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What are the long term prognoses for nephritis in conjunction with tonsillitis?

I had tonsillitis as a teenager and also developed nephritis with very dark brown urine. My doctor (now retired) was not specific with the type of nephritis dx, or with the long term effects. All he told me was that the type of nephritis I had is usually diagnosed in children 5-6 yrs of age and usually results in death to the child.

Post streptococcal acute glomerulonephritis generally has a good long term outlook. Total recovery from the initial episode is the rule. There is slightly higher risk for you of developing kidney problems as you get older (20-40 yrs) but the odds are in your favor. Your doctor should keep an eye out and any problems that may affect your kidneys should be aggressively treated(diabetes, hypertension.  (+ info)

Does lupus nephritis always lead to hypertension?

I'm just wondering if a person can have lupus nephritis without ever developing hypertension?
I know that lupus itself does not necessarily to hypertension, but if you have kidney involvement, does that always cause hypertension, or can you have kidney involvement with developing high blood pressure?

I can answer this question with a very high degree of accuracy. Lupus Nephritis will always cause hypertension, eventually. That is to say that a person who has initial onset of Lupus Nephritis may not start out with hypertension but as the kidney's worsen, hypertension will definately follow. It is a cause and effect...when the kidney's lose their function, hypertension sets in. If a person has been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis but they still don't have hypertension it's becasue the kidney's haven't been severely damaged yet. As the disease progresses hypertension will ensue.  (+ info)

How Long Can Someone Live With Lupus Nephritis?

My best friend has Lupus Nephritis, (kidney lupus). And everyone else in her family who has had lupus has lived for up to 2-3 years with it. She was diagnosed in around 2006 or 2007 I think. Can someone who is well educated help me answer this question?Thank you. And just to let you know, I'm 13 and so is she, and she means the world to me so I'm just trying to figure this out. Thanks again.

If talking to her parents about her disease was not satisfying to her, then she can google search it and find out information. However when one looks up such information, it is 'generalized' and all cases are different, because there are other factors that affects the course of disease with each individual. I suggest she speak to her doctor and ask him to hold nothing back and tell her what the 'medical facts' are if she is so concerned. I, personally, put my faith in God. For only he knows how long we have. Knowing the facts of the disease isn't always good for some. Sometimes the medical opinions prevent those people to continue to hope. One has to know the 'whole' person to make such a decision (meaning, their feelings, thoughts, their attitude...their spirit.  (+ info)

What are the risks of nephritis?

One of my friends has been having trouble with what seems to be her kidneys for almost a year now. She's just gotten a biopsy, and is waiting on results.

Her doctor believes she has nephritis, because she has every symptom associated with it.

I'm clearly not an expert on the disease of nephritis, or Lupus nephritis, but can either be deadly?

Because this has been going on so long, is there a high possibility of her needing to get either a transplant, or go on permanent dialysis, or could she even die from it at this stage?

The only thing I can answer is on lupus nephritis. Lupus does commonly affect the kidneys but these days treatments are very effective particularly if problems are detected quickly. 95% of patients with kidney problems respond to the treatments and don't go on to kidney failure.

For more information on kidneys and lupus please visit www.lupus.org.uk and also see Charlie's story http://www.lupus.org.uk/information/information_lupuswhatsthatfilm.htm. Charlotte did have kidney failure and went on to have a very successful transplant. At the very end of the previous film to Charlie's (Aneal's story, the lupus specialist talks about kidney involvement in lupus).

Hope that helps a bit.  (+ info)

What is nephritis and what are the causes?

I just need the answer to that no treatments, symptoms or nothin just that
i need to noe more about nephritis now butjust like who gets nephritis?/

Neph refers to kidneys
ritis refers to inflamation
Nephritis: Inflamation of the kidneys.
Causes and symptoms: various  (+ info)

what is the extreme/last stage of serum creatinine blood test of kidney nephritis patients?

Bieng an sle patient, my frien have serum creatinine blood test report is 3.2, just want to know that what is the extreme level of this test for the said patients, who have type 4 sle.

Serum creatinine isn't the best indicator; you want to know the glomerular filtration rate (often called the GFR). Doctors disagree, but generally somewhere around 5-15ml/min is the worst stage, & these patients usually go on dialysis.
I just plugged that serum creatinine level into an equation that estimates GFR from the serum creatinine, here: http://nephron.org/cgi-bin/MDRD_GFR/cgi
You can do it yourself, but the upshot is that depending on age, gender and race (I guessed 30yrs; it drops a little as you get older), they're probably around 20-33ml/min. 90ml/min is what healthy people have but your body can cope with a lot less. Renal disease: 60-89 is mild, 30-59 is moderate, 15-29 is severe and less is renal failure. Some doctors say it has to be less than 10ml for renal failure.

Hope this helped. I'm a med student, not a doctor, but this is straight out of my lectures, I checked.  (+ info)

Is it true that using a computer too much is bad for people with lupus (systemic and nephritis)?

A friend of mine who's also a retired doctor told me that, maybe I shouldn't be using my computer a lot because that may only worsen my severe condition. That I'm exposed to radiation and that's bad for my health. What do you think?

Hi, please check with a Rheumatologist...they are the doctors who specialize in autoimmune diseases and disorders. No disrespect to your friend.

Sometimes, lupus patients have no other way of connecting to the outside world, hence the computer.

You may also have to seek some computer expert to see exactly how much radiation is released and to what extent will make you ill. I would be just as concerned about the UV light exposure in your house. Everything is relative. Moderation is the key, I agree with the other poster.

Always talk to your Rheum, and experts in the field.

People may have good intentions, but...go to the sources.

:)  (+ info)

Can alcohol and cocaine/speed abuse cause nephritis?

My boyfriend had nephritis and was a heavy drinker. He also used cocaine and speed but not as much as he drank. Can prolonged use of these cause nephritis?
My boyfriend HAD nephritis. He abused alcohol and crack/cocaine. He's dead now. I want to know if the abuse could have caused his death.

  (+ info)

I have lupus (nephritis-kidney), is there any harm eating beets? Will they affect me or help me?

Any tips on aching joints? I also, have raynaud's syndrome (hands) and my hands are constantly stiff and cold. Very hot water helps out during showers. Taking Motrin, but I don't want to make it into a habit.
*******Serious answers plz*******
Thx so much!!

The only reason you would have diet restrictions is if you were taking coumadin for APS(antiphospholipid syndrome), a secondary disease commonly found in people with Lupus. In this case you're supposed to watch your vitamin K intake as it can affect the coumadin dosing. As far as Lupus Nephritis goes, usually your nephrologist will tell you to moderate your intake of protein as this is what your kidneys are 'spillling' when your kidney's are acting up. Protein in the urine is not a good thing. There are mixed studies regarding this however, with some doctors feeling that your diet really has no effect. If you're taking prednisone then you should be watching your sugar (carb) and salt intake as prednisone can cause you to become diabetic as well as cause bloating which is increased with a high salt diet.

As far as your stiff joints go, be careful with the motrin as it can cause stomach issues. I would look to take something like Norco, basically vicodin with a small amount of tylenol. This is a narcotic so you'll want to guard against addiction however this can really knock the immediate pain out allowing you to do other activities that may help to decrease your pain level.

As far as non medication route, try warm jacuzzi soaks (if you don't have one, check your local health club where you may be able to use one). Also yoga can help with flexibility which can assist the joints. Unfortunately, there is no cure for sore and aching joints as this is a symptom of your Lupus. If they get really bad you may need to start taking or up your dosage of prednisone which will help the arthritic pain.

Be careful with your Raynauld's as left unchecked this can cause necrosis. If you notice that it is becoming unbearable then you may want to take a vasodialator, a heart medication which helps to keep the capilaries in your fingertips open (the reason that you're feeling pain with the cold).

I wish you the best!  (+ info)

can a person who has nephritis suddenly develope colorectal cancer?

nephew is 26 has had nephritis since he was 10 juvenile then has now followed him to adulthood and he now has polyps some think may be cancerous can you have two diseases at once

To answer your question, a person who has nephritis can certainly develop colon cancer.

these disease are different, located in different parts of the body and caused by different things. I will admit that I am not so familiar with nephritis (inflammation in a kidney nephrons), and but I believe that it can because by infection, toxins or auto-immune diseases.

because your nephew has had this problem for a number of years, I would GUESS that it would not be caused by toxins. Co-incidentally, CERTAIN toxins would be the only type of thing that may cause cancer. But, I do not know his medical history ... so this is just a random guess.

Cancer on the other hand, is a genetic disease. In particular, cancer is caused by damaged DNA. Normall, DNA provides the blueprint and instructions for cells of our body (ie. DNA tells an eye cell to be an eye-cell, and a hair follicle cell to grow "hair")... however, if the instructions (ie. DNA) becomes damaged the cells begin to do things that they wouldn't normally do. These abnormal looking and functioning cells often grow faster and are invasive ... and because they function abnormally, they do not carry out necessary tasks and disrupts normal cellular function required for "life" ... and over time, can cause death.

So... nepritis and cancer are caused by two dissimilar processes... and therefore, these diseases have most likely arisen independently of each other.

Please encourage your nephew to see a gastroenterologisst, to have the polyps biopsied, staged ... and treated apropriatly. Colon cancer is aggressive and cannot be ignored.  (+ info)

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