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What could cause pain that starts under the chin on left side of neck and goes up to ear and becomes headache?

With pain on bending over, or turning neck, headache on left side only lasting three days only dulled a little by tylenol. I am on antibiotics for another infection, so doesn't seem to be from sinuses, or from tooth problems. Pain all night and on arising in the morning. Possible swollen lymph on that side?

you might have a clogged salivary gland.
A simple solution is biting into a lemon or something extremely sour. It will cause your salivary glands to flood and this sometimes removes the little crystal that has formed there. If clogged long enough you can form a crystal in there that will have to be removed by surgery as it becomes to large to exit through the opening there. It is almost like a kidney stone.
Try the lemon first and maybe a couple times to see if that helps.  (+ info)

How can I relieve the pain and stiffness in my neck?

I just woke up this morning and my neck has been in pain and stiffness. The pain is around the back of my neck and near the top and back of my shoulders. When I lyke, look down it feels really good and it hurts at the same time.

So why does it hurt?

Are there any ways for the pain to go away?

go to orthopedic specailist dr maybe a disc problem  (+ info)

Is it common to have neck and shoulder pain one day after a massage?

I had a massage yesterday thinking it would help the pain I have been having in my shoulders and neck. There are knots in my neck and shoulder blades. The massage felt great a little sore while she was working, but once I was done I felt amazing. Today my neck and shoulders hurt like they did before the massage. Should I consult a doctor? Is there home remedies? What should I do?

first of all, i am a massage therapist and the pain you describe is common for someone who hasn't had a massage before or hasn't had one for a long time. sometimes, bruising as well can occur if the body is not accustomed to it. it is like exercising intensely if you haven't done that for awhile, too and feeling the pain the day after as well. so, in the mean time, you must take it easy (this is what you should have done for a few hours after the massage) , drink lots of liquids. no sodas and junkfood and allow your body to capture the effects of massage in a day to three days. if it still hurts, see a doctor or chiropractor. i would see a chiropractor first as your pain could possibly stem from spinal misalignment besides from musculature pain...  (+ info)

What would cause pain to shoot trough the carotid artery in the neck to the head?

This hasn't happened to me recently but a few months ago it did. I would get a very sharp but quick pain from what seems to be my left carotid artery leading from my neck to my head. Does anyone know what would cause this?

These are more common than people know. I've had them myself. Sometimes it can be cause by a pinched nerve in the neck. Nerve endings are all over the body, so if one is pinched it can travel somewhere else in your body. It's nothing to worry about, but if it keeps bothering you please see your doctor.  (+ info)

How can I get rid of neck and upper back pain?

I'm 16 years old and this year I have neck and back pain almost every day after school. I think it's my posture, I try to stand up straight but it's hard for me. I'm usually slouched over in my desk too. Usually I take advil, but I'm wondering if it's normal for me to have neck pain at my age. And how can I stop getting it? Thank you!

It's not normal to have neck pain at your age. I would have your parents take you to the chiropractor. Also you should try this pillow, it will help: http://www.arc4life.com/site/615058/product/LinearGravityPillow  (+ info)

How long will it take to heal neck pain caused by exercising in a wrong manner?

I have been practicing yoga since January this year and suffering from severe pain in the neck and fingers of the hands ever since. It was only a couple of days back that I realized that I was exercising in a wrong manner which caused the pain. I have stopped exercising for the last two days. There has been about 5% improvement in the pain since. How long will it take to heal completely? Will I require surgery?

That would depend on the amount of damage and if you use this, http://www.hubpages.com/hub/Speed-healing-of-trauma-injuries-through-self-directed-regeneration.  (+ info)

What is causing this neck pain and how to ease it?

3 weeks ago I separated my shoulder. When my arm is not in the sling I have a lot of pain in the muscle on the right side of my neck then when it is in the sling I have pain in the shoulder/ bicep area.

I just keep putting it in and taking it out, but I am always in pain.

Any suggestions?

You need to get an MRI or CT scan as it will show any possible damage to the discs in the neck. I ruptured my disc when my youngest daughter was 2 and all I did was carry her at the time. I saw a chiropractor who wanted me to get an MRI as an x-ray wouldn't show if I had any disc injury. The orthopedic dr. I saw said the x-ray would show any injury and he didn't order an MRI. I went back to the chiropractor the next day and got an MRI. It came back showing I had herniated my disc at level C5-6. Hint.. The bump on the back of the neck is at about the level of C7 and there are seven cervical vertebrae. After that there are thoracic vertebrae followed by lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Any injury to a disc even if minor can cause a lot of pain and muscle spasms. I had seen a different orthopedic dr. who said surgery may help me. Before I saw him I went to a neurologist and he did some nerve tests. He said they came back normal and nothing was wrong with my neck. He said for me to get massages to help with the muscle spasms. It was a waste of time and money. Finally about two years later I went back to the orthopedic surgeon and I was scheduled for surgery to remove the disc and fuse the vertebrae. I was however still in severe pain. It's been over six years now and I recently has a spinal cord stimulator implanted to help with the pain. I'm off pain meds now but still take muscle relaxers. I wasn't able to work cause of the severe pain and the fact I was on a lot of pain meds. Please don't just brush this off as something that may pass. Get it checked out. If I had gotten a myleogram and CT scan the gel leaking into my spinal canal would have been caught and I may not have had to suffer for an additioal two years. I tried everything in the book to try and get the pain under control which involved acupuncture, massages, injections, injections with the same thing that's also used in plastic surgery that is with the name botulism, physical therapy, and other things. I never wanted anyone including my worst enemy to go through what I did. If I had gotten the surgery much sooner than just playing the waiting game after everything else didn't work I may have been out of pain and not had to get the implants. If you want more information on any treatments feel free to email me.  (+ info)

What could pain in the back of my head and neck be?

I've been getting extremely bad headaches recently, and very frequent. But about a week ago I've been getting unbearable pain on the two notches of my lower head all the way down my neck to my shoulders. Im not sleeping in weird positions so i know its not that. Ive tried several medications, in high doses too, and nothing seems to work.

sounds like tension. Have you tried Excedrin tension headache pills? Also, if you could have someone massage that area really good and see it helps.  (+ info)

How do I treat a small lump in my neck causing headaches and pain?

Two days ago I randomly felt a shooting pain the went from my neck to my forehead whenever I turned my head. To stop the stiffness I put some ice on it, and it made it easier for me to move. Then I started getting painful headaches it the same part of my head. Now I'm realizing that I have a small bump on the side of my neck that I think could be a cause of it all. Does anyone know what this is and how I can treat it? Anything would be great!

Try to massage at the back of your neck,up and downwards.  (+ info)

Is the pain in my neck and shoulders related to the flu shot?

I have pain in my neck and shoulder with radiating pain and weakness down my arm. My husband has weakness in both arms and pain in his neck and shoulders. A lot of people in my town have the same symptoms and some people think it may be from the H1N1 flu shot. Does anyone else have this side effect who has had the shot? I got my shot 2 months ago.

  (+ info)

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