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Nervous system?

Which vitamin is best for nervous system?

Your body needs a balance of all vitamins, plus healthy food, water, rest and exercise. Calcium, magnesium, iron, omega oils, vitamin b- all are necessary.  (+ info)

nervous system ?

how does your nervous system react when you have an injury?

and what happends if your nervous system does not work properly?

It depends on the injury and how extensive, but most common reaction of nervous system when injury happens is seizures. Seizures is brains way of expressing a problem.Seizures are even more likely with head injury, but seizures can be triggered by a number of things (high fever, stress, medication side effects, etc.). The Nervous System may react in many other ways to injury, I just have knowledge and experience concerning seizures!  (+ info)

What do the integumetary and the nervous system have in common?

I am 12, and doing a project on human body matchmaking. It's srtof like, a dateing thing, ex.- the immune system likes to fight because it likes to fight off disease. So it would be perfect going with the integumentary, which is protective because it likes to protect the skin from anything that could hurt. I really cannot find anything that would make the integumentay and the nervous system go together. Or any qualitys that it could have. HELP!! I REALLY WANT A GOOD GRADEEE!

Well, the integumentary system is the essentially the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, since it covers your entire body. The nervous system also covers the entire body, so it too is very large. They have that in common.  (+ info)

Nervous System?

What happens when the nervous system shuts down?
yes, i have heard of the term vegetable
and dot answer this question unless u really know

you die.  (+ info)

What are some good websites to find information on the nervous system?

What are are some good websites to find information about the nervous system, how it works, what is included, and things that can go rong (like a disease or disorder).

Doc  (+ info)

What parts of the nervous System Are affected by Down Syndrome?

I'm doing some research on Down Syndrome and I need to figure out which parts of the nervous system are affected by this disease.

i was told by are pediatrician that every single cell from top to toe has down syndrome so every thing is affected every Living cell  (+ info)

Most deadly (Fatal) disorder or disease of the brain or other part of nervous system?

Does anybody know some most deadly (Fatal) disorder or disease of the brain or other part of nervous system other than Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease?

  (+ info)

what are some nervous system diseases?

hyperlinks please

Multiple Sclerosis
A good overview list is here (with links to info about each disease): http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/disorders.html  (+ info)

Is carpal tunnel a disease of the nervous system?

I've been getting a few different answers, I know that the median nerve is pinched when you get it.
My mom insists that it's a disease of the skeletal system, because it's the wrist.

Your mom is wrong. It can also cause pain in your shoulder and neck and up your forearm.

Sorry Bema7, it's not a disease of the skeletal system or any other system. It's an inflammation or irritation.  (+ info)

How does Parkinson's disease effect the nervous system?

Science project need to know how parkinsons disease effects the nervous system and brain.

Depletion of dopamine in the brain, it affects the neurotransmitters, which in turn affect the nervous system. muscarinic receptors at the cholingeric synapses are affected that's why they use anticholinergic agents to block the receptor's  (+ info)

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