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A patient has been diagnosed with NEPHROCALCINOSIS and is suffering from NEPHROLITHIASIS.?

Break the two terms into word parts and include the meaning of each word part

Create a definition for these two terms from the word parts

In two or three sentences, explain the diagnosis and condition to the patient.

calcinosis=excess calcium

too much calcium being excreted by the kidney, forming calcium based kidney stones.  (+ info)

Is nephrocalcinosis a kidney disease?

im 15, i have nepgrocalcinosis among other things but i wanted to kno is a tye of chronic kidney disease ? ou dont need to explain what it is because i no, i just cant find weather its an actuall kidney disease lol, thankyou

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Nephrocalcinosis.... anyone have it?

I was diogonsed last week with melldullary sponge kidney or nephrocalcinosis. I would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about this or anyone who has this. Thanks

I have Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) = diagnosed in 2001. MSK is an anatomical defect of the kidney which predisposes an individual to stone formation. Most folks with MSK don't even know they have it, but approx ten percent of those with MSK do have symptoms. In addition, many of the MSK'ers who are symptomatic also have an inherent metabolic defect that actually causes the stone formation. The metabolic defect can be different for each individual - you could have too much urinary calcium, too much phosphorus, low citrate levels, etc. A 24 hour urine is all that is needed to determine the defect.
Nephrocalcinosis is not the same thing as MSK, but some MSK'ers have nephrocalcinosis, basically a build up of calcium in the meaty part of the kidney.
I would encourage you to join our support group, which is on MSN. Here's the link:
Membership is required - I check the site daily to approve memberships. Just mention that you have MSK - the site is very active and very supportive and our 300+ members will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We have members from the USA, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia, Canada and a few other countries.
Look forward to hearing from you.  (+ info)

hi.. im 14 and im wondering , if you have kidney disease/ problems and have a kidney stone will they ever wait?

hello :) im 14 years old and in the middle of being diagnosed with some kind of kidney disease, i have severe calcification/ nephrocalcinosis in my right kidney and moderate in my left.. the kidneys have loads of stones stuck in them and they can drop at any time. i've already had 2 opperations to remove some stones in my uretra ( u no the tubes) and i had a stent put in in both sides, then i got the stent removed a week after because it was casing me too much pain, and had the loose stones taken out of my kidneys . this was about 6 weeks ago and i havent been to school since october , i was in hospital for 2 weeks.. i was wondering.. i think i have another stone that has fallen down, and im going to hospital on thursday but would they ever just leave it to come out by itself ? even with my kidneys? i would rather they didnt because im really scared of weeing 1 out but yeahh.,. THANKYOU !! i will happily answer any questions :)
thankyou to the secon answer :) was nice.. ohh , im not in the middle of being diagnosed with kidney stones.. m in the middle of being diagnosed with kidney DISEASE.. a disease that *causes* the stones :) X

How can you be in the middle of being diagnosed? Kidney stones can be zapped away with radio isotropic today, where they use a special frequency of radio waves to dissolve them so you can pee them out. I remember my mom having this done for me when I was younger. Please don't be scared about that. They just hurt all over right now. I never experienced the stents though, as those days were not about stents then either. Try to keep a positive attitude in everything you do, this will show all over in the work you do and the pride you have. Please keep your chin up too. I know how much things like pain will get in the way and if you are in the hospital you are already in the best place you can be for what you have anyway. School will be there and you can always have anyone pick up some work you can do to try and stay with some of the things like reading and forget the things you can't do anything about. It might sound like a bummer being behind in the social part like dances and proms too. You'll always be eligible for these anyways. You should go to them if possible so you can keep up with the others your age and others will know you when you can go back. Good luck and God Bless  (+ info)

help please, how can i tell if its a kidney stone if i suffer from chronic kidney pain ?!?!?

right, cut a long story short. im 15,, have idney disease, stone disease and suffer from chronic sharp crampy kidney pain, i had stones 7 months ago , and am expected o get them again as there is tonns all in my kidneys (nephrocalcinosis).. the pain has been going on for 7 months and i go to great ormand street childrens hospital, i had 2 opps to rempve the stones befor, over the last couple of weeks the pain had got worse, it was getting very gradually more copable but now its bad again, do you think its a kidney stone ?

kidney stones are seriouse for me, but i dont think it is because i couldnt sleep last time i had one. and i can this time?

the pain is like my day to day pain, 2 times as bad, very sharp areound the kidney area, crampy at times but mainly sharp.

thankyou if u can help !!!

p.s please dont say "if it was a kidney stone you'd be rolling around in pain" because i no, but i have a high pain threshold as i havebeen in agony for 7 months, thanx x

All you can do is see your urologist. They are the only one that can tell you what it is.  (+ info)

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