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What is scar tissue and what causes a person to get scar tissue in their shoulder?

I was told today that I have scar tissue in my shoulder. I have had no major injury to my shoulder.

When you loose or gain some weight, this usually happens. This happened to me on my knees when I lost weight.  (+ info)

The primary tissue that makes up the subcutaneous layer is?

The primary tissue that makes up the subcutaneous layer is

The primary tissue that makes up the subcutaneous layer is adipose tissue. (fat)  (+ info)

What do you think the lung tissue of a smoker looks like in comparison to a healthy lung tissue?

What do you think the lung tissue of a smoker looks like in comparison to a healthy lung tissue?

Normal lungs are pink and inflate/collapse normally. It might feel like a soft sponge. In an early smoker without COPD, the lungs will develop a grayish-black discoloration due to tar and soot deposits. With continued smoking, the lung will begin to scar (fibrose), and the lung architecture will become distorted. The lung may take on a rice-krispies-like texture. In severe emphysema, long-term fibrosis may lead to large air pocket formation (bullae), which can expand over time.  (+ info)

What causes scar tissue to hurt 4 years after the surgery?

I had an appendectomy 4 years ago and from time to time the tissue is VERY painful! Others it's merely unnoticeable and I forget the thing even exists. Any suggestions on what causes it and how I can make it stop?

It could be nerve damage, which is causing your pain. I would seek the advice of your physician.  (+ info)

How much toilet tissue can you expect an office with 10 women to use working 8-5, M-F, per week?

My company has several office locations. One office with fewer women than any of the others uses twice the amount of tissue. Is it being used? Is it being stolen? How can a rational determination be made?

The calculation for 2ply toilet paper is one roll per woman per five day week. If you are using a cheaper 1ply then it goes up in number. But one normal size roll of 2ply per five days would be normal.  (+ info)

Is it normal to pass thick tissue and blood clots during your first period after a vaginal delivery?

I just started my period for the first time since giving birth 9 weeks ago. I noticed that I am passing some sort of thick tissue and nickel size around clots. My OB office is already closed for the day and I was wondering if any other women have passed tissue and clots during their first period after delivery and if this is normal or not.

Thanks for any help you might have!

It's normal. I had the same thing happen to me after my baby. Just as long as it isn't an overly excessive amount there isn't anything to worry about. After all, there was quite a bit if trauma going on down there with the birth.  (+ info)

How can I get rid of scar tissue around a piercing?

I have my cheeks pierced. Yes, bars through my cheeks. They have created A LOT of scar tissue and I find it really irritating. How can I get rid of it? I read some things on massaging, will this work on my cheek? Can doctors surgically remove scar tissue, or will that create more? Please answer if you're a professional, not just assuming you know the right answer.

  (+ info)

How is Interior scar tissue different from swelling?

I Had a meniscectomy July 2007. Had total knee replacement in July 2008. The leg from ankle to above the knee has been swollen since the 1st operation. Doctor says swelling is not scar tissue. Where can I find more on this topic?

it's soft tissue swelling and adhesions inside of your knee.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of piercing scar tissue?

I have scar tissue from a piercing that got infected and had to remove it. Is there any products that get rid of or at least minimize the scar tissue?

as far as i know the only way to get rid of scar tissue is through surgery  (+ info)

What is the possibilty of someone getting a scar tissue after an intestine surgery?

My baby had 2 intestine surgery and after the second one he developed a scar tissue which requires a surgery to remove it. I wonder how often or what is the possibility that he might have a scar tissue again in the future?

Anytime you are cut a small scar is formed. sometimes the scar is thick and can cause blockage as you know. But, it is 100%  (+ info)

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