanks for any advice.

With the nasonex you want your head forward (looking down at the ground) and the applicator just inside your nose.
You want a gentle sniff-the medication needs to be sniffed into your sinus's not down your throat.
Sinus rinses are best before the nasonex (I imagine one morning one nighttime).
We take nasonex in the morning
cheers cmf  (+ info)

What to do about nasal congestion in my two month old?

My two month old has had nasal congestion for about a week now. She doesn't have any mucus running out of her nose and I don't get much to come out when I use a bulb syringe. I have tried putting saline drops in her nose, but doesn't seem to help much either. Should I be concerned that it isn't going away. Does anyone know why she might be having this problem for so long.

Your little one may have seasonal allergies. Would you happen to have a real Christmas tree up right now? The nasal aspirators are nice. Running a humidifier in the room at night with some Vick's designed for use with one.
You shouldn't be concerned unless the mucus you are getting from the nose is greenish in color.
It should be clear. If it doesn't clear up contact your Pediatrician.  (+ info)

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