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What are some drugs for nocturnal enuresis in adults?

What are some prescription drugs for bed-wetting in male adults?

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What is the treatment of nocturnal enuresis in a man 20 years old ? Thanks?

I am sad to say the treatment options are limited. After aged eighteen, the rate of cure for enuresis is minimal at best. 0.5% to 1% of all adults still wet the bed, and the statistics are not that great for cures.

This doesn't mean it can not be done, only that the difficulties are much more than for children.

There are medications to consider, and this is something to talk to the doctor about. Usage of adult diapers is an option for control, but if used I would consider the use of a bedwetting alarm inside the diaper. This will awaken the man and perhaps give him the ability to train himself to awaken before wetting. An alarm clock going off every couple of hours may help, as would limiting (but not eliminating) drinks in the hours before bedtime.

Best of luck... This is a difficult problem for any person, child or adult; but the chips are stacked against the man in finding a cure.

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Is nocturnal enuresis an obsessive compulsion disorder(O.C.D.)?

Nocturnal enuresis, commonly called bedwetting, is a medical term for involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control usually occurs.is this statement true in most of the adults in whom bedwetting is common?is it an O.C.D.?

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I am 18, almost 19, years old and I suffer from Primary Nocturnal Enuresis, a.k.a. bedwetting.?

I have tried various medications including imipramine and desmopressin (DDAVP) none of these helped at all. I have tried re-training my bladder without success as well as seeing a psychologists. I also currently sleep with a C-PAP machine because I have sleep apnea and we thought that could be the problem. It wasn't. Does ANYONE know why I might be suffering from PNE?

Yeah, I have apnea too. And, have wet the bed. My doc said to try the KEGEL excersises to strengthen my sphincters...both anal and urethral. I worked!

Google KEGEL. Hope it works for ya :)  (+ info)

Does Nocturnal Enuresis have anything to do with being ADD/ADHD?

I Think i have Nocturnal Enuresis and i was looking up some things about it and it showed a couple of prescribed medications i could ask my doctor for and one of them was (Imipramine) and the brand name for that is (Tofranil). This medication is normally used for ADD/ADHD. So that's why i was wondering if Nocturnal Enuresis had anything to do with ADD/ADHD. I took a Teen ADD/ADHD Self Test and it said:

Your results indicate that your teen appears to be struggling with many of the symptoms of attention deficit disorder. It is strongly suggested that you speak with your teen about seeking the guidance of a Mental Health Practitioner to learn more about diagnosis and possible treatment options for what he or she is experiencing.

That's Exactly what it had said after i took that test so i am thinking that maybe Nocturnal Enuresis has something to do with being ADD/ADHD.

THANX for your HELP........

Sinceraly, Ashley Killian

Many years ago I was prescribed Imipramine for depression. Some of these medications are prescribed for other conditions besides depression. It's important to see your Primary Care doctor to rule out conditions such as a Urinary Tract Infection...etc. that could be the cause of your problem. I hope you'll be feeling better.  (+ info)

Nocturnal enuresis (night time bedwetting) at age 15?

Hi. I'm a 15 year old and suffer from nocturnal enuresis (night time bedwetting). I have been waiting and waiting as I was told this problem would go away as I grew up, yet I still find myself suffering from this issue.

It affects my social life a lot and I want to put an end to this problem. What is the most effective way to treat this? I am considering using a bed wetting alarm, how effective are bed-wetting alarms as a treatment?

I keep being told by people in my family that I should control what I drink before bed, I agree to some point but I don't want to stay thirsty for hours just to avoid a problem that has not been fully solved. I want to be able to drink like a normal person and wake up to a dry bed.

What is the most effective treatment(s) to this problem?

I can empathize with you here. Enuresis is just a drag!

Here is my advice. I would venture a guess that you have tried some of this, but I am going to try to be as thorough as I can.

First, make sure your bed has some sort of protection on it. Protective sheets these days are much nicer than before, it is no longer the smelly, crinkly vinyl sheet. Some are pillow-top, and a few are unnoticeable. This will help keep the bed dry.

Use some sort of adult diaper or bedwetting diapers for older children to contain the urine at night. This is a suggestion, but it is better than having to change the sheets in the middle of the night.

You can use a bedwetting alarm. The purpose of these is to wake you when you begin to wet. At first, you may still wet and then wake up. This will be frustrating, but remember their purpose is to train you to wake up when you need to go. Over time, your mind can be trained to awaken to these right away; and eventually, your mind may learn to wake before you wet.

Likewise, you can set a regular alarm clock to go off every couple of hours to wake you up. The goal here would be to wake up to go to the toilet before you wet the bed. Eventually, the goal is to learn to wake without the alarm clock when you have to pee.

There are some medications, such as DDAVP, that may help with wetting; but all medications have their risks. This is something to speak about with your doctor.

Speaking of your doctor, you should set an appointment to see him. Not so much as an office visit for an exam, but a "strategy building" session. The outcome should be the selection of some specialist doctors to visit (i.e. Urologist, Neurologist, Psychologist, etc). In medicine, when something is elusive and difficult, we call in several experts that may be able to help. Investigations are done (medical tests) to try to find the cause (enuresis is a symptom, not so much a disease, and likewise has a cause. Find and correct the cause, correct the symptom).

As for fluid intake, you should try to restrict fluids. This will help, of course (less in, less out); but you are right to avoid constant thirst. Thirst is your body saying it needs fluid; but instead of drinking a large glass every time, consider drinking only a cup or half of a cup. If still thirsty in ten minutes, have another half a cup. Granted, this is tough, but it will help limit the water coming in (and thus the water going out).

As for your social life, it is tough; but you can manage it. I can attest to the ability to sleep in a room with three other people and having none of them know, or staying with friends, or traveling across continents. It can be done, but discretion and tactics are a must. Be careful and take care, you can develop the skill to live a more normal life with your enuresis.

Under no circumstance should you let this hamper or slow down your life. Seriously, this is not something that can't be managed; and it would be better to try to enjoy life now rather than squander it away out of fear of being discovered.

That said, you should know that at your age, about two to five percent of kids still have enuresis. This means that if your High School as one-thousand students, then between twenty and fifty still wet the bed. You are not alone! There are support groups you can look into online. These are places you can connect with people who have enuresis, learn ways to manage, or possible treatments.

Finally, about one-half to one percent of all children who are bedwetters reach adulthood as bedwetters. After age eighteen, most people with enuresis continue to have enuresis through adulthood. The cure rate is very low past this point. Not to try to drag you down, but you should make sure you exhaust all options for diagnosis and treatment now. Also, you should try to think about how to come to terms if you don't concur this problem. It can be done, this I promise; but you need to come to terms and develop a way to manage it.

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I am 15 and I am suffering from nocturnal enuresis. What can I do to make sure this ends soon?

Hi. I am 15 years old and I still suffer from nocturnal enuresis. Recently I had a sleepover and it was very difficult to make sure I didn't wet the bed. I feel very ashamed and I have no one to talk to about this problem. I want to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want to hear about anything that I may be able to do to stop this problem.

I have tried alarms and have been woken up in the past and it seemed to help but it did not end the problem completely. I saw that the odds of a 15 year old who suffers from this is around 1-2% worldwide. What are the odds that this problem will continue any longer?

Any exercises or anything that can help me solve this problem, anything to give me comfort or to try and help me is appreciated.

PS. I think that I do have some relative who used to suffer from this in my family.

Don't worry many people suffer from things like this including me.I'm now 13 and I still wet the bed and I only were able to have my first sleepover on Saturday. I have never tried anything else but pull ups which are like big nappies. They may not be the comfiest things ever but they are nicer than a wet bed in the morning.

good luck and most people just grow out of it so don't worry and I hope I've helped  (+ info)

at any age a treatment of nocturnal enuresis must be started?

I believe you need to be over 5 or 6 years before medication is given. My experience has been that usually treatment begins around 10 years old or older.  (+ info)

what causes nocturnal enuresis?

thsi is the fancy latin based term for night peeing but i have a nagging memory somewhere of why someone would we e more at night than during the day


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How to gain weight with nocturnal emissions problem?

I am male 25 years with height 5.7". I born thin with differ in size of my chest. I am also have nocturnal emissions problem. I want to build my body good. As and when i tried to get my good with nutrious my nocturnal emissions moves on with high speed (15-20 times in a month)

Please suggest me How I can buid my body good with equal size in my chest, with good sources of protiens which easliy available in the market.

Stop taking Steroids or Body Mass Enhancing agents. They are the cause for you Night Fall.

Have a healthy life style. Take lot of protein in your diet. Not just any protein that's available in the market but one that has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.  (+ info)

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