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how long does it take for your tooth to grow after you get the surgery for compound odontoma?

im eleven, and just had the oral surgery for compound odontoma.

First: (Good Question) As I read through your question I wish I has the ability to ask you a few more questions. However, I would like to email you you a few facts for your consideration. At the very least it will give you some more clarity if not a sense of empowerment with more
insights into this issue. With your permission of course!

Physician/22 years
American Board of Internal Medicine
PhD  (+ info)

what does Dental Odontoma Feel like?

Does it hurt? What do they do? Do they give you a shot that numbs your mouth?
Please answer I have to do the surgery on monday and I am freaked out.

No it wont hurt, they will give you a shot and also post op meds  (+ info)

Am I good candidate for for braces?

I have acute ulcerative necrotizing gingivitis on my mandibular posterior teeth (31-29), congenitally missing laterals, an unextracted mesiodens, taurodontia in a maxillary molar, 4 mm attachment loss on mandibular anterior incisors, RCT on 6 and 11, an odontoma between 28 and 29 and an ankylosed Maxillary central incisor. Do you think this will affect my leeway space?

think you should see an orthodontist  (+ info)

Which are the factors that produce double tooth?

Double tooth it is a dental anomalie which appear in the proliferation stage of cells.I'm interested which factors disturb the cell proliferation takeing in cosideration the fact that there are also some other anomalies that appear in this period like:ameloblastic fibroma,primordial cyst,amloblastoma,odontoma(compound)

This is not uncommon, its usually a hereditary thing and can be corrected. I have seen this before and seen how the dentist and orthodontist can fix it, they can do wonders.  (+ info)

questions about wisdom teeth extraction?

i'm going to have my wisdom teeth extracted. however, they haven't grown their roots. is it okay if i'm gonna have them extracted now? or should i wait until they've grown their roots?

i asked this because my doctor told me that if the wisdom teeth that haven't grown roots are extracted, they will develop odontoma (benign tumor) soon. is that true?

  (+ info)

What is this? The strangest symptom I've ever had.?

I have anxiety, occasional vertigo, panic attacks, an odontoma and cervical compression of vertebrae...

No doctor explained me this:

I have teethache pretty much all the time. Can tension do this?
Anyway, this ache is a sort of pressure, and this pressure sometimes goes up to the nose. from inside the nose, it can go back to the teeth or expand to other areas of the head, like the forehead.

It is driving me crazy. I've had it for month. Can posture do this? I'm confused. I don't know what's causing it.
Thanks Janie, but are there muscles inside the nose!? Because this is where I feel the pressure. But your explanation still makes sense.

the anxiety may be causing you to clench your jaw or grind your teeth in your sleep. Just wearing out those muscles in your face (from clenching) can lead to a pressure like feeling. Try taking ibuprofin before you go to bed, it worked for me in the same situation!

** the back of your mouth (the area that leads up to your nose) has muscles that are used for swallowing and whatnot. i don't know exactly where you're feeling the pressure though...  (+ info)

Did I have a seizure? What should I do with this? Read details.?

I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks. I'm sleeping at strange hours lately and I've spent the whole day yesterday researching a topic that affects me emotionally.

I have a sense of pressure to my teeth all the time, that occasionally moves inside my nose, in my forehead, and everywhere in the head. It'svery unconfortable, but not really pain.
While I was reading an article yesterday at the end of the day (about ten hours at the computer, with several breaks), the background color of the page started looking funny, somewhat less saturated, and mixing up with other colors and the characters on the page. Fear mounted and exploded in panic and I shouted out loud as I stood up quickly not knowing what to do. I tried to look at the screen again but it was unbearable, I felt confused and not able to read, understand and talk. I called my mum at the cellphone who keeps telling me it is nothing. How can I believe that?

I forgot to say as I stood up, after few seconds I felt a strong tension at the back of my neck. I tried to relax, I turned off the computer. Then I slept. Now I'm kinda scared of looking at the computer. Strange symptoms mounted this last year and people keeps telling me it's nothing. The doctor I visited didn't even listen to me. I don't believe un business-doctors. They obviously don't care about my health. I do.

I want to know what I should do. Working and concentrating is more and more difficult. Teeth pain is constant. I have a benign odontoma discovered last year. Maybe this is causing the teeth pain, who knows. My right sight is always blurry. I had an aura few months ago, seeing flashing lights. My memory and concentration are really bad.

How am I supposed to think everything's fine. Any help appreciated, thanks.

That's not a seizure in the least. You've been sitting in front of a screen too long, that explains your back pain, your eye strain, your headaches, etc.  (+ info)

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