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What causes some people to form cysts in their body while others do not?

I get Baker's Cysts in my knees and Ovarian Cysts on my ovaries. What's the deal with all of the cysts?! Are the two connected? I mean, am I just more prone to developing cysts in different parts of my body or is this just a coincidence that I have cysts in two different parts of my body?

i've been having ovian cysts since i was 20. they don't know what causes them but i've heard it can be stressed induced. i don't think theyre connected though  (+ info)

What causes deep cysts on the chin close to the corners of your mouth?

I get deep cysts that wont come to a head on my chin near where like the telefone receiver would go. What causes these? are they hormonal? how should I deal with them other then getting constand cortisone shots. Any suggestions! over the counter or prescription I cant live with these!

it could be from constant keeping the telephone receiver at that location for a long period of time. I would say start using a phone with a optional headset jack or use a speakerphone.  (+ info)

How common is it to have recurring ovarian cysts after you have had one removed? What is good prevention?

I recently had surgery to have a cyst removed that grew out of my left ovary. It was huge, 20 cm that filled my adomen, making it huge and painful. I am wondering how often people have more problematic cysts after one is removed? Also what is a good way to prevent another one from growing?

  (+ info)

Can sebaceous cysts really be healed by applying a hot water bottle?

Just wondered if anyone has had any success with getting rid of cysts in this way. Also, what can be done to prevent getting them? I've had 7 or 8 over the past 20 years on my back neck and face. I've never had a satisfactory answer from a GP on prevention methods and thought it might be time to put the question to the masses.

Other than deep cleansing in an attempt to keep the ducts free of debris, there is little you can do. A hot-water bottle won't help.  (+ info)

does anyone have a good diet for getting rid of fibrous cysts?

I recently found out that I have fibrous cysts in my breasts. I am definitely not a dieter. But I have been told to observe certain eating/drinking habits. I am looking for an easy to follow diet plan to reduce fibrous cysts.

www.google.com  (+ info)

What are the difficulties faced when there are cysts in the ovaries?

I have a friedn who have cysts in the ovaries.Please tell me what are the difficulties faced in her life.And it would be appreciable if any one can provide the natural cure for this with out surgery or with out using the tablets.Thank You.

Your friend may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. PCOS is an endocrine disorder that causes some women to have cysts around their ovaries in a pearl-like fashion. Other symptoms included eratic periods, acne, excess facial hair, obesity, infertility, and others. Patients can have one, or many, of these symptoms. PCOS also causes the body to be insulin resistant, which can lead to future health problems such as diabetes or heart disease. The disorder is thought to be genetic, although this is not confirmed. Many doctors simply treat the symptoms of this disorder, rather than treating the actual problem, which is of no help long term. I would suggest that your friend see an endocrinologist or a reproductive endocrinologist and have her hormone levels tested. If she is taking hormonal birth control, she'll need to discontinue this for a few weeks prior to testing so that the results will be accurate.  (+ info)

Is it possible to conceive with ovarian cysts and no medication?

I'm asking this question here because you ladies are all prego! Congrats, anyway I have really bad cysts and they have seem to be alot worse after I had my son. This month I was having intense pain and I thought a cyst had burst. My doctor told me he wants to monitor me to see if I'm ovulating but he thinks I'm going to need an extra push and go on meds to ttc. Anyone conceive without the use of meds and having cysts? Thanks!

Yes! It took 10 months of trying, but I am now pregnant (almost 12 weeks now). I have PCOS, but don't take anything for it. I always said that if it took over a year and we hadn't conceived I would go on meds, but I didn't want to.

So in answer to your question, yes, it does happen, it happened to me!  (+ info)

What to expect when getting an ultrasound for ovarian cysts?

Every month, I get the worst cramps ever. They hurt so bad that I can't do anything expect for lay down. Nothing has helped either. My mom took me to the doctor and she put me on birth control. But, I have to go back and have an ultrasound down to check for ovarian cysts. What can I expect? Will the make my mom leave the room? Will I have do have something in my vagina? Please help :P
Thanks so much(:
I'm 15 almost 16.

Don't panic. An ultrasound is all external. I have had them done, for similar reasons. I can walk you through the procedure step by step from my own experience.

With regards to your mother, if you need the support you can ask that your mother stay with you, I'm sure the technician will have absolutely no problem with that. If you'd prefer you can also ask that she leave the room.

When you arrive they will probably ask that you to change into a gown and lay down on the examining table. The technician will put lubricant on your pelvis, above your pubic area. Next they will use the ultrasound to scan your ovaries. Think of the device like a barcode scanner. There might be a bit of pressure so they can get a clear look at your ovaries, but certainly not anything painful.

For me, the most uncomfortable part of the procedure was was the feeling of the lubricating jelly. If you do experience any pain, just inform the technician. Over all, don't be worried, they won't be looking at your vagina at all.

Also make sure you drink plenty of water before your appointment and don't urinate, this helps with a more clear picture as well. That information should be provided to you by the office where you are having the exam done.  (+ info)

What to use to get rid of acne caused by hormones from cysts?

I've had ovarian cysts for sometime, and one of the most annoying things is the acne. I am 26 but am tired of this, it makes me look 17. I use Clean and Clear everyday to wash my face and the astringent in the morning. Any suggestions? Every time I get a cyst my face breaks out.

So, I'm guessing that you were officially diagnosed with PCOS, correct? I was diagnosed with it as well as my sister. Her doctor prescribed her glucophage and she's seeing a difference already.
Typically, when you have PCOS, there are several meds that can be prescribed to help you keep everything in check - metformin and glucophage are probably the most common. A good doctor can check your blood work to see what meds what balance you out best.
I would recommend a great gyno instead of a family practice doc.  (+ info)

What are the chances of infertility for women who have monthly ovarian cysts?

I'm going in for my first ultrasound this week to see if there are any existing ovarian cysts that I may have. I've had terribly painful cysts for the last two/three months, with pain lasting a minimum of four hours. I'm only seventeen, and would like to raise a family someday. What are my odds of infertility? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I was diagnosed at 20 with PCOS and I am now 25 years old. I have had alot of trouble getting pregnant. I HAVE been pregnant 2 times since the diagnosis, unfortunatly the 1st ended in miscarriage and the 2nd baby was still born Christmas Day 2009. NEITHER WHERE DUE TO THE CYSTS. We have been trying for 8 months now with no luck. Probably due to my cysts acting up and I havent had my period in the last 8 months either. If you are worried about it, I found some remedies that help concieve. Friends of mine have used it with real success, I have not tried it yet but am hopeful Its call Fertility Blend, you can find it at most GNC stores. All will be okay, either way. Good Luck!  (+ info)

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