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What kind of cell phone do you have and how much did it cost?

Do you really like you cell? Is it cool to you? What color? ....I'm thinking about getting a new cell but I don't know what kind. HELP?

magenta razr v3 it cost $100.00 plus activation and all that crap about for 300$ but yes i really like it! it is SO cute  (+ info)

Where might I find pictures of the cell francisella tularensis?

I have a project on a bacteria and i have to find a picture of the bacteria Francisella Tularensis or tularemia (rabbit fever). I have searched all over the internet and I still cannot seem to find any picture. The picture must be of the actual cell from a view of a microscope. Thanks!

Here you go. Tons of pics. :)  (+ info)

How much is stem cell treatment for autism?

How much does adult stem cell therapy cost? And where can i go to receive it? I have autism/Asperger's, and i am not really sure if adult stem cell therapy is able to treat Asperger's, even though it has been used to treat more severe forms of autism.

I think you need heavy metal chelation, which is a lot healthier and cheaper than stem cell therapy.

Most (75%) of ASDs are mercury poisoned. Here's a group of adults who do low dose chelation:


Good luck.  (+ info)

What are ways to make your white blood cell count come up?

My bestfriends mom is in stage 4 of cancer. She is on her last treatment now but can not get it because her white blood cell count is to low. Does anyone know anything she can do to help them come up, and is there any way you can provide me proof that it helps?
Herbal ways would be great as well!

You have a challenge.

First, what would anyone know more than her doctors.

However, you asked for scientific proof. That will help. Unfortunately there is not enough time to pull all the evidence based medicine available.
So, here is the answer and you will have to go and find, convince or otherwise try to persuade.

There is a correlation between low GSH (glutathione) and numerous blood problems.

There is a company that makes a product that is actually patented for giving to patients on chemo. It prevents the loss of hair, blood counts and even shortens the length of treatment for both chemo and radiation.

It is listed in the Physicains Desk Reference.

However, it is not paid for by many states. In PA, it is only paid for with tube feeding patients and pediatric patients.

Hope this helps.

PS. Contact the webmaster of the below site to get more info as there is no direct link to any of the manufacturers. Then contact them and you can probably get the clinical trial literature.

The pub med article below is a round about way of showing that it works. It was the least geekey article I could find on short notice. The bettter ones are older and will require a bit of digging.

Incidentally there was a 82 year old woman diagnosed and sent home with stage 4 lung cancer. She was treated with this in McGill. She died.
It was 12 years later and she was 92. Back then, it cost $10,000 Canadian dollars a month. Now it is closer to about 16 dollars a day for 6 months and then only about 2-3 dollars a day.

Good health to you and yours.  (+ info)

What age should a teenager stop turning there cell phone in at night?

My daughter is 14 years old and I have has to bring her cell phone up before she goes to bed. She thinks for summer that she should be able to keep it and doesn't understand why we even have the rule in the house. I am not sure what to do if I let her have it or have her keep bringing it up at night??

For the summer, I don't think she needs to turn in her cellphone. However, during the school year, no matter what age she is, no matter how stupid she thinks the rule is, she should turn in her phone. The reason she might think it is stupid is because she might feel as though you don't trust her. I would probably do the same thing if my daughter had a cellphone...I probably WILL make my son -- when he's a teen -- turn in his cellphone, if he ever gets one. I think it's precaution, and is making sure they're not getting distracted from their sleep, which they so desperately need.  (+ info)

How to deal with high heart rate and high red blood cell count?

I have slightly high heart rate and higher than normal red blood cell count. I'm 15 and my weight is perfectly normal. I have a little high cholestoral but not that much.

Also, could second hand smoking contribute to high red blood cell count? My dad's a smoker and he smokes everywhere.
My chest hurts a little bit from time to time

A higher heart rate and elevated Red Blood cell count is suggestive of Polycythemia, in which the body makes an over abundance of RBC's to compensate for persistent low oxygen states. I doubt this to be a second hand smoke problem. There are a myriad of reasons that can cause this. The transient episodes of chest pains too, is a worrisome sign that you're not delivering enough O2 to your heart. You really need to speak with your doctor.

Ralph  (+ info)

What age is an appropriate age to get a daughter a cell phone?

My daughter is going to turn 13 and I am not sure if 13 is an appropriate age for a cell phone. Although she is going to be a teenager now and she is going to be in middle school. For you parents out there when did you get your child a cell phone and why?

If she has a job and can pay the bills then fine. If not then NO

This is a lesson in responsibility. Now I know 13 is a bit young for work, you can also make her do work around the house (pull weeds, clean floors, paint the house) not including her normal chores. Then I'd pay her something like 5 dollars per hour, this will give her some respect of what it takes to maintain a cell phone. If she ever stops paying, then her phone becomes MY phone. Don't be wimpy about enforcing this.

That's what I'd do.

I will NEVER pay monthly bill so my children can have a cell, NEVER.  (+ info)

What are the risks associated with post acinar cell tumour of pancreas?

My relative underwent a surgery for acinar cell tumor of pancreas in 2005. Now she is pregnant. Is it safe for her to have a baby? What are the risks involved and what would be the precautions required so as to ensure she lives for a very long period.

There is no way to answer you. We do not even know the stage or her treatment. In general the prognosis for pancreatic cancer is not good. Although, acinar cell tumors have a better prognosis than adenocarcinomas. This is a very uncommon cancer and it is very unusual to occur in someone young enough to have children so there is little known about this combination and therefore, impossible to ensure a long life. She has already survived longer than the average person. I hope she stays this way.  (+ info)

What is considered too low a range for basal cell temperature? Is it always a sign of hypothyroidism?

I've been doing bbt tracking, and I've noticed that my highest basal cell temperature in the morning was 36.8F. It's most often between 36.1-36.5.
I believe I've had a thyroid test, and it was normal. I first realised my body temperature might too low when I was using a fertility chart and had to change the range since my waking temperature has never even reached 37 degrees C. I sleep pretty normally, and usually wake up naturally around the same time every day.
The thing is, I don't tend to feel cold, and although I weigh more than I did when I was younger and can't seem to lose it, I'm still pretty slim. I do have some symptoms that appear to be consistent with hypothyroidism, but some are not. For example, I don't have any throat problems and I rarely ever feel cold even with a low body temperature.
Is it within a normal range, or are can it be a symptom of something besides thyroid disorders?

You can be hypothyroidic (sp?) for years before it manifests itself. My best advice is to have your doctor do thyroid testing of the blood to make sureyour levels are all right. The number should be near 5. When my hypothroidism was diagnosed, I was having headaches and insomnia. It may be that your levels are fluctuating, or that it is off. If there is a history of it in your family, you have probably some sort of thyroid disorder which can be easily helped by a small dose of medicine. You should definitely see your doctor. As far as basal cell tempuratures being, I am not sure what you mean, the problem will be shown for thyroid in the blood. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can a cell phone cause a lump behind your ear?

I just found a lump behind my right ear where I use my cell phone, it hurts now that I touched it and it's hard. Could it be from holding my phone on that side?

There is no evidence that exists to show that cell phones cause cancer behind the ear.

American Cancer Society: Cellular Phones

Study: No Evidence Cell Phones Cause Cancer
Cancer Rates No Higher in Long-Term Users
http://www.cancer.org/docroot/NWS/conten...  (+ info)

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