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what effect does a posterior placenta with a baby in longitudinal lie will have during labor?

At 32 weeks, the baby is said to be lying longitudinally while the placenta is at a posterior position, is it ok?

longitudinal means the baby is lying vertically in the uterus which is great
and posterior placenta means the placenta is attached toward the back wall of your uterus which again is fine.

I don't see any problems from this, seems completely normal to me and you shouldn't have any problems delivering the baby!

Good luck  (+ info)

Arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction - Should I travel to India for this?

I am planning to get the Arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in India. I have been tired of trying to get it in the NHS. The cost is supposed to be very low in India and I have heard the Hospitals are good.

I'm really worried about the fascination you appear to have with going to India for operations which can be carried out perfectly well in the UK. All this business about "Cost is very low" and "hospitals are good" intrigues me - why tell US unless this is a veiled attempt at advertising.....  (+ info)

Can I recover from a small Posterior Crutiate Ligament tear ?

I had a partial menisectomy to remove cartilage and the surgeon found a small tear of my PCL.He has told me never to play football again.
Can anyone explain more about this ?.Can I get surgery ?

It is possible to have corrective surgery.
The ACL is the most famous, but the PCL holds your leg together in the back, so it is just as important.
Basically your knee is a fee joint that allows you to flex your lower leg and thigh, if it were not for the ligaments the joint and your leg would not stay in place, you could not walk let alone run.
If the doctor has an MRI you might have a specialist look at it and see if he agrees about your not playing contact sports again.
It is a very serious injury.  (+ info)

What do you think about an operation to repair a Posterior Cruciate Ligament?

hello, I have had a sport accident with a broken PCL as consequence. This was about a year ago, Today I can walk properly and even run..But my knee is quite unstable and after lots of preesure on it , it hurts.. Anybody has a past experience about a PCL tear??

hey well its been a year that i had my surgery of my torn acl,pcl,and full thickness tear meniscus and i have put lots of pressure too but you know it hurts but i've learned no to give up at all. they reconstructed every thing and the put 2 medical bone arrows on my meniscus well good luck any thing you want to ask me just email at [email protected]  (+ info)

what is the properties of the anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament?

i have to design anterior and posterior crucuate ligaments in ansys program i want a physical properties of it like length , thickness , density ,possion ratio,and young modulus.please answer...

www.google.com has a great deal of information that you could use to find your answers , while yahoo answer is more likely to be better for people's opinions.. thanks.  (+ info)

Will a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) heal itself over time?

4 months ago, I took a hit from my brother in a roller hockey game. So I had to go to an orthopedic surgeon to get MRI's on my knee. The PCL in my left need is only partially torn.

I can walk and run normally, but I know that something still doesn't feel right. I was just wondering if it will heal on its own, or if I must get surgery? I understand that the ligament isn't vascular, and won't fully heal, but is there even a chance that my leg muscles can compensate for this injury in any way?

Basically no more hockey or gymnastics for me.

It will heal, but it will never be 100% again unless you have surgery. I torn mine too several years ago but never had it fixed and doing stairs sometimes hurts it as well as snowboarding. Strengthening your leg muscles will help to compensate and will help prevent hurting it further.  (+ info)

what does my mri report say? Is it Ligament tear?

My MRI report says "Oblique un displayed longitudinal tear of posterior horn of medius seen interrupting peripheral capsular surface superiorly and inferior articular inferiorly". Is it Ligament Tear?

  (+ info)

Is posterior cruciate ligament damage really serious??

Im a semi pro footballer, going in for surgery next week. How long will it be till i can play again?? I know I should really be asking the doc this.

This is one of the two major ligaments that hold your lower leg to your upper leg at the knee joint. This is a very serious injury for a footballer or indeed anyone. My advice is LISTEN to the doctors when they tell you what to do and NOT to do and obey.

Rehab can be very lengthy at around 6 months at least. You will need to retrain your leg to walk again afterwards. You will need to gradually rebuild muscle tissue that will waste and you will need to take your time and do it right or suffer a reoccurrance of the injury.

Many people fully recover from this injury and go onto play another day but it is really something that you must ne patient with and do thoroughly correctly to benefit from.

Best of luck Buddy and I hope sincerely that it all turns out well for you mate.

Craig - Naturopath  (+ info)

Partial anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tear - Whats the best treatment in Chennai, India ?

My mom met with an accident and got a minor fracture in her left knee. Immediately after the accident, she was admitted in the hospital and got the bandages done. After say a month, it was removed and she was recommended to undergo physiotherapy. After two months, she still had the pain in her knee and now after diagnosis, it has been found to be "partial anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tear". She was suggested to undergo a surgery to fix this problem, however after a scan, found that the knee fracture is not yet cured and so the ligament tear surgery cannot be done for now. Its been 4 months now since the accident happened but no cure yet. The calcium tablets & the physiotherapy were all only waste, her condition has not improved much.

So could someone tell me whether a surgery is mandatory or if there is any alternative and equally reliable cure for this. If someone could suggest doctors & hospitals in and around Chennai, India, that'd be great. Thanks.

Surgery should be performed or the pain and loss of function will persist.  (+ info)

TREATMENT of tear of the anterior cruciate ligament & posterior horn of medial meniscus with mild joint effus?






MRI of the left knee joint was performed by taking spin echo & IR images in sagittal, coronal & axial planes.

The study reveals non-visualisation of the femoral attachment of the anterior cruciate ligament and is seen to lie along the tibial plateau.

Posterior cruciate ligament appears normal in alignment & signal intensity.

Tear of the posterior horn of medical meniscus is seen involving the superior articular surface.

Anterior horn of medial meniscus & bilateral lateral meniscus show normal signal intensity pattern.

Visualised bones are normal in morphology, outline and marrow signal intensity

Medial & lateral collateral ligament appear normal.

Mild joint effusion is seen appearing hypointense on T 1 and hsyperintense on T 2 weighted images with small popliteal cyst.


I hope you are being seen by an orthopedic doctor. These doctors are the best for treating your problem. Right now your knee hurts like the very dickens, I know, similar problem on right knee. However my ACL was totally detached and my meniscus was torn on the medial side. The first thing my orthopedist did was send me to physical therapy, not so much to correct the problem as to develop more strength in the leg prior to surgery. After surgery I had a machine (can't remember the name) that put my knee through the entire range of motion and I started that the day after surgery. One week after surgery I was back in physical therapy. Three times a week for 6 months. Now, nearly 3 years later I walk normally and have much less pain in my knee than I had prior to surgery. I do wear a light knee brace when I go to the gym and when I fly. The knee tends to swell under airline cabin pressure. If you are not comfortable with your doctor find one you are comfortable with. This is another of those times when you have to trust this person's knowledge and if you do not trust you will not follow his directions and may not get the outcome you want.  (+ info)

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