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What is the best way to get rid of a squeezing pain in neck, like a pinched nerve?

Pain that travels from neck to shoulders. The pain is a squeezing type pain that feels throbby.

heat and a massage  (+ info)

What is the best pillow for neck pain?

For years I have suffered from neck pain* I can't seem to find the perfect pillow, I have tried all sorts of pillows but none of them work. Does anybody have any suggestions?

The best pillow for most people is the cervical traction pillow. It's made with synthetic fibers vs foam, feathers, or water. It's not too hard, not too soft, and it will put your neck in good alignment which is key to getting rid of neck pain.  (+ info)

How do i make the pain in my neck go away?

Okay, so i was sleeping last night and i think i slept on my neck on the wrong side, and when i woke up this morning i can't turn my neck to the right and it hurts on the right side of neck in the back. I also can't even tilt it so, my head is all leaning kinda on my left shoulder, but i can kinda turn it to the right if i keep it straight. What should i do to make the pain go away, Should i use some muscle relaxer?

No you don't need to go as far as using muscle relaxers. Many people get stiff necks from time to time. It will be better tomorrow. The best thing to do would be to apply heat and massage.  (+ info)

What to do about neck/back pain because of a large chest?

I am a 32 DD and sometimes my neck/back hurts...I think partly because of my disproportionate figure and large chest. Are there any exercises I can do that will help me strengthen my back/neck and alleviate the pain?

I completley understand, I'm a 30F. Doing pec exercises helps tighten the muscle beneath the breasts which in the long run will help. Also getting professionally fitted for a bra (I'm not talking getting measured at victoria secret) when you have the right bra it can take alot of weight off your back and shoulders. A breast reduction is a last option type thing i would say. Good luck, and talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

What sickness is associated with dizziness and back of the neck pain?

I have been feeling this pressure at the back of my neck lately that usually never goes away unless I drink a pain reliever. Im also feeling dizziness at times. I will see my doctor in a couple of days about this condition, but I would like to hear your opinion first. Is there anyone that could help me figure this out. Thanks!

im sure u have a high blood pressure, just check it wt your doctor thats a sign already of a bp problem, nothing to worry theres a lot of medication to treat your problem. welcome to the club.  (+ info)

What can i do about this awful muscular pain in my neck?

I slept on my neck wrong and now i can't turn my head to the right without exploding pain stopping me. It's been a whole day. I've tried Ben Gay, Alleve, massage, hot shower hitting it, heating pad and aspirin. It also hurts from the back of my neck up into my hair. Help!

This is a typical muscle spasm - only needing a doctor if the pain is really unbearable. I know you took a hot shower but soaking in warm water will provide more penetrance. After soaking for 15 to 20 minutes then do some gentle stretching exercises. You may also benefit by getting the muscle very warmed up playing tennis or swimming or running and then doing the stretching exercises.
Afterward you can try ice for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can take three 200mg Ibuprofen every four hours as well as long as you have no history of stomach ulcer.  (+ info)

What causes pain from left side of chest to back side and up the neck?

I have been experiencing this pain all day yesterday. It goes from left side above the left breast to my left side of my back and up my neck. Does it have anything to do with my mitral valve problem?


Why do I get a pain in the back of my neck when I get hungry?

If I am hungry, I tend to get a really bad pain in the back of my neck. What would cause this?

u r tummy let ur brain know that ur hungry stress kicks in then in hits u r weaks part of the body(carry snack with u like almond pumpkins seed peanut organic if possible)  (+ info)

What should I do about severe pain and cracking in my neck?

For a little less than a month now I have had severe neck pain. I cracl my neck constantly to relieve tension and pain as gross as that is. I don't want to crack it and I fear I am hurting myself more. I am seeing a doctor in a few days but I don't understand why this is happening. My parents thinki it is growing pains but I could literally crack it all day long if I wanted to (Which I don't)
Please help me!

See a chiropractor that specializes in Active Release Techniques. This practice breaks away the scar tissue on the muscles. That scar tissue is pulling your spinal cord out of alignment. That is why you could crack it all day.

3-4 visits should have it cleared up. Just maintain posture and proper lifting and exercising procedures and you should only need a visit once a month or so.  (+ info)

What type of doctor for shoulder blade and neck pain, headaches?

I had a neck injury from martial arts, have gotten headaches ever since. Saw a neurologist, they didn't find anythinig, but don't believe I got an MRI.

Now I have shoulder blade pain and headaches whenever I lean back on a heart surface.

Have you had a good Chiropractor ex ray you, and treat you? It might be helpful for you.  (+ info)

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