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What do you call a benign neoplasm arising from adipose tissue?

What do you call a benign neoplasm arising from adipose tissue?

A fatty lipoma?  (+ info)

is thyroidectomy the ONLY way to determine if a papillary lesion / follicular neoplasm is benign or malignant?

My wife recently underwent FNAB for the thyroid gland and the findings were:
Suggest thyroidectomy for a definitive diagnosis.
Microscopic Description:
Smears disclose a fairly cellular aspirate composed of cohesive clusters of follicular cells, in attempt to form acini and short papillary fronds. The cells show vesicular nuclei, with focal areas of pleomorphism. The background is hemorrhagic containing thin colloid materials and few mixed leukocytes.

I really would like to know if the it is benign or malignant but is there any other way besides invasive surgery? Thanks a lot in advance for all the answers and help.

If FNAB demonstrate follicular neoplasm , we must perform thyroid lobectomy for determining if it's malignant or not , and regarding to this , we will design the further definite and main operation .

There is no way other than this yet .

In some situations , we can perform total thyroidectomy as a plan to determine the permanent pathology at first ( there is several indications : old patients , mass more than 4 cm , ... ) .

But about Papillary neoplasm it's somewhat different : we can plan for a definite operation , also with a FNAB .  (+ info)

has anyone found a past life regression hypnosis on the internet that actually works?

I tried this one thing on youtube, but I never really visualized anything, I just struggled to imagine it.

Are there any real past life regression hypnosis videos out there that ACTUALLY work?

Past life regression is best when you have a 'live' session, someone there to guide you. I doubt that a video would be much use.  (+ info)

What is the best way to hide spontaneous erections?

I'm a 20 year old guy and I get spontaneous erections fairly frequently. I wouldn't say they're out of control (I manage to control them most of the time). However, when they do happen, it's very annoying! I work at a public institution and interact with visitors. I've never gotten a spontaneous erection at work yet (I saw one of my hot co worker's thong and I did get a hard), but I dread the time it happens.

ANy tips?

wear bikini briefs instead of boxers. it won't be noticeable.  (+ info)

What causes spontaneous orgasms during sleep?

What causes spontaneous orgasms during sleep? "Spontaneous" meaning a person is lying there perfectly still and is receiving no stimulation whatsoever.
Sorry, I meant in women, not men.

hormones! subconscious! anything at all

it is normal, in men/boys it is called wet dreams but in women/girs it also happens without the 'wet part"

enjoy!  (+ info)

What's the difference between spontaneous abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth?

I'm pretty sure there's a difference between stillbirth and miscarriage, but are spontaneous abortion and miscarriage two different things?

Okay, first for the people that don't know what "spontaneous" means, it means without a plan. In other words it was not a choice or planned.

A spontaneous abortion is the MEDICAL term for a miscarriage. The two words are interchangable.

A stillbirth is when the fetus is technically old enough to survive outside of the uterus, but dies in the uterus...usually they have to induce labor and you have to deliver the baby. Or they will simply do a c-section and remove the baby.

Most spontaneous abortions/miscarriages happen within the first trimester (rarely between 13-24 weeks, after 24 weeks it is considered a still birth).

A spontaneous abortion or miscarriage does not require a death certificate, however most states do issue one for a still birth after 24 weeks of pregnancy.  (+ info)

If had a spontaneous abortion then why do i still have pregnancy symptoms?

The doctor told me i was prego on the 27th. On the 1st i started bleeding so on the 3rd of may i took a home pregnancy test and it came up negative. I went to the doctor for my first prenatal appointment and he said everything looked ok.. but they didn't give me an ultrasound. The next day they called me and told me that i had a spontaneous abortion. Why do i still have all the pregnancy symptoms as i did before i even found out that i was prego?

If you started bleeding on the first you'd still have a positive pregnancy test on the 3rd.. It's impossible for the hormone to get out of your system that quickly..

And how could he ring you and tell you you had a spontaneous abortion? How would he know if he didn't give you an ultrasound?...

I find that a little odd.  (+ info)

What is a spontaneous miscarriage like?

Tonight is about curiousity.
I was wondering about miscarriages. What is it like to have a spontaneous miscarriage before week 13? What do you feel? Signs symptoms? What do you see? I'm not talking about the emotional turmoil it comes with, but the physical aspect.

What can you share about this?

I had one @ 9 wks.... Hurts like a mother-trucker ! First you see spotting ( brownish/pink/red ) ....Pain so bad you sweat...... Cant hardly walk,,,,,,,,OOOOO the pain was TERRIBLE ! I thought I would DIE ! Once you pass it, your sore for awhile to........ The main thing is, watch the spotting......... Mine was brown for a few days, then turned pinkish in color, finally bright red.........  (+ info)

In using the neoplasm table, what do you do when there is no code in cancer in situ?

When using the neoplasm table in the ICD-9-CM, how would one code cancer in situ of the temporal lobe?

You'll never find it there.
What you're probably looking for is under skin: Ca in situ of temple or similar.  (+ info)

What is wrong with you if you get spontaneous nose bleeds?

My son has a problem with spontaneous nose bleeds. He gets them on and off... What sickness or disease might be associated with them. Please dont tell me to take him to the Doctor, I have that covered.....

There could be NUMEROUS causes from dry air to elevated blood pressure which is DEFINITELY a reason to see the doctor. There's a VERY good reason that it's called the silent killer.  (+ info)

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