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Do they test you for drugs when they test for epididymitis or orchitis?

I think I may have 1 of the 2 infections listed above and I need to see a doctor to get tested for them, but do they test for drugs also when they do the urine test?
I took 1 hit of a bong about a week ago, so do I have anything to worry about? I'm in school.Will authorities and my school be notified if something comes up?

well every time i go into the hospital for any problem they say, "you know, we tested your urine and it said you had THC in your system, you should really stop smoking" so yes they test for everything, but they wont say anything to anyone other than you...or shouldn't atleast  (+ info)

What Is Orchitis? Im Told It Was Caused Because I Had Mumps as a adult?

I Went To Hospital Today Because Of Testicle Pain Doc Said I Have Orchitis It Was Caused By The Mumps When I Was 24 Years Old But What Is It?

Inflammation of the testicle.   (+ info)

i had mumps orchitis 3 months ago and married after fifteen days of recovery.A week ago i have had a semen?

analysis and found that my sperm motility was only 15%.i was much shocked.however my morphology was 65% and sperm count 25million/ml.Is it possible for me to father a baby.can mumps orchitis temporarily low down sperm motility,if yes,how much time it will take me to restore sperm motility.

Spit it our it don't belong to you!!!!  (+ info)

testicle size decreased due to mumps orchitis?

Last I suffered from severe mumps and the side effect was orchitis, which caused the size of my right testicle get increased. But, after the recovery from orchitis my right testicle size drastically get decreased and sperm count is also low. What should I do? What is the treatment to recover my testicle size and sperm count?

You will have to speak with your doctor, but you may be damaged like that for life  (+ info)

Pain continuing after being diagnosed with orchitis?

My partner went to the docs on Monday and was diagnosed with orchitis and given oral antibiotics.
Last night (Wednesday night) he said it was hurting more. I asked him on a scale of 1-10 how much was it hurting before, he said occasionally (meaning not a constant pain) 3. Last night he said this had increased to 6 nearly all the time.
He's been taking the medication however both of us are a little concerned why it's hurting more now than before. Is this normal?

Has he ever had an MMR shot? Mumps can also cause orchitis. If he has had other symptoms like fatigue, malaise, swelling of lymph nodes, fever, etc, he should double check with his physician. It's also possible that the antibiotic prescribed is not deadly to the particular bug causing it, and he may need an alternate antibiotic.

The only other possible explanation is SRS. (Semen-retention syndrome) Give him some lovin' ;)  (+ info)

Can orchitis Cause A Testicle Torsion?

I Have A Orchitis In My Nuts But Can It Cause A Torsion?

In fact it is more likely the other way around. A testicular torsion (which is a medical emergency requiring IMMEDIATE ER attention) will lead to orchitis (swollen testicle) for a while afterwards.  (+ info)

I heard that orchitis can causes testicular atrophy?

does this aonly have in older adults or anybody. Will they saty smaller until the infection goes away and just some general info about it plzz

  (+ info)

Does orchitis make you infertile?

I'm 21 now, and 2 years ago I had orchitis, but only on one testicle, and it was not because of an STD. I took antibiotics, and now its smaller and probably infertile from what I've heard. However, my other testicle is the same as always. I have two questions, would I still be able to have a child in the future, and is there a risk of it happening to the other testicle? Thank you.

  (+ info)

a 10-year-old boy who appears ill develops orchitis. The most likely explanation for this is?

A. he's being sexually abused
B. he has cancer
C. he has the flu
D. he has a congenital disorder

i would say "C".
Orchitis may be caused by number of different types of bacteria and viruses. It is usually a result of epididymitis, inflammation of the tube that connects the vas deferens and the testicle.

The most common viral cause of orchitis is mumps. Approximately 30% of patients who have mumps will develop orchitis during the course of the illness. It is most common in boys past puberty, and rare before the age of 10. It usually develops 4 to 6 days after the mumps occur. In one-third of boys who get orchitis caused by mumps, testicular atrophy (shrinking of the testicles) will result.

Orchitis develops in 2 - 20% of men with the rare disease brucellosis.

Orchitis may also occur along with infections of the prostate or epididymis and may occur as a result of sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. The rate of sexually-transmitted orchitis or epididymitis is higher in men 19 to 35 years old.  (+ info)

Is it more probable to come down with orchitis during an infection of mumps ...?

if the guy receives a kick to his balls during the infection of mumps?

No. Anyway, mumps-related orchitis isn't that common.  (+ info)

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