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Is VZV the only herpesvirus member that can cause shingles/postherpetic neuralgia?

Are there any other/s herpesvirus that can also cause it? If so, which are these?

I'm pretty sure that the answer is yes. "Shingles", by definition, refers to VZV. Postherpetic neuralgia is really only described for VZV. Not 100% for sure, but pretty sure.

Hope that this helps.  (+ info)

Do you know a cure for postherpetic neuralgia?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for it. I have the same problem. You can take pain medication, and try not to aggravate the nerve, and there are some treatments for the pain, but no cures.
Here is an article:
http://www.drpodell.org/shingles-treatment2.shtml  (+ info)

Should you exercise with PHN(postherpetic neuralgia) from shingles?

I had shingles 8 months ago. I got the antiviral right away and the rash and severe pain soon went away. However, I was left with a mild case of PHN which has gradually improved but is certainly still present. I can once again do my yoga exercises. How aggressive should I be in exercising my upper arm which still has this residual pain?

moderate non vigorous activity is fine,u can measure your own threshold and try to stay below it ,,it wont affect the outcome ,exrcising only increases the risk of reinfection with herpes its latent in dorsal root ganglia  (+ info)

I have postherpetic neuralgia ( the condition following the shingles ) please help me it ruining my life!!?

I got shingles back in april of 2009 and I didn't take much of it and kept exercising. But that was my mistake i thought the med would get rid of it, but i was wrong. It it so bad and the pain it extreme at times and i can't exercise anymore really. Please if anyone has anything the help get rid of it or stop it please let me know I'm desperate at this stage

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I Have postherpetic neuralgia( the very bad pain following the shingles) please help me it ruining my life!!!?

I got shingles back in april of 2009 and i never took much of it and exercised still. But that's what my mistake was. Now i'm really suffering I can't exercise without getting exhausted and the pain is extreme. Does anyone know anything i desperate at this stage? Thank you!

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Shingles/Postherpetic Neuralgia and MRI?

Will postherpetic neuralgia be visible on an MRI? Will the nerves show any abnormalities? Or none are seen?

An Mri is not normally indicated for this and the results can only assist in extreme nerve damage, which is usually not the case.  (+ info)

Shingles and postherpetic neuralgia?

OK, came down with shingles last Friday, and slowly recuperating. I've been having some of the typical post-herpetic neuralgia -- the stinging, shooting pains around my abdomen, but I've also been immobilized for the past two days by an excruciating pain in my lower back. Its not the same shooting skin surface pain -- its more like I've thrown out my back.

Is this indeed related and normal to post-herpetic neuralgia? Some stuff I've read today leads worries me -- says this could be indicative of something much more severe...

It may or may not be the shingles. See your doctor to be sure.  (+ info)

Anyone have PHN ~postherpetic neuralgia? Any Home Remedies??

This in a condition you may get after shingles. My father is suffering from this, and the medication is not easing the pain. Does anyone know of a home remedy for this condition? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

Anecdotal testimonies from patients have suggested that smoking marijuana relieves the pain in much the same way as it relieves the pain of multiple sclerosis.

what you read above is what came in wikipedia :

warm acupuncture is what is adviced from my reading . so try the chinese ways and herbs :

http://www.springerlink.com/content/672pn7q866255531/  (+ info)

What is the best surgery for trigeminal neuralgia?

My mom is 73 year old and diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. She's done with al kinds of pain medication and is now considering surgery. Any suggestion?

It depends on what is pressing on the nerve or where on the nerve the problem is. SHe needs to see a Neuro Surgeon.  (+ info)

Trigeminal neuralgia: can it involve a constant pain instead of a fleeting pain?

Classic trigeminal neuralgia involves a fleeting pain that is often triggered by an external stimulus. The cause is often found to be a blood vessel pressing on a nerve. Can that same situation (a blood vessel pressing on a nerve) cause a constant pain that is not triggered by an external stimulus? If so, is the blood vessel always apparent on an MRI? Or might an MRI miss it? Thanks for all replies.

Yes, TN can cause constant pain. When it does, it's usually classified as "atypical trigeminal neuralgia."

If a blood vessel is pressing on the nerve, an MRI ordered to focus in tightly on the trigeminal nerve ought to catch it, but sometimes the cause of trigeminal neuralgia isn't as readily apparent as a blood vessel pressing on a nerve. Sometimes (as in my case) there's no visible cause at all to explain why the nerve keeps firing.

There's a useful breakdown of the various types of TN and related facial pain problems here:

(Although bear in mind while reading it that this website is focused on MVD, so it tends to overstate both the probability of a blood vessel pushing on a nerve as the evident cause *and* the efficacy of the MVD operation as a cure for TN. Nonetheless, if you can overlook that, it's still a pretty decent breakdown.)  (+ info)

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