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Tooth enamel and regional odontodysplasia also known as "ghost teeth"?

A case where the enamel looks thinner at the bottom of teeth. Is this common and what do dentist do to fix this?

I actually have this condition in the upper-right quadrant of my mouth. My teeth never actually grew in correctly, so what my doctors had to do was surgically remove the teeth fragments ("ghost teeth") and replace the deteriorated jaw bone with some bone from my hip. Months later, they placed metal posts in my jaw (implants) and put porcelain teeth on top of the screws, so that it looked like I had false teeth, instead of no teeth at all. My case was kinda extreme, so I suppose it varies depending on the specific circumstances... It is a very rare disease, though. If the teeth have already erupted, they might be removed and replaced with implants like mine were. I hope this helps.  (+ info)

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