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Is cholesterol on the optic nerve dangerous?

My husband was recently told by an eye doctor that he has cholesterol deposits on his left optic nerve. It apparently is not a huge concern, but he has been told to eat dark, leafy greens, and orange vegetables; essentially to eat anti-oxidants, vitamin A, and beta-carotine. I would like to hear from any medical professionals if this is a serious concern, and if there are any OTC vitamins or herbal remedies that may help to stem the tide of cholesterol on the optic nerve. Thank you.

I'm not an ophthalmologist, but I would suggest that your husband has his blood cholesterol levels checked, if this has not been done already.

Cholesterol deposits can occur anywhere in the body where fluid is present, therefore more common areas are within blood vessels. While most of these deposits are small, larger ones can impead blood flow, or break free and clog up smaller vessels which prevents nutrients getting to tissue and cells. These cells can then die, causing permant damage.

Lowering fat intake and becoming aware of the healthier types of fats (the good oils) can go along way to preventing potential cholesterol damage. Following the dietary advice your husband has been given will also help. Having a lower fat intake can also assist in weight loss and help control blood pressure.

High cholesterol levels are also influenced by genetic predisposition, so it is helpful to be aware of any issues our parents may have had.

Once your husbands cholesterol levels have been checked, his doctor may sugest medication to lower the blood levels, which will inturn lower cholesterol deposits.

There are a variety of OTC herbal compounds that are believed to assist with the regulation of cholesterol, including but not limited to lethicin and plant sterols. A reputable health food shop should be able to assist you, but make sure that you mention any medications or allergies that your husband may have.

I'm based in Australia, and some manufacturers of table margarines are now putting plant sterols in their product so that consumer's can lower their cholesterol level. They are very effective, so check to see if these products are available in your supermarket.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What causes metabolic waste on an optic nerve?

After an eye examination last week, my doc told me that I have to come back for 2 more tests. He said I have metabolic waste on an optic nerve.
I have tried looking it up on the internet, only to find explanations that I don't understand. What is this condition called and can it cause blindness? What other 2 tests do you think he is going to give me?

Is he testing your for glaucoma? That is usually what this symptom is an indicator of. I provided a link with info about that condition below.  (+ info)

ivig treatment does it work to restore optic nerve and vision loss?

I have a autoimmune disorder that has only affected my optic nerve,no other symptoms.I had a IVIG treatment about 3 weeks ago the Dr. I am seeing has had positive results that has reestored vision loss.Have others out there had any luck and if so how lomg did it take to get results?

It's possible, but it depends on how much and what kind of damage has occurred.
It's like saying your car was in an accident and asking if it can be repaired. If it was a little fender-bender that a body shop can correct, then sure... but if the car was run off a cliff and blew up, then there's not much chance of repairing it. I don't mean to be blunt, but if your doctor has looked at the situation and recommended the IV-IG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) for your condition, that would probably be the best option.
You can certainly call your doctor and ask if he thinks the damage could be reversed or if it will just prevent further degradation, but without knowing a lot more about the situation, anyone here would be guessing if we gave you a solid yes/no answer. Good luck and I hope I helped!  (+ info)

Has anyone been diagnosed with a swollen optic nerve? If so, what happened after your diagnosis?

I have recently been diagnosed with having a swollen optic nerve in my right eye. I am scheduled to get an MRI on Moday to rule out a possible brain tumor or M.S.
I am wondering what will happen if the MRI turns up nothing....
If there is someone on Answers who has had this situation happen to them or someone they know, I would like very much to hear about the experience. Thanks.

i was diagnosed with optic neuritis about 3 years ago, was told it is temporary and the swelling DID go away but my vision in my right eye is only around 75%. I am also being tested for MS and Devic's Disease. It is similar to MS but does not show on a brain mri. I am still waiting on results of lastest blood tests and spinal mri. good luck.  (+ info)

Is it possible to save an eye from a big trauma if the optic nerve is intact?

My brother was hit with a big rock in the face and it damaged left eye.
From what i understood from the doctors the optic nerve is intact but the rest of the eye is compromised. They want to remove it completely!
My question is: is it possible with some kind of technology during surgery to save his eye even though the vision will not be 100% as before?
Or is it possible to have an eye transplant if the optic nerve is intact?

The reason the doctors want to remove your brother's eye is to prevent sympathetic ophthalmia which is an "autoimmune eye disease in which a penetrating injury to one eye produces inflammation in the uninjured eye" (MedicineNet.com). The best way of preventing the condition is to remove the injured eye (Wikipedia). The fact that the optic nerve is intact does not guarantee the possibility to restore vision since other parts of the eye are also needed for vision. Also eye transplants are not yet possible with today's technology.  (+ info)

Is there any cure or treatment now for optic nerve atrophy?

I've had optic nerve atrophy ever since I was a boy and I'm wondering if there is any cure. I've seen from western websties that there is no treatment but what about eastern viewpoints or other viewpoints. My condition is stable and with glasses corrected in both eyes is 20/200. I am still pronounced legally blind by opthamologists and they said that there is nothing that can be done and it won't get any worse but the downside is that it can't get any better they told me. I suffer from eye strain and myopia & I get terrible headaches. I tried accupuncture but it doesn't help (maybe headaches for about a year if I take 10 treatments). I heard there is electrical stimulation but I am skeptical and I don't know if herbs might work or not because I tried one time & nothing happened. Do you know if there is any cure or treatment possiblity or am I going to have to go through life blind the rest of my life? If there is anything, PLEASE HELP, PLEASE HELP!! I want to see & drive a car one day.

I'll pray for you....  (+ info)

Are there people with no optic nerve function?

Is there any other nerve that we use to see other than that nerve?? My brother said blind people see black, and I said blind people don't see anything, not even black. My bro said the optic nerve fills in the space so they see black. I said blind people see as much as our knees do. He said the optic nerve is there so it's not like a knee Do completely blind people have an optic nerve?? Without it, would we truly see as much as our knees do?

The optic nerve doesn't " see" anything. It is the brain that actually does the seeing by deciphering the messages from the optic nerve and transforming them into an understandable thought.

It is like cable TV...the optic nerve transmits the signals and electronic impulses from the retina to the brain. Like the cable brings the digital image from the station to your TV.

If the optic nerve never developed correctly or has been damaged to the point where there is no light perception at all...total blindness...then in the absence of light, there has to be blackness that the brain perceives.

Seeing nothing has to be blackness...it takes light to make any other color than that. Seeing " nothing" is incomprehensible. The brain has to be seeing something.

When the retina or optic nerve do not perceive any light, the brain is still able to visualize the absence of light, which is blackness. A blind person can still think, therefore, can visualize, even if it is pure blackness.  (+ info)

I have pressure behind my eyes, an englarged right optic nerve, why?

I have recently had an eye test which has shown that i have an enlarged optic nerve and pressure behind my eyes. I have also had a constant headache, dizziness and feeling sick. I am obviously very worried about this and would like to know whether this is a cause for concern or if it is something that will pass.

A high pressure reading can be related to many things. It can be a tell-tale sign of diseases that occur in your eyes, like glaucoma. However, uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure can cause it. You need to get follow up information from your eye doctor first. Remember though, that an optometrist and an OPTHAMOLOGIST are two different things. An optometrist checks vision and writes prescriptions for glasses. An opthamalogist, however, is qualified to diagnose and treat diseases and other problems with the eyes also. So you should see an opthamalogist first. Depending on their findings, they will know whether or not you need to see your primary care physician. I would suggest going soon, because the headaches and dizziness are not normal and can be indicitave of a serious problem.  (+ info)

what two organs are connected to the brain by the optic nerve?

what is actually an optic nerve?
Are the organs the eyes?

sounds like eyes to me  (+ info)

what is the color of a healthy optic nerve?

Or, what color would an optic nerve affected by optic neuritis be?

red on the inside covered with a white sheth  (+ info)

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