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Does sexual activity during pregnancy predispose to premature labor?

A lot of people say it's alright to engage in sexual activities during pregnancy as long as it could not cause discomforts on the part of the woman. But isn't it that stimulation (may be caused by sex) can lead to uterine contractions and this in turn might lead to premature labor? Do i make sense here?

No it does not cause preterm labor. It does cause contractions, which later in pregnancy can help progress things, but not cause labor.

You change positions when it hurts, if it starts hurting all the time you dont have sex, not because it can hurt the baby, but because it hurts your body.

The only time you dont have sex when pregnant is if you have an incomplete cervix or issues with your cervix, or a high risk pregnancy, or placenta problems, but those are things are found by your doctor and they tell you before hand.  (+ info)

Could just one previous miscarriage cause my current pregnancy to go into premature labor?

I had a miscarriage in mid June of 2009 when I was 10 weeks. Now I am 22 weeks, could I go into premature labor because of the previous miscarriage.

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Anyone who has experienced premature labor, what were the signs?

I have noticed some occasional cramping and what feels like pressure in pelvic area. I don't remember this happening with my first 2 pregnancies. Has anyone experienced this and had premature labor? Also, I'm 29 weeks along if that helps.

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Does anyone know if walking in the heat cause premature labor?

I'm 8 months pregnant & I know walking helps with smooth labor... But I've heard that it can cause premature labor?!?! Can anyone help me out? I have asked this question before & didn't get any response. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

The only risk here is if you walk too much in the heat, without adequate hydration.

If you get dehydrated, that can put you into premature labour, but simply walking in a warmer climate shouldn't be an issue.  (+ info)

How can one help prevent premature labor?

i'm 16 years old and 3 months pregnant. in what to expect when you're expecting it says that girls under the age of 17 have a 38% chance of going into premature labor. what can i do to help prevent it, and is it really that common for a 16 year old?

Hi hunny,
Yes, thats what they told me that at a young age we are more prone to going into preterm labor. I went into PTL at 23 weeks pregnant =( I lost my baby boy since he was too small to survive. My doctor told me that is very commong for young mothers to go into preterm labor and that even applied to me! Im 18 years old. Just dont do any heavy lifting, no high heels, just take care of yourself! I do tell you I fell at 19 weeks and thought nothing was going to go wrong and see? 4 weeks later my water broke due to placental abruption (many times caused by falling) if this ever happens to you , you should go to the doctor even if you are not in pain.

God bless you  (+ info)

Orgasm if having premature labor symptoms?

I am 29 weeks pregnant and on medication for premature labor symptoms (contractions). My doctor told me to stay away from intercourse because it will possibly irritate my cervix again and cause more contractions.

My question is: Can I have orgasms still? In other words, can my husband and I have "external sex" and still be ok?

Please no harsh words - I understand that regardless of my want to be close to my husband, if it will put my pregnancy in a worse situation, then it's not an option. Thank you and I appreciate any responses.

Well to put it nicely... NO such luck!
I have had two preemies, I was told NO sex from 26 weeks on to 35 weeks. My hubby was trying to persuade me to have some sort of sex with him for the first two weeks, so I made him go to the Dr. He ask him if we could have ANY kind of sex, or sexual things. He said NO not until 35 weeks. then we can have all the sex we want. Orgasm will trigger contractions which will make baby come way to early! So get real good at pleasuring him for the next ten or so weeks! Hope for good sex dreams, those you cant control! Haha! Sorry, I feel your pain!  (+ info)

What can you do to help avoid premature labor when pregnant with twins?

My best friend is pregnant with twins and is worried about going into labor too early. Anyone have any advice on how to help avoid this? thanks in advance

I have a lot to say about this because I had twins and my water broke at 22 weeks and I had them at 29 weeks and they spent 54 days in the NICU. They are perfectly healthy 2 yr olds now! :) Too much info to type here, but you can e-mail me if you like... [email protected] Good luck! :)  (+ info)

can a history of smoking also cause premature labor even if you stop smoking during the pregnancy?

my aunt has smoked all her life and four years ago had a baby born almost 2 months premature. even though she stopped smoking during her pregnancy, is it possible that all the chemicals in her body could have been one of the reasons for my cousin being premature?

i just learned today that if you've been smoking and you become prego you shouldn't stop smoking cuz your body needs the chemicals and that you should just cut back because when you stop smoking that's when the chances of birth defects come at a higher risk..  (+ info)

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I had very painful contractions. Does this mean premature labor?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and I had very painful contractions last night that went on forever. There was alot per hour and they were 3 minutes apart. Then they just stopped. Does this mean premature labor or is my body just practising?

Oh my goodness girl email me please. I am 36 weeks and going through the same thing. I know it's frustrating. This is my fifth child. No two pregnancies are the same. As long as they stopped you are alright. Either way though if your baby was born right now more than likely if the rest of your pregnancy went well the baby should be born just fine. Email me though we have this in common. Hee hee. Babies on the way. I am so excited.  (+ info)

Can/will your water break if you go into premature labor?

Just curious...If you are 5 months pregnant will your water break if you go into premature labor or does the Dr break it themselves?

it probably won't break at 5 months. But once it breaks, the Dr's have no choice but to deliver the baby at that point because of risk of infection. But your water doesn't have to break for you to go into preterm labor and experience the contractions, etc.  (+ info)

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