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How do you build up pain tolerance and neck strength?

I'm a beginning female breaker, and I want to accomplish some power moves. (I don't take classes because there are none in my small town.) I noticed most male breakers are pretty unaffected by hard impacts, or have a huge tolerance. I'm looking to build up pain tolerance so I can pull off some of these moves.

And also, how to build neck strength. I can do about 180 degrees by walking with my hands, but I'm afraid my neck will give out or I'll hurt it. Can anyone help???

ok. good neck workouts are. lay on your back. then stand yourself up like your gunna do a crab walk. then instead of holding your upper body up with you hands use your head. move your head from side to side and up and down while still supporting your body also spin your body around your head for 360 flexability. this is a major workout in restling because wrestlers have to have strong necks. not like wwe wrestling like skool and state.  (+ info)

Why do i have a pain in my neck? And do i ice it or heat it?

Im not sure why, but the past 2 days i have had a pain neck. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I did purchase a new bed about 2 months ago, but i haven't had any pain until now. What should i do for it?

The general rule of thumb is to ice an initial injury. You may have strained your neck and not noticed it right away. Sometimes it will hit you the next morning when you wake up or if you have some stress that causes you to be tense.

After the pain goes down you then can use heat to keep the area loosened up. Keep in mind though, for some people heat seems to work better and for others ice always works better. So you can try them both and there's no harm in using either. Below I left a link to the hot/cold pack I like.  (+ info)

What could be causing my severe neck pain?

I've had on going neck pain for many years now. It comes and goes. I've been to the doctor a few years ago and they said arthritis and something similar to the words spine and ossous. I don't remember that one. Now it's been acting up really bad for the past week. It has got to the point where I don't have the strength to hold my head up without severe pain. It radiates down my right arm and shoulder. The reason I haven't gone to the doctor is because I'm one of many who don't have health insurance. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.

  (+ info)

I have really bad sharp shooting pain in the back of my neck?

Hi, does anyone know what causes sharp pain in the back of your neck? I haven't been in an accident, and I do have a few bumps on the back of my neck, but if I touch my neck at all it feels like a sharp pain like a pinched nerve. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Try a local pain cream but if it persists, go to a doctor.  (+ info)

How can I cure neck pain for good?

I've had neck pain for over a year now...a muscular ache that radiates the back of my head and often results in headache. There are two spots almost directly behind my earlobe that kill me. For temporary relief I use heat packs, icy hot, massage, etc, but it always returns, especially when I exercise and study for long hours. I'm afraid I'll have neck pain my whole life. Anyone?

you probably will. first dont use heat packs, they do make you feel better temporarily but I've been told that in the long run icing is better.
you might consider going to a chiropractor. you might have some structural issues in your body that cause this problem to resurface. especially if it happens after you exercise. that is a sign you need to make changes to your lifestyle. a chiropractor can help you figure out the problem, adjust it to make it feel better, and give you some ways to prevent it in the future.

i have neck pain too, not the same as you though. still after going to a doctor i've found the chiropractor is the only thing that works. nowadays I still have slight pain but am usually ok between chiro visits.  (+ info)

What is causing the pain in my neck and throat?

I have had neck and throat pain for weeks. Antibiotics didn't help. My right thyroid area is swollen and i can feel little lumps. Could it be my thyroid?
I have had pain in my neck for weeks that antibiotics don't treat, My thyroid area is swollen and is tender. Could it me a thyroid problem? Please no smart ass coments, looking to hear from those with similar symptoms or thyroid problems.


There is the answer you were looking for, now for the answer you need to hear...

GO TO THE DOCTOR. Ask him, he is the trained professional not us.  (+ info)

Pain in lower neck between trapezoids from shrugs?

I have started trapezoid shrugs for my workout but now it hurts to look up. The lower part on the back of my neck right before shoulder blades start is where the pain is and its not the kind of muscle damage pain i normally get after workouts. Im Doing 3 sets of different weights with reps starting at 12. The weight is 27lbs, 30lbs then 32lbs. What am i doing wrong and how can i stop my neck from hurting like this?

Your form is probably off, I would see a chiropracter to get adjusted as you probably pinched a nerve, then see a trainer about proper form. And a Trapezoid is a geometrical shape...a Trapezius is a muscle.  (+ info)

Today in class i turned my neck really fast towards my friend and felt a sharp pain?

after i felt that pain(which is pretty normal and has happened before)my neck still hurt a lot and i cant move it to look to my left, and it's very painful. what should i do to get rid of the pain? ice it? i don't really know what's wrong with it. it just sorta locked.

thats happened to me before, lol i was dancing around in the mirror before taking a shower ( lame i know ) and i twisted my head to the right really fast and it popped, i couldn't move it for days.
you pobrably just strained it. lay down and relax make sure not to put any type of pressure on it. take a pain killer and a nap. you should wake up fine but if that doesn't work then you really need to get it checked out.

i'm the type of person that believes that everything will cure overtime, so after about 2 or 3 days after waiting it out, it cured up all on its own.  (+ info)

Why am I experiencing pain at the back of my neck. Do you think I should stop squatting for a while?

I've been squatting for about six weeks. I squatted last week and experienced a pain at the back of my neck like where my neck and head connect. Is this normal,or should I stop squatting for a while ?

Yes, I would try to quit squatting. If no better in 2-4 weeks see your doctor.  (+ info)

What is the best mattress to choose if you have chronic neck and back pain?

I have a Sleeptec, which is supposed to be top of the line-but I wake up every morning with horrible neck and back pain.

My mother suffers from terrible back and neck pain so you're not the only one! but she uses the memory foam mattress. So she can find a comfortable position to sleep in, wake up without pain, and be able to be in that position again because its imprinted onto the memory foam! but now she's going to a chiropractor every week which helps relieve stress when she goes to bed and such.  (+ info)

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