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Is there any cure or treatment now for optic nerve atrophy?

I've had optic nerve atrophy ever since I was a boy and I'm wondering if there is any cure. I've seen from western websties that there is no treatment but what about eastern viewpoints or other viewpoints. My condition is stable and with glasses corrected in both eyes is 20/200. I am still pronounced legally blind by opthamologists and they said that there is nothing that can be done and it won't get any worse but the downside is that it can't get any better they told me. I suffer from eye strain and myopia & I get terrible headaches. I tried accupuncture but it doesn't help (maybe headaches for about a year if I take 10 treatments). I heard there is electrical stimulation but I am skeptical and I don't know if herbs might work or not because I tried one time & nothing happened. Do you know if there is any cure or treatment possiblity or am I going to have to go through life blind the rest of my life? If there is anything, PLEASE HELP, PLEASE HELP!! I want to see & drive a car one day.

I'll pray for you....  (+ info)

The Homeoppathic Medicine TROPHITIN, can it be given to a 10 months old baby to recover optic atrophy.?

My son Mt Sushrut is suffering from "Partial Optic Atrophy'. Can TROPHITIN be given to Sushrut. Sushrut is running 10 months as on date.
My Son Mt Sushrut is suffering from partial optic atrophy.TROPHITIN, the homeopathic medicine,can it be given to sushrut, to recover from vision problem.

Pl. consult a eye-specialist, OPTHALMOLOGIST since the ptient is a baby. The eyes can be restored to normal size.  (+ info)

Is there any cure or treatment for optic nerve atrophy?

I have optic atrophy, not getting worse, but vision is 20/200 in both eyes with glasses. It has made me legally blind and my opthomologist says there is no cure or treatment available, is this true? Is there any alternative or remedy that can help my vision be improved. I also suffer from myopia and I have to wear glasses. What can be done, I had this condition since I was a litlle boy and it has been with me my entire life, what can be done to correct my eyes or improve my vision?

Some eye care professionals recommend exercises to help improve circulation, reduce eye strain, and relax the eye muscles. The Bates method is a common set of exercises. It is possible that by combining exercises with changes in behavior, the progression of myopia may be slowed or prevented. Alternative treatments include: visual therapy (also referred to as vision training or eye exercises); discontinuing close work; reducing eye strain (taking a rest break during periods of prolonged near vision tasks); and wearing bifocals to decrease the need to accommodate when doing close-up work.
The following nutritional supplements may help improve vision:
• Vitamin A: essential vitamin for healthy eyes.
• Bioflavonoids. These plant chemicals can help myopic people see better, especially at night
• Zinc: may improve night vision
• Ginkgo extract: increases blood supply to the eye. It may help prevent deterioration in vision.  (+ info)

Is there a cure for optic nerve atrophy?

There is a clinic in Russia called the Human Brain Institute that says they can help my vision. I have optic nerve atrophy and I am legally blind because of it. My vision is stable but will never change according to my opthomologist. The Human Brain Institue is located in Russia though and the treatment is for 1 or 2 weels depending on the case. It is only $500 for one week at the clinic though but add the cost of airfare and hotel stay then it could add up and not to mention the fact that the clinic doesn't have any English speaking staff available so one would have to speak Russian or hire an interpreter. Is there any other alternative for curing optic nerve atrophy? Would you trust a doctor in Russia that says they could help improve your vision if you have optic nerve atrophy? And if I did do it and went over there then what about the cost it would take on me if it didn't work. I know it all comes down to choice but is there anything that can be done besides this or should I go?

I would do some research first before you commit yourself to anything. Can you talk to a specialist in your own country before going abroad? I wouldn't go until you know more about the clinic andmore about the other optins available to you.  (+ info)

are you considered legaly blind when you have optic nerve atrophy?

my mom filed a claim with the social security department to get disability and they denied her i need your help plezzz?

Being "legally blind" has many causes.

However, the definition of "legally blind" is when one has less than a 20 degree field of vision and/or less than 20/200 vision in the best eye with corrective lenses.

My wife has less than a 20 degree field of vision and less than 20/200 corrected vision, so she qualifies as "legally blind." I have less than 20/200 vision, but my corrective lenses bring it to 20/30 vision, so even though I am totally blind in one eye, I do not qualify.

Social Security ALWAYS denies the initial claim, your mother needs to file for a hearing and at the hearing she will be given information to verify her disability to continue her claim.  (+ info)

will marijuana help optic nerve atrophy?

this is for medical uses only, my mom has this and she cant see that good. since marijuana is prescribed to glacoma pacients, i was wondering if the herb will make my mom see again. please help me marijuana has helped me in the past.

  (+ info)

optic atrophy cause for worry?

i have been diagnosed by my optician with optic atrophy. she said it's not caused by an eye condition and that my colour vision and eye pressure are both fine and suggested i do some more investigations as to the cause. i will get a second opinion but this is a bit scary. i have read a bit about it and all i see is that it's irreversible. should i be worried?

Well it isn't good news because damage to the optic nerve as you have discovered isn't reversible once the nerve cells have died.

I would get investigated asap by an expert at a specialist eye hospital or ophthalmic department in a teaching hospital and find out what is going on. Whatever it is, and I hope it doesn't get worse, then the sooner you get advice on treatment and prognosis the better.

Good luck  (+ info)

if you have optic nerve atrophy can it get worse over time?

Optic atrophy is the loss of some or most of the fibers of the optic nerve.[1] In medicine, "atrophy" usually means "shrunken but capable of regrowth", so some argue that "optic atrophy" as a pathological term is somewhat misleading and use "optic neuropathy" instead.

The optic nerve is part of the brain and has no capability for regeneration. Hence, there can be no recovery from optic atrophy and the term may refer to serious or mild, but always irreversible visual loss due to damage to the optic nerve. Three types of degeneration are seen: transsynaptic, anterograde, and retrograde.
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Optic Nerves Atrophy?

My brother got brain injury after a traffic accident. Now his eyes can not see anything. The doctors said he got "Optic Atrophy". Pls kindly advise us any medicine or remedy for this eye problem. Tks

Sorry to bear bad news. There currently is no treatment available for optic atrophy associated with brain trauma. Some patients who have optic atrophy associated with inflammatory neuro diseases such as multiple sclerosis can be managed by using oral steroids. But traumatic brain injury is, unfortunately, not treatable with our current technology.  (+ info)

What caused my optic atrophy and is lasik still possible?

I have been diagnosed with optic atrophy whenever I was about 3 months old, by a pediatric ophthalmologist, because I was totally blind. They haven't told me what caused it though, but it must be genetic. I also have a nystagmus in both eyes.

My eyesight has improved, I can see with contacts -I now have contacts that correct one eye to 20/40 acuity but my right eye's acuity is merely 20/200. My condition seems to be very rare, and there is no information on this, since the only symptoms are the atrophy and the nystagmus. I was wondering if anybody could tell me some more and if anyone knows whether lasik surgery is possible on both eyes, since I am practically half blind.

Thank you!

Lasik will not help.  (+ info)

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