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What is the very best pillow to combat neck pain?

I am in pain every day. I have tried rubbing the neck with liniment and applying hot wheat bags, even exercises for the neck, but the pain is right up the back of the neck , to the lower head on one side A doctor suggested a pinched nerve but this has gone on for weeks . Is there a pillow to give some relief?

If you are in that much pain I would expect you have had a physical, orthopedic and neurological exam and xrays. Your level of pain and the duration aren't normal. Anything that is as painful as you have described probably won't respond very fast to a pillow. In the immediate situation I would suggest using ice and heat in alternation. Finish with cold. It may feel better with heat on the involved area but this allows the inflammation to stay there, and can become painful again quickly. Alternating the two has a pumping mechanism effect and gets new blood and fluids into the area and helps with inflammation removal. See a qualified practitioner as soon as possible and get some treatment.  (+ info)

How to relieve neck pain at the very top/back of the neck?

Not a muscle kind of pain. Dead center of the back of my neck, more like the bottom/back of my head. Feels like a tension pain, only nothing stressful going on, plus it's been going on for a week. Advil alleviates it but then comes right back.
I can't find my advil :/
I DID find two lego guys, a red crayon and the remains of a pochahontas sticker.

Yeah, I'm a doctor too. I find that massaging my neck in circular motions really helps alleviate the tension in my neck.  (+ info)

How can i alleviate my neck pain?

I went rock climbing yesterday and I've had this pain on the right side of my neck. It only hurts when i lean my head to the right though. I really need to get rid of this problem because it hurts too much to go climbing. My dad showed my some neck exercises but the pain comes back after a couple minutes. If anyone knows some neck exercises or home remedies or something for this i would greatly appreciated if you helped.

Listen to your Dad you should be fine . You may not be use to this a strenuous exercise .It get better after awhile.  (+ info)

What are some ways to relieve neck pain?

I didn't wake up with the neck pain, as a matter of fact it didn't start hurting until a couple hours later. When I turn my head to the right, or tilt my head upwards the pain is excruciating in the right side/shoulder area. When turn to the left or look down it doesn't hurt as much if at all. I tried icy hot with not much relief, and if I try to stretch it becomes to unbearable. I can't go to a doctor because I no longer have insurance. Any home remedies somebody can share?

I suggest you should go to the hospital's department of rehabilitation.I think your neck pain is likely to fracture from your symptoms.  (+ info)

What can you do to get rid of neck pain due to playing a video game?

I played maybe 3 hours of Halo last night. Midway through playing, I lowered the seat because I got a bit uncomfortable. I think that's why it hurts, because I had to look up at a screen more.

I went to sleep hoping I'd feel all better the next day, but no, the pain is still there when I have my neck in certain positions. I can straigthen my neck with a bit of pain, but I can't seem to arch it back more then that.

Anybody go through this before?
Good to know I'm no alone. And for your information I was playing Halo, the original. I don't usually play video games (because I'd probably get addicted), but I saw it for 20 bucks and I do have a new graphics card I wanted to test out.

It's a common enough problem with people who work at desk jobs- Or who play video games a lot.

For now, you'll want to take aspirin and do gentle stretches with your neck, and keep a rolled-up warm towel around it to help your neck muscles relax.

This will be hard for you- but afterwards, you'll have to make sure not to play so long. And to have the monitor at a height that is right for you, when you do play.

Good luck!  (+ info)

What causes a neck pain to get worse as the day goes on?

I had a stiff neck this morning when I woke up, but about an hour ago my neck hurt so badly I could barely turn my head. Why all of a sudden would the pain change and become more intense?

Could be number of things, from pulled muscle, to tension headache, or a more serious condition, including a pinched nerve. You may want to consider seeing a Chiropractor. I have worked for Chiros since '98 and get adjusted regularly. HUGE improvement with headaches and neck pain.  (+ info)

What can I do to alleviate pain in neck and shoulders?

I hurt all the time. Neck, shoulders, lower back, hips. Any ideas as to why or what I can do for it? I take OTC pain relievers. I used to be quite heavy(336 lbs.) Now I am 182. But pain seems even worse. I had a cyst removed from my lower lumbar that was pressing on my sciatic nerve and the pain in my left hip and leg got better but now this pain in upper back and neck is getting worse and constant.

I bet you work alot with your hands being in front of you holding objects, huh? I am a food server and have the same problems from putting all that strain on my neck and shoulders from holding heavy plates in front of me all the time. Sounds like you could use physical therapy to be honest. They will give you different exercises to do and give you massages too. I'd try to stay away from the pills if you can but a muscle relaxer would probably do you more good than pain relievers. Good luck and I do feel your pain.  (+ info)

What is the best product to relieve neck pain?

I have a really bad neck pain along with my shoulders that have been hurting me for a long time. And also my joints, not to mention the hips and my right thigh. I'm in big pain! What's the best medicine to use? Hopefully not a temporary relief 'cause applying ice does that a little. Thanks.

I have a few suggestions:

1- use a cervical support pillow
2- ice your neck
3- do some muscle work using a natural pain relief gel like biofreeze
4- stretch your neck using a traction unit
5- do neck stretches
6- see a chiropractor to make sure your spine is aligned properly
7- Improve your Neck Posture

All of these should be done over a long period of time. They will make a big difference.  (+ info)

What is the best neck cushion for pain relief?

I strained my neck in a car accident and the hospital-grade therapy pillows aren't giving me enough support so my neck ends up cramped if I'm sitting upright for more than an hour. I'd like to get a neck cushion that I can wear to support my head and keep my pain down, any suggestions?

I would reccomend a u shaped pillow for you if you are going to be sitting upright for more than one hour. These neck pillows are often known as "travel pillows"- because they are great for while you are on an airplane.

U Shaped Pillows
http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/page/921151  (+ info)

What is the best way to help neck pain, especially at night when sleeping?

I've been having a lot of pain in my neck and was wondering the best way to help it at night when I'm sleeping. I sleep on my side or stomach mostly. I am unable to sleep on my back. I thought about buying one of those neck pillows, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable. Any recommendations? Also, I don't want to spend a fortune!
I went to the chiropractor today. I will get my x-ray results Tuesday, however, I would like a cheaper alternative that I can do on my own.

I find that a heating pad right before you go to sleep helps--and feels really good. Just don't fall asleep with it on.  (+ info)

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