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My eye doctor said that my optic nerve was raised. What does this mean?

He said that he would be concerned about it if I wasn't so skinny. But he said that if I have constant headaches I should go see a doctor about it. And I've had a headache for almost 24 hours now. And I've taken pain meds but it wont go away.
So what does the optic nerve being raised mean? And should I go to a doc?

Yes... go to your doctor. A raised/swollen optic disc is called papilledema and it can mean several things, but among the worst things it can mean is bleeding around your brain, tumor, etc. Definitely one of the type of things you want to take seriously.  (+ info)

does optic nerve vasculitis have to mean I have lupus?

I have had this problem for 20 yrs. and it has been stable until now. I am losing vision in my left eye. I was just told that i tested positive 20 yrs ago for a positive ana which is a marker for lupus. At the time I did not test positive for lupus but now I have to be recheck for it. The only major symptom I have is the Optic nerve vasculitis.does anyone have any similar situations?

  (+ info)

Financial help for 7 month old of optic nerve hypoplasia?

4 months ago I found out my daughter has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Her expected diagnosis is cengenital blindness. I have applied for SS Disability but we can't make rent and pay our bills due to medical expenses. Is there anyone that knows of other ways I can get help? I live in Stark County in Ohio. Thanx.

try to read prayers only god knows how pick u up out of this

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i honestly recommend reading bahai prayer for her
for more prayers www.bahai.org  (+ info)

My mom has an elevated optic nerve. What does this mean? Does she have a brain tumor?

what is the chance that the left elevated optic nerve she has is indication of a brain tumor?

the second cranial nerves
which is responsibe for vision. Each nerve contains one million fibres that recieve information from the rod and cone cells of the retina. It will pass behing the eyeball to reach the optic chiasma after which the visual pathway continues to the cortex of the occiptial lobe of the brain on each side.

So She Has a serious Eye promlem and might lose all or some vision but it isn't a sign of brain tumor.

There is a very low chance of her getting Brain Tumor

Hope this helps  (+ info)

I want to know an estimate on how many people have been reported with optic nerve hypoplasia?

My baby has optic nerve hypoplasia and I want to know round about how many babies or people actually have it

The estimated number of diagnosed cases is between 1 in 800 and 1 in 900 for Northern European populations.

For northwest England (Patel)
... "confirmed diagnosis of ONH/SOD giving an incidence of 10.9/100,000 per year" (= 1.1 per 1000 OR 1 per 900)

Another study was done in Sweden (Tornqvist):
"On December 31, 1999
Individuals aged between 0 and 19 years with ONH* - 2774
Total population aged between 0 and 19 years - 2.25 million
... *infants with Down syndrome and infants with incomplete personal identification numbers were excluded."
>> Roughly, = 1 in 800 individuals.  (+ info)

Is there a cure for optic nerve atrophy?

There is a clinic in Russia called the Human Brain Institute that says they can help my vision. I have optic nerve atrophy and I am legally blind because of it. My vision is stable but will never change according to my opthomologist. The Human Brain Institue is located in Russia though and the treatment is for 1 or 2 weels depending on the case. It is only $500 for one week at the clinic though but add the cost of airfare and hotel stay then it could add up and not to mention the fact that the clinic doesn't have any English speaking staff available so one would have to speak Russian or hire an interpreter. Is there any other alternative for curing optic nerve atrophy? Would you trust a doctor in Russia that says they could help improve your vision if you have optic nerve atrophy? And if I did do it and went over there then what about the cost it would take on me if it didn't work. I know it all comes down to choice but is there anything that can be done besides this or should I go?

I would do some research first before you commit yourself to anything. Can you talk to a specialist in your own country before going abroad? I wouldn't go until you know more about the clinic andmore about the other optins available to you.  (+ info)

i cant see from my left eye as i suffered optic nerve damage 2 month ago can it be cured by surgery ?

i cant see from my left eye after in accident. as i suffered optic nerve damage 2 month ago can it be cured by surgery ?

What has your ophthalmologist advised? There are times when nerve damage is permanent but the only person who can tell you one way or the other is your ophthalmologist.  (+ info)

What side is your optic nerve on?

I have lost peripheral vision in my right eye, would that be due to my right or left optic nerve. It has been my understanding that they are criss crossed and it what happens on the left side of your brain presents itself on the right. Is that true?
I have an appointment tomorrow. I'm just getting worried, because I just had a visual exam 1 month ago and the doctor said on tuesday that I need new glasses because I can't see out of my right eye.

You have an optic nerve on both sides behind your eyes. They do not cross. If you lost peripheral vision on the right eye you likely have glaucoma or optic neuritis as well as increased intraocular pressure. You should see an opthamologist soon.  (+ info)

Baby born with optic nerve hypoplasia and cerabral pulsy is now 21months old. How can he be hekped?

The boy is blind, can not sit, walk or talk. Stemcell treetment in China is an option. His parents sold their house to raise money for treetment but, not enough. Can they start a fund raising campaign and how?

March of dimes?  (+ info)

What does an eye look like after optic nerve damage?

Does it change colour? Does the pupil change size? Does the eye stay in one position or is it still able to be moved?

If the damage is just to the optic nerve itself then the eye will look exactly the same on the outside. It will not affect the colour of the iris, the pupil size or its ability to move. The only way optic nerve damage can be usually seen is by looking throught the pupil using an ophthalmoscope or slit lamp bimicroscopy to look at the nerve at the back of the eye  (+ info)

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