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Would you bleed that much if you had a needlestick injury on the palm of your hand?

Because i think i had a needle stick injury, because i saw a little tiny dot of blood on my palm of my hand.

honestly i'm sorry i really don't know maybe try talking to elderly =(  (+ info)

would you know if you stepped on a syringe or has needlestick injury?

i was walking on the street bare foot (high heels caused sore feet!). i kept a close look at the ground as i was walking and came across a syringe cap but no needle (i didn't step on the cap). would you feel the needle or see it in your foot if you stepped on one?

Yes, you would know. If you didn't feel it, you didn't step on it. Not unless you have diabetes and severe neuropathy, but then you'd still be able to see it.  (+ info)

What hip injuries can you get from falling off a horse?

Aside from breaking the hip, what bad injuries can a person get in their hip from falling off a horse?

I'm writing a story, and I want my character to have a bad hip injury that would lead to complications -- possibly arthritis or something. Can anyone suggest something?

Thanks very much!

Falling off a horse sideways and landing on their side. Could result in a dislocated hip causing arthritis or hip joint deterioration.

Thrown off to the front (flipping over the horse's head) they could shatter their pelvis, tailbone or vertebrae.

Thrown off to the rear (due to the horse rearing up) the horse could flip over and the saddle horn could cause severe internal damage to organs etc. due to the full weight of the horse landing on them.  (+ info)

What are some severe and serious accidents and injuries that can occur in American football?

I need serious, serious injuries with as much details on such injuries as possible. Near fatal injuries.

I am working on a story, and need this information for what is going on in it. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks so much.

Well, broken bones, namely femurs, tibias, humerus, collar bones, which could have all the potential side effects, such as hemorrhage, or fatty emoblism (which could lead to a pulmonary embolism, i.e. near death).

Other types of hemorrhage, namely in the abdominal area which could lead to drastic blood loss. And then there's intracranial hemorrhaging, which could lead to death.

Also, there was the story of that kid who died secondary to heat exhaustion/dehydration, but that's very uncommon. Near death injuries are actually uncommon in general in football, hence all the padding :) Hope that helps.  (+ info)

What are possible injuries someone could get playing soccer?

I have played soccer forever but i was just wondering what kind of injuries a person could get. I've never gotten hurt and I don't want to but I was just wondering what could happen. Thanks!

Ah, good ol' game of Soccer. Nothing like it.

• Sprained/Broken Ankle. In the game of soccer, you must balance the ball, look at your surrounding opponents, and try to make it in the goal (depending on your position). That's a lot to do. With so much going on, you an easily trip and fall, land on your ankle, and bam. Out for the rest of the season.

• Broken Leg. Same applies for this. One wrong move when you're falling, and crack. Your leg, and you, are out of there!

• Torn Ligaments. You'd be surprised how often this happens. This is one of the most horrible pains... lemme tell you.

• Sprained/Broken Wrist. When you're falling, you're going to try and block the fall with something, and most likely, you're going to catch yourself with your hands. Well, depending on the impact of the fall, and depending on your clumsiness, you might just end up with one of these.

• LOTS AND LOTS OF BRUISES. It pretty much explains itself.

• Concussions. It happens in almost every sport, and it can most certainly happen in Soccer.

• Cuts/Scrapes/Blood. It kind of comes with the sport if you ask me.

And, well. A lot of things can happen in Soccer, really. But these are some things to keep in mind when you're thinking injuries.

And oh! Sore muscles. You can pull your muscles, too. Not the best feeling.

Anyways, good luck!  (+ info)

How many injuries are there related to knee joint?

I want to know how many injuries are there related to ligaments of the knee? Can you provide me a list of these injuries? What are the symptoms of these injuries?

in the knee there are four ligaments, the anterior cruciate, the posterior cruciate, the lateral collateral and the medial collateral ligaments. injuries to these can include a partial sprain or a complete rupture. Typically when injured there is a lot of swelling and considerable pain in the area. the severity of the sprain is described using degrees. 1st degree would be a minor sprain, which would still allow for walking and use of the limb, but there would be some pain and a little bit of inflammation. A second degree sprain can range from moderate pain and swelling to a more serious amount of pain, swelling and joint instability. The person may or may not be able to walk, or would need crutches or a walking aid to get around. Rehabilitation may include surgery or strengthening of the surounding musculature. A third degree sprain is a rupture of that ligament. this would result in instability of the joint and surgery would be required to safe guard the knee.  (+ info)

What kind of life threatening injuries would a person sustain due to a motorcycle accident?

This is for character research, the kind of injuries sustained would have to be intense and require some kind of blood/kidney/liver from a relative with a matching genetic profile. I just need some details as I have never been in an accident. Thanks!

All sorts of things! Here's few off the top of my head:

1. Brain trauma/head injuries
2. Shrapnel (sharp metals from the crash)
3. Being partially crushed (the motorcycle lands on top of you)
4. If the motorcycle crashes and a piece of metal or glass from either the bike or the other vehicle entered the body in a certain spot you could need all sorts of transplants, more than just blood, kidney or livers.
5. Large lacerations resulting in severe blood loss.  (+ info)

Where can I find information on how injuries affect the body?

I'm a writer, and I'm looking for information on how injuries affect the body. For example, I'd like to accurately portray what happens if someone dies when hit over the head with a blunt object. Is there an online guide that helps writers with problems like this? I know about the book Body Trauma, but I'd like to find a free guide before I buy anything.

i don't think things like this are available as free guides anywhere, medical texts (for a price or in a library) may describe different trauma presentations, these are likely to be in medical terms and not simple layman english, good luck  (+ info)

What injuries can be sustained from being stabbed that have relatively short recovery times?

I'm writing a novel where a character was stabbed(he's about fifteen). I want to know the types of injuries you can get from being stabbed(maybe in the torso area or anywhere else). I want the character to be out the hospital within a day or two. His mother up and disappeared, he tries to act tough ,but his mother disappearing left him broken. Any answers are appreciated.

If you want to get him out of the hospital within a day or two, simply set the plot so that the knife somehow miraculously misses all of the vital organs, and simply ends up penetrating muscle and fat. It happens all the time in real life, so why not?

Here's a good starting point for you - based on something that really happened.

Have the kid get stabbed in the skull (since you said torso, or anywhere else). But instead of penetrating into the brain, it ends up going in sideways. The knife ends up between the skull bone and the lining of the brain, but hits nothing critical. The kid is hospitalized overnight for observation, his CT scan comes up negative, and he is discharged.  (+ info)

What injuries are most likely to occur if a child or small animal is hit by a car?

For example, if a toddler or dog was hit by a speeding car what would be some of the possible injuries or the most likely?

Broken ribs (or bones) at point of impact. Possible internal bleeding, concussion.  (+ info)

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