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Was there any famous people with Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome?

I dont actually know for sure but i would highly doubt it.theres only a few hundred cases worldwide.its very rare  (+ info)

blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is 1 in how many births?

blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is 1 in how many births? This is a gentic disorder by the way. Thanks sooo much in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

only 150 cases recorded world wide.  (+ info)

Question about Blue Nevus.....I have one on my neck, have had it for years, now it hurts.?

It does hurt from time to time, but this time I picked at it and it started to drain puss, like a pimple. I know, it's gross, but....is it cancerous? I have an appt with a dermatologist next month. Should I worry? Should I have the appointment moved closer? The mole is a blue nevus and has been under my skin for many years.

Blue Nevi are never cancerous. You probably got it infected by picking on it. Wash with soap and water, apply antibiotic ointment and make sure and see your dermatologist for confirmation that all is ok - and quit picking at this or any other mole.

http://www.emedicine.com/derm/byname/blue-nevi.htm  (+ info)

Dermatologist? Anyone heard of blue nevus? blue mole?

my 22 month old son has a tiny blue mark on his cheek. I took him to the ped and they said it was blue nevus. Like a mole or birhtmark. My doctor said he would be fine but I am going to take him to a dermatologist for a 2nd opinion. Has anyone else ever heard of this? It is the size of a tiny bug bite and very blue. It has been there about a month.

They are not cancer, so don't worry. It's good you're going to the dermatologist though ... so you don't worry. Don't worry!  (+ info)

How to remove nevus with a simple way by myself at home?

How to remove the nevus on my nose? Don't tell me go to do surgery or use laser...I want ways that I can do at home by myself. Somebody suggests me to lightly rub the nevus with fresh lemon juice by using a Q-tip. I've tried that, it seems to work a very very very little bit but please give me a better way because it hurts my nose and takes a long time and I'm still suspecting whether it works or not.

Sorry, you need to see a dermatologist for nevus removal in office.  (+ info)

Why would doctors excise an atipical nevus?

I had a mole removed (shaved) and it came back as an atypical nevus, I am going to go back to have the rest taken out, but if it's not cancer why do they need to take the rest out?

Because of the word "atypical". An atypical nevus has the possibility of degenerating into a melanoma, as opposed to a regular nevus. So, to be on the safe side, it's better to get rid of a potentially serious condition, easily, than to wait until (if ever) it does turn into a malignancy that can cause death. And, of course, there is the legal side of this too: should it turn into a melanoma, and the doctor had not taken it off, then he'd probably be looking at a law suit for not having acted sooner and preventing a death.  (+ info)

How to make blue eyes look prettier with makeup?

I have like really weirdly rare blue eyes. They are normal blue with a white circle in the blue, and the color is surrounded by a dark blue. They dont stand out enough for me. I want them noticed more. What make up tips are going to make them pop?

i have blue eyes to and this is what i use.
I use almay trio for blues eyeshadow. (especially the copper color) it brings out the blue in my eyes. Also you could use the middle dark shade as an eyeliner it works well but thats just an option.
Then i use black brown mascara. (i personally use covergirl last blast) but any mascara you prefer is good as long as its black brown
hope that helps:)  (+ info)

What causes some blue eyes to appear flat in color or very solid, while others have depth and many blues?

My eyes are rimmed in navy blue and often have a mixture of light and dark blues veins running towards my pupil. I have friends whos eyes look flat blue though with no depth or difference of color. WHy is this?

You have more melanin in your eyes.

I have gray eyes, so I have less melanin than people with true blue eyes.  (+ info)

How do I go about dyeing my hair blue?

I really like blue. I've tried dyeing it that way twice before. The first time, I just used blue dye (my hair is overall light brown but ranges blonde to dark brown) and it just ended up looking brown with a blue tinge. So the second time I bleached my hair blonde (almost got it in my eye) then dyed it blue, but it looked pretty horrible till I was able to get the blue dye again.

So I'm back to college in 2 weeks and don't need to worry about employers. Is it worth looking into having it done at a hairdresser? Just the bleaching or would they even carry blue dye? Any other suggestions?

I'm a stylist and I would have you buy blue dye, like Manic Panic, and bring it in. I would bleach your hair out for you, then apply the blue.  (+ info)

How long does a black and blue take to heal?

I have a few black and blue bruises. They started showing blue and sensitivity within less than 24 hours. How long will it take to heal?
I bruise really easily. Sometimes I can go to cross my legs, hit my knee lightly on my desk and the black and blue is still there a couple weeks later. Sometimes I get a black and blue harder and it lasts shorter. And will putting neosporin on the bruises help?

It takes about a 5-7 days.  (+ info)

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