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What diseases are associated with brain atrophy?

My grandmother has been coming to me lately wanting me look up different medical things and this is her latest question.

There are many conditions and diseases that can cause this.
Any of the auto-immune diseases especially those that cause clotting can cause atrophy of the brain. Antiphospholipid Syndrome is one that comes to mind.  (+ info)

How long does it take for abs to atrophy?

I have a six pack, so i am just wondering how long does it take for it to start going away?

It depends on how much you're eating, what you eat, stress, and a variety of other factors.

If you don't eat the proper foods or not eat in general this will create a catabolic (muscle destroying) environment and will cause you to atrophy more quickly.

However, if your eating plenty of food high in protein the body breaks it down into amino acids for muscle maintenance.  (+ info)

How can I atrophy the muscles in my calves and ankles?

I think my ankles and calves are thick mostly due to muscle (a bit of fat). I would do anything to make them petite and small.

In class, we had to measure our ankles and calves, and mine were one inch bigger than this male football player in class! I think it was my calves; they were about 18 inches.

i doubt you will be more muscular than a football player and it is actually alot of fat. do endurance exercises for your legs and feet, not strength ones. that will help you loose all your fat there and make them lean. Also if by chance you are hulk status muscular and have muscle ankles, to atrophy them just don't use them anymore, wheel yourself around in a wheelchair or some other form that takes the place of walking and using your foot and leg muscles. it normally takes a month to start atrophy or if you literally stop using your feet for everything and just let them dangle like useless extended flesh, then it will take near 2 weeks.  (+ info)

I want to stop using the toilet and start wearing adult diapers for the health benefits?

Because 80% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by retaining waste, and according to one researcher of Men's Health magazine who has already been doing this for quite a while, there are surprising health benefits. How do I go about this? I've heard that if you wear them for about a year, and always go the moment you feel it, your bladder shrinks and your urethral sphincter atrophies, so you actually start to become incontinent. But this is what I want. Why is there such a stigma about people wearing diapers after infancy?

You need professional help.   (+ info)

How does testosterone affect hypertrophy or atrophy?

For a fitness quiz. Please make answers simple enough for a 16 yr old to understand. Thanks!

It causes hypertrophy and reduces atrophy.  (+ info)

Can I be experiencing muscle atrophy from being bed ridden for 2 weeks?

I suffered 2nd degree burns in my left leg and foot and was not able to walk for 2 weeks. Now that I'm walking again, (limping) the muscles in my legs are achy and burning and I'm having pain in my joints.

Most likely it could muscle atrophy. It only takes 7 days for muscle to start to weaken.  (+ info)

Are there ways to reverse muscular atrophy when you have muscular dystrophy?

Other than just exercise, I mean.

are you attuned to reiki? i know a couple of people who have used it to overcome some serious stuff. none of them have muscular dystrophy, but i don't think the chi knows the difference.  (+ info)

Does a car accident causes Brain atrophy and what are the symptoms associated with it?

someone told me that his brother had a car accident and at the hospital they said the accident caused brain atrophy is that possible? he is saying that his brother is destroying his ID's mobile phones he also destroyed his laptop. when he talks he doesn't make sense some times he doesn't talk. he doesn't sleep or eat for days. is this related to brain atrophy? is it possible for him to recover from this? can brain concussion lead to brain atrophy?

A serious head injury can certainly lead to brain atrophy, personality changes and cognitive problems. His symptoms certainly suggest he's having problems with his brain. The younger a person is, the more likely he is to recover, especially with a good rehab program. If he's not getting rehab, he should.

Some people do very well even after a large portion of their brain is damaged; others do very poorly even if the area of damage was smaller. A lot of it depends on which parts of the brain are affected.  (+ info)

What are some ways you can cure bone atrophy? As in surgical procedures?

I need help with this; in a story i am writing someone has bone atrophy and i have no clue where to find information on a cure or surgical procedure.

Please describe it and then put a link below it for where you got your information! THanks a ton!

There is no specific surgical procedure for bone atrophy (more or less the same thing as osteoporosis). Loss of bone density is managed by altering mineral balance in blood, which is affected by things such as kidney function, hormone levels, diet, exercise, and absorption characteristics of the intestines. Specific problems caused by osteoporosis can be fixed by surgery - spinal surgeries and hip replacements are two examples.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for Cerebral Atrophy found in my 68y/o husband, from Malnutrition?

He has developed the Malnutrition after being treated by drug therapy for long standing Depression. The Cerebral Atrophy was found in a CT Scan at the same time Bladder Cancer was found. The Bladder Cancer was successfully treated, but we were not informed of the Cerebral Atrophy untill he went to the Emergency Room in respiratory distress. Everything else checked out as normal. He is a recovering alcoholic, has been clean for 20 years, but has abused pain medication and tranquilizers since.

Only his doctors would be able to answer that question accurately.  (+ info)

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