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What is a differance between kidney nephrosis & kidney necrosis?

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American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of nephrosis
NOUN: A disease of the kidneys marked by degenerative lesions, especially of the winding uriniferous tubules. OTHER FORMS: nephrotic (-frtk) , pl. nephroses (-sz).

American Heritage® Dictionary: Definition of necrosis
NOUN: Death of cells or tissues through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body. OTHER FORMS: necrotic (-krtk) , pl. necroses (-sz).  (+ info)

What is tubular nephrosis?

I need detailed information on adult tubular nephrosis. Most importantly does it cause pain? What tests can determine if this is affecting someone? Any other information is desired also.

It is a kidney disease characterized by lesions of the epithelial lining of the renal tubules, resulting in problems with the filtration function. It causes the appearance of large amounts of protein in the urine. It can be cause by a reaction to toxins, diabetes, collagen disease and other end-stage kidney diseases. The major symptom is massive edema. Corticosteroid therapy has been successful in treating certain forms of the disease.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get Lipid/Lipoid Pneumonia when putting Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) in the Human Nose?

I'm sorry I jst looked it up and it can be caused by oil based nose drops going into ur body via the nose bla bla bla ect ect so yes it can I just wanted to share my man eating vasoline fact I supposeee no need to omg me though meanie!! SORRY xx  (+ info)

what are the diseases related to nephrosis?

Nephrosis - a syndrome characterized by edema and large amounts of protein in the urine and usually increased blood cholesterol; usually associated with glomerulonephritis or with a complication of various systemic diseases

Diseases related to it include...

kidney disease, renal disorder, nephropathy, nephrosis - a disease affecting the kidneys
-is a kind of uropathy
-1 has particulars: nephritis, Bright's disease; nephrosclerosis, nephroangiosclerosis; polycystic kidney disease, PKD; polyuria; renal failure, kidney failure; renal insufficiency

Hope this helps.

Kimberly, RRT  (+ info)

what is the cause of nephrosis?

The nephrotic syndrome can result from a number of conditions including streptococcal infection in children leading to chronic glomerulonephritis, reaction to toxins, diabetes, collagen disease, and other end-stage kidney diseases. The major symptom is massive edema. Corticosteroid therapy has been successful in treating certain forms of the disease.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------  (+ info)

Which form of Amphotericin B( Lipoid Complex or Liposomal) is more toxic?

comparing the toxicities of different forms of Commercially used AmphotericinB

all forms are quite toxic its just that these are used when the benifits outweigh the risksi.e. a severe infection, good luck  (+ info)

one off my fnd got complete body check up, diagnosed with left kidney nephrosis & right kidney absolutely good

we group of fnds visited hospital for routine health check up, after undergoing all the tests, ultra sound shows left kidney some problem, later as they advice to take MRI they confirmed that hydronephrosis of left kidney, further confirmation isotope study is done to reveal in detail funtioning of both kidneys, the result showed left not at all functioning, right one 100% working............
later neprologist advice was nothing to worry.... get the regular check ups for at least 2 yrs.......
what precautions he should take, wat r the feature symptoms he should keep in mind. wat is reason behind loss of left kidney.......... etc.

perhaps you should put this question to a doctor?

sounds like a good idea to me  (+ info)

Why are we so worried about terrorists when...?

statistics show we are more likely to die from a bolt of lightening than from a terrorist act.

Heart disease: 654,092
Cancer: 550,270
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 150,147
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 123,884
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 108,694
Diabetes: 72,815
Alzheimer's disease: 65,829
Influenza/Pneumonia: 61,472
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 42,762
Septicemia: 33,464

Consider those statistics. These don't even include highway deaths(abt 40k) per year. If we are so worried about death, wouldn't our monies be better spent on educating people about eating their vegetables than waging a war in iraq(which I support)? Thinking along these lines has given me a new perspective on the war. I think also, that i'd much rather die from an explosion than from chronic heart disease.

It has far more sweeping affect than merely "death toll".

A catastrophic terrorist attack can paralyze a nation on all operative levels and cause an economic collapse. It could plummet the entire U.S. economy into a radical tail spin causing runaway business bankruptcies, a stock market crash could ensue; the dollar would be worthless; you would loose your job; employment would vaporize; prices for goods would escalate from subsequent hyper-inflation; you and your family could starve; not having employment you could be evicted from your rental or default on your mortgage and loose your home; all economic and financial stability would evaporate; you would have to default on your SUV payments; homelessness would skyrocket; consumer confidence will not exist; tax money and federal funds would deplete, city infrastructure would go into disrepair; public transit would cease; the electrical grid would experience controlled periodic “brown-outs”; rationing of everything would be the order of the day; many things you take for granted simply will be compromised or not be available; sanitation would be jeopardized; communical diseases due to unsanitary conditions would flourish infecting many; tap water would have to be boiled before drinking it; antibiotic banks could drain from the demand; many infected people could die; civil unrest would most likely ravage the nation; rampant murder and theft in order to survive would mushroom; and Marshall Law would be declared, meaning all your freedoms would be nullified, and the freedom to move about would completely cease.

So as you can see, death toll from a catastrophic terrorist attack is merely the tip of the iceberg.

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Prognosis for diabetic with chf and renal disease?

My 60yr. old diabetic brother was diagnosed with diabetes,heart failure,congestive failure,renal failure,low blood sugar, chronic ischemic heart,hyperlipidemia,disorders of lipoid metabolism,low vision and blindness. His heart is working 30%. His heart and kidney Dr. wants our input on cardiac catherization which would put him on dialysis immediately.What can we expect of his condition & prognosis if we decide not to do this procedure?

His prognosis is poor at this time.  (+ info)

eating habits and working out...? doctors plz?

if one receives no aminoacids or proteins at all, and works out, will they be building muscles? muscles need aminoacids to grow but working out means they must grow stronger, right? is lipoid tissue the energy source here?

For building muscles, you need both. When you're training, you're actually "destroying" your muscles by the exercises. When you're recovering (remind to take at least a couple of days rest, when you're building muscles), that's the moment the muscles are being build. By building the muscles, you need something from which your body can build the muscles (proteins).
Unfortunately, I'm no doctor :-( But I hope this helps. :-)  (+ info)

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