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Where can I find information on infectious diseases spread through nose blowing in the shower?

I'm currently living in a dorm setting where we have 6 individual showers available to us. Every morning, one individual insists on blowing her nose in the shower, despite the signs I have posted. I work in the medical field, and although I have searched for documentation on communicable diseases spread through phlegm, I cannot seem to find anything about it. I would like to present this individual with some facts on her disgusting habit so that we do not end up with 20 ill females, and I would greatly appreciate some help. If you can find any links with this information, please let me know. Thank you!

I usually find relevant information from the Centers for Disease Control.  (+ info)

What diseases can you get in your nose?

I would like to know because i am writing a report on the nose. Can you tell me what diseases can you get? ASAP?

The nose is composed of the ethmoid plate, septum and turbinates. There isn't much that can affect those anatomical parts (a fracture is more likely).You can get sinusitis which affects the sinuses, and, in turn, will cause the turbinates to hypertrophy.  (+ info)

When a dr puts a camera up your nose and down your throat, what kinds of diseases can he see?

I'm just curious bc i had this done a few days ago, and he says he didn't see anything to worry about.

He is looking at the visible surfaces inside your nose, in the back of your throat, on the vocal cords and in the first part of the trachea (windpipe). He could be looking for abnormal growths (not necessarily cancers), abnormal inflammation, or things not functioning properly.  (+ info)

Is a runny nose a symptom for any diseases?

I need this for a research project.

  (+ info)

can you get any diseases from a swimming pool if you have a bloody nose?

can you contract a disease if you get a bloody nose in a pool... and which ones... thank you...

No! there is enough chlorine in the pool to kill off most of the bacteria/germs that could possibly happen  (+ info)

Is it possible to catch any diseases by picking your nose and eating it?

i wouldn't think so since the boogs come from your own body. eat on brother  (+ info)

Is it better to get your nose pierced with a gun or needle?

i wanna get my nose pierced but people are saying that if you get it done with a needle it hurts. but if you get it done with a gun it isnt sterilized and you can get diseases from it. And does it really hurt? please give me the most information you can about it. Thanks!

DON`T DO IT!  (+ info)

What diseases can an abnormally high sed-rate indicate?

I have been having some health problems. The symptoms I have been having include:

swollen lymphnode
tons of nose bleeds
and other stuff.
I know it can be an indicator of infection, but which types? Staff infection?
Ummm, excuse me,my docotr is doing the diagnosing and has already drawn conclusions from my blood test thank you very much.

ESRs are nonspecific and are not used alone to diagnose. They are compared with other test results. The CRP is considered more sensitive and more useful.

Conditions that are associated with a high sed rate are rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, AMI, cancers of the stomach, colon, breast, liver & kidney, Hodgkin's, multiple myeloma, lymphosarcoma, bacterial infections, gouty arthritis, acute PID, SLE, erythroblastosis fetalis, the second and third trimesters of pregnancy and burns.

Stop looking for a problem you may not have and let your doctor do the diagnosing.  (+ info)

Is it natural to pick your nose and eat it?

My girlfriend always does this, even in public, and says it's like a natural vaccine for diseases. It's most embarrassing when we go to social gatherings or to a restaurant.
She's a hottie otherwise. I just really don't like it when she wraps it around her fingerand examines it before she eats it. Should I ask her to be more discreet?

yes, this practice is seem in various simian relatives to man. it appears to be instinctive but not necessarily nice to look at.  (+ info)

would you buy a nose ring off ebay? Or would you be worried about germs/diseases?

I recently pierced my nose, and I need a real nose ring. I live in a small town and can't find them anywhere. (I pierced my nose with a stud earring..repierced it actually, it had been pierced years ago). So I thought about buying a nose ring off ebay, but I'm kinda concerned about germs, or if it would be sanitary. I know I could soak it in rubbing alcohol as well, would this kill any diseases/germs? Also worried if any nuts would purposely put something bad on it., I know that sounds weird but you have to be careful these days. Mostly scared of AIDS and other diseases or anything bad. Thanks for you opinions.

go for it! make sure you disinfect it.  (+ info)

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