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May I have E-Mail address of "quijibored" for getting more information about :Spindle cell sarcoma?

I want give more info about my case e.g. "place or size of my tumor" .

Do you mean this quijibored?


If so then he has not made himself contactable via email.

What you could do is first update your profile so that you can be contacted by email by other users (other users will not be given your email address but they will then have the facility to contact you via Answers) Then add a comment to the question you originally asked, that quijibored answered, asking that quijibored contact you. Then hope that he notices your comment.  (+ info)

Spindle cell carcinoma?

Trying to find a website to explain this cancer and if it is hereditary? Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.

Spindle cell carcinoma is a rare variant of squamous cell carcinoma type of skin cancer. It is not hereditary. According to this article it was initially believed that Spindle Cell Carcinoma arose where a person had previously had radiotherapy treatments but this has now been proven to not be true. It is true that if the person has had radiotherapy then the spindle cell will be more aggressive than a spindle cell that occurs on skin which has not had radiotherapy. If the person has not had radiotherapy then the spindle cell carcinoma can usually be cured with simple excision with good margins.

Bottom line - if you have not had radiotherapy to the area where the cancer is located and you have not ignored this cancer by letting it grow, then you probably do not have much to worry about. The spindle cell type is rare but the behavior is basically the same as a squamous cell skin cancer and would have a high cure rate in most situations. good luck


There are also tumors called thymomas that arise in the chest and exhibit spindle cells. These are a benign tumor and are not hereditary. Benign means non-malignant but may still be a problematic tumor. A thymoma is located in or near the thymus gland. Here is a web page describing the treatment of this type spindle cell tumor.

http://thymoma.de/thymomatreatment.htm  (+ info)

hi, my brother is fighting cancer and his dr mentioned new term "myxoid spindle cell sarcoma". please explain.?

We are told that there is new drug from Pfizer to treat this. Where can I get more details?

Myxoid spindle cell is the kind of sarcoma your brother has. What details are you looking for? About the drug? You don’t give the name, but I guess you could go to Pfizer’s website.

When a doctor says something you do not understand that is the time to ask questions otherwise they are under the impression you understood them. Not communicating well with the doctor treating your brother can lead to frustration and other problems down the line.  (+ info)

12-10-07 & 7-18-08 I had surgery for spindle cell carcinoma. There were clear margins from both.

Radiation is now being considered. The problem is that radiation can make this type of cancer more aggressive. I am very confused as to my next step. I trust my medical team so do I simply accept their decision or is there more I should be doing?

I would absolutely seek another opinion or two or three until I felt comfortable with my decision. This is your body and you need to feel safe and comfortable before you proceed with anything. I don't know about you, but I feel like I have lost control enough without narrowing my options to what my team tells me what to do too. I have questioned almost everything that I felt less than "okay" about. I start radiation in 2 weeks and let me tell you that I would want every option before I made my mind up if my cancer was facing possible faster aggression. I wish you the very best of luck.   (+ info)

what is spindle cell sarcoma?

A sarcoma (cancer) where the malignant cells look spindle shaped when examined under a microscope. You didn't give a tumor location, so I'm guessing that these links might be helpful.




http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Sites-Types/soft-tissue-sarcoma  (+ info)

Explain Why each drug could be fatal to a cell while having chemotherapy?

:Vincristine:damages the mitotic spindle
:Adriamycin:binds to DNA and blocks messenger RNA synthesis

The mitotic spindle pulls the chromosomes towards the two kinetochores located in the daughter cells, so if the mitotic spindle is damaged the cells cannot complete telophase and thus are pretty messed up. You'd probably end up with severe aneuploidy (incorrect number of chromosomes), which is generally fatal to the cell, either directly or because of cellular defense mechanisms.

Likely problem with Vincristine: cancer cells frequently mutate to inactivate their tumor supressor genes, which cause the cell to die if their chromosomes become seriously damaged. A normal cell thus could never survive with severe aneuploidy, but many cancer cells can..

If mRNA synthesis is blocked, the cell can do basically nothing. Without new mRNA, no new protein can be made. This means the cell can't maintain existing cellular processes once those enzymes are broken down. It also means that the cell cannot enter S phase (for example) because to copy the DNA the cell needs to make the appropriate proteins.

Likely problem with Adriamycin: It would be difficult to get this drug to specifically target cancer cells. Though cancer cells are growing quickly and thus are synthesizing a lot of new proteins, other cells in your body need to be able to make mRNA too. Thus, severe side-effects are likely.  (+ info)

How to remove nevus with a simple way by myself at home?

How to remove the nevus on my nose? Don't tell me go to do surgery or use laser...I want ways that I can do at home by myself. Somebody suggests me to lightly rub the nevus with fresh lemon juice by using a Q-tip. I've tried that, it seems to work a very very very little bit but please give me a better way because it hurts my nose and takes a long time and I'm still suspecting whether it works or not.

Sorry, you need to see a dermatologist for nevus removal in office.  (+ info)

Why would doctors excise an atipical nevus?

I had a mole removed (shaved) and it came back as an atypical nevus, I am going to go back to have the rest taken out, but if it's not cancer why do they need to take the rest out?

Because of the word "atypical". An atypical nevus has the possibility of degenerating into a melanoma, as opposed to a regular nevus. So, to be on the safe side, it's better to get rid of a potentially serious condition, easily, than to wait until (if ever) it does turn into a malignancy that can cause death. And, of course, there is the legal side of this too: should it turn into a melanoma, and the doctor had not taken it off, then he'd probably be looking at a law suit for not having acted sooner and preventing a death.  (+ info)

How harmful are cell phones to the brain and the human body?

You read about all the magnetic waves that cell phones radiate, and how it is bad for your body (especially your brain.) But what are the worst case scenarios for using a cell phone for a long period of time? Do you get cancer? Less intelligent?

Also, is it true that the lower the battery of the cell phone, the more radiation it emits?

One final question, is it harmful to keep your cell phone next to your testicles/penis (scientific terms I'm using)?


After years of observation and argument, nobody has come up with proof that cell phones are dangerous to health, but it is reasonable to limit the exposure in children, whose brains are still developing. They really don't need to be on the phone all the time anyway.

A low battery does not increase the radiation. However, the further you are from the base station, the greater the radiation. this is because the phone senses that reception is weak, and increases its own output to ensure good contact  (+ info)

How is cancer is more potent than a cell inflicted with a virus if they have similar characteristics?

A virus is foreign RNA enters the body and actually becomes part of the cell's DNA. Cancer is caused when the DNA of a cell becomes mutated one way or another and the cell will divide and replicate uncontrollably. Both "virused" and cancerous cells are cells with mutations in the DNA. To me, virus is just RNA that causes mutation from the outside whereas cancer is mutations that come from within. Where is the real difference between these two mutations, if not in potency and ability to damage the body?

Not all viruses are RNA viruses - but this is an intelligent question.
Most viruses insert a message that says "make more of me"
- - more viral particles.
The DNA damage of malignancies turns off the cellular control mechanisms that tell cells to stop dividing - so cells divide / reproduce without control as you say.
The differences is reproduction of cells vs reproduction of viral particles.

There are over 26,000 genes in the human genome.
Damage to each one has different consequences.
Nothing is simple in the human body, and it gets more complicated each year as brilliant researchers unravel the mechanisms of function associated with each gene.

There are some very smart people on this site who can explain this in much more elaborate detail if they see this question. Good question. You are thinking.
That's what I ask of my students first and foremost - think.

There are viruses associated with some human malignancies.
I think we will find more of these in the future.  (+ info)

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